Termite Golf Cart Reviews

Termite Golf Cart Reviews: Testing Features, Pros, Cons

I recently had the chance to test drive the golf cart from Termite company on the course and let me tell you, I liked them.

Upon closer examination of the cart’s specifications, it becomes clear that these carts might not be reinventing the wheel, but they have a charm of their own.

This article on Termite golf cart reviews gives a detailed overview of its features, pros, cons, and more.

Termite Golf Cart Reviews

Termite Golf Cart Reviews

The Termite Golf Cart stands out for its affordability and essential functionality, offering a 36v 1200w electric engine with a 10 mph top speed and a 600 lb load capacity. Its main appeals are the low maintenance costs and seating for four, though it lacks high speed and luxury features.

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Termite Golf Cart Reviews: Video Walkthrough

This is my video overview of the Termite Golf Carts:

Termite Golf Cart Reviews: Features

Termite Golf Cart Features

These are the top features of the Termite Golf Cart:

  1. Electrical System: AC brushless electric control
  2. Battery: 48V 160AH lithium battery
  3. Motor: 4KW AC
  4. Charger: Smart car charger
  5. Charging Time: 6 hours
  6. Frame: High strength steel structure
  7. Lighting: Far/low beam lights, turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights, electric horns
  8. Braking System: Double circuit hydraulic brake, parking brake device
  9. Tires: 205.50 10 all steel rim
  10. Rated Crew: 4
  11. Maximum Travel Speed: 30km/h
  12. Wheelbase: 2090mm
  13. Driving Mileage (Full Load): 150Km
  14. Charging Input Voltage: 220V
  15. Vehicle Load: 600kg
  16. Maximum Gradeability (Full Load): 15%
  17. Minimum Ground Clearance: 180mm
  18. Minimum Turning Radius: 4000mm


The Termite Golf Cart prioritizes safety with features such as 4 wheel disc brakes, lights, and turn signals, ensuring safe and controlled braking and visibility in various conditions.

Additionally, it includes a parking brake device for added safety during parking.

Seat Capacity

The Termite Golf Cart offers versatile seating options, accommodating 3 to 4 passengers comfortably.

This flexibility makes it suitable for group outings, family trips, or commercial use where multiple passengers may need to travel together.


Termite Golf carts come with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


The Termite Golf Cart delivers dependable performance with its powerful 48V ICON 5KW 3 Phase High Torque motor, capable of providing ample torque for various driving conditions.

With a speed limit of 25 mph and regenerative electromagnetic braking, it offers both exhilarating rides and smooth deceleration for enhanced performance.


Built for longevity, the Termite Golf Cart features a powder coated steel chassis that is corrosion resistant and capable of withstanding daily use.

Its high strength steel structure, treated with electrophoresis anti corrosion treatment, ensures robust durability suitable for both residential and commercial applications.


With overall dimensions of 2350mm (length), 1180mm (width), and 1890mm (height), the Termite Golf Cart is designed for maneuverability in various settings.

It features a wheelbase of 2090mm, providing stability during operation and a minimum ground clearance of at least 180mm, allowing it to navigate diverse terrains comfortably.

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Termite Golf Cart Reviews: Pros and Cons

These are the Pros and cons of the Termite Golf Cart:

Termite Golf Carts are affordable, making them a cost effective choice.Seating capacity is limited.
They come equipped with powerful electric motors.Customization options for Termite Golf Carts are limited.
Termite golf carts prioritize safety with features like 4 wheel disc brakes.Resale value is not as strong compared to higher end golf cart brands.
Termite Golf Carts are built with durability in mind.
Their compact design allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces.

Termite Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

These are the top Termite Golf Cart Parts and Accessories:

  1. 10L0L Golf Cart Seat Covers
  2. Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD Soundbars
  3. DIYOLFALL Golf Cart Front Wheel Hub Assembly
  4. HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount
  5. Flngr Golf Cart Phone Holder
  6. Roykaw Golf Cart Phone Mount Holder
  7. YEHICY Universal Red Golf Cart Steering Wheel.

Termite Golf Cart Problems

These are the top 8 Termite Golf Cart Problems:

  1. Battery Issues
  2. Motor Problems
  3. Brake Troubles
  4. Electrical Problems
  5. Tire and Wheel Damage
  6. Steering System Concerns
  7. Charging Problems
  8. Suspension Issues.

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Termite Golf Cart Top speed

The Termite golf cart’s top speed is 30km/h.

Termite Golf Cart vs. the Ezgo Golf Cart

This table compares the Termite Golf Cart vs the Ezgo golf cart:

FeatureTermite Golf CartEzgo RXV Golf Cart
Top Speed (MPH)30km/h (≤30km/h)14.8
Engine48V 4KW AC150cc Gas 4 Stroke Cylinder Engine
Ground Clearance 180mm4.5 inches
Weight (lbs)639577
Model TypeElectricElectric/Gas

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Termite Golf Cart Price

Termite golf cart is sold at a starting price of $4,000 to about $8,000, making it one of the most affordable electric carts offering great value for money.

Where Can You Find a Termite Golf Cart for Sale?

You can get a Termite golf cart for sale from any authorized distributor in the US. To find dealers nearest to you, check out the Termite official website.

What Engine Does the Termite Golf Cart Use?

The Termite Golf Cart model features a 48V 4KW AC electric motor.

FAQs on Termite Golf Cart Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on Termite Golf Cart Reviews:

What is the Ground Clearance of Termite golf cart?

Termite golf cart has a ground clearance of 180 millimeters.

Is the Termite Golf Cart Street legal?

The termite golf cart isn’t street-legal. However, it comes with accessories like 4-wheel disc brakes, Lights and turn signals, and a Parking brake device, some of the accessories necessary for a street legal golf cart.

Where Are Termite Golf Carts Made?

Termite golf carts are made in China.


From my Termite Golf Cart reviews, it is clear that this cart is a versatile and reliable electric vehicle suitable for various purposes, from golfing to neighborhood transportation.

It offers a comfortable and efficient ride with a spacious seating capacity for 3 to 4 passengers. It is designed with safety and durability, featuring a high strength steel structure, double circuit hydraulic brake, and a comprehensive lighting system.

Therefore, it is suitable for residential and commercial use, and its top speed of up to 30km/h ensures you can reach your destination efficiently.

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