Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews

Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews: Top Speed, Problems, Pros

The Icon i40 golf cart is one of the leading electric carts you can find this year.

A look at the details of this cart is more than enough to convince anyone of its uniqueness.

This article on Icon i40 golf cart Reviews has been written based on research and customer reviews, laced with every necessary detail regarding this cart.

Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews

The ICON i40 is the perfect street-legal electric golf cart suitable for residential and commercial needs. It has premium features like a 48V ICON 5KW 3 Phase High Torque motor, 4-wheel disc brakes, powder-coated steel chassis, a speed limit of 25 mph, lights, and turn signals.

While researching for Icon Golf Cart Reviews, I noticed many people have asked for Icon i40 Reviews, so I decided to write this guide on it.

Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews: Video Walkthrough

This is the video overview of the Icon i40 Golf Cart:

Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews: Features

Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews

These are the top 13 Features of the Icon i40 Golf Cart:

  1. 48 Volt AC 5kw phase High Torque Motor.
  2. NexGen Advanced Lithium battery.
  3. Board charger.
  4. Transaxle of 10.5:1 High-Speed Rear Axle – continuously variable
  5. Toyota® 350 Amp controller.
  6. Seating Capacity of 4 persons.
  7. Braking Distance:7 feet.
  8. Safe Climb 25% grade.
  9. Max Climb 35% grade.
  10. Maximum distance per full charge:25-50 miles
  11. A-Frame powder coated Steel chassis.
  12. Ground Clearance of 4.5 inches.
  13. Net Weight of 639 lb.

Icon i40 Golf Cart Problems

These are the most common Icon i40 Golf Cart Problems:

  1. Flat tire problems 
  2. Battery problems
  3. Bar solenoid problems.
  4. Tire pressure problems.
  5. Ignition or motor problem.
  6. Wiring problems.

You can also check out our detailed Icon Golf Cart Problems article to know the issues with these golf carts in more detail.

Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews: Pros & cons

These are the pros and cons of Icon i40 Golf Carts:

  • Ease of maintenance due to electrical properties and few moving parts.
  • Fast on flat roads compared to competing golf carts.
  • Smooth, quiet performance on the road.
    Great resale value.
  • Street legal approved for traveling at a low speed
  • Good aesthetics
  • It comes with a fairly affordable price tag.
  • No Gas Cart Option for Gas Golf Cart Enthusiasts
  • It weighs more than other carts such as the EZGO golf cart.
  • Large dimensions that can cause parking restrictions in small or tight spaces.
  • You may experience starting difficulties overtime.


Designed to ensure that the user is safe while using the golf cart. The cart is fitted with turn signals and mirrors, making sure people know which direction you’re going to turn, reversing camera that lets you see who’s behind you, a Horn, an Integrated reversing camera for reversing, 3-point seat belts for all seats to ensure user and passenger safety, and hydraulic 4-wheels disc brakes for prevention of accidents.

Seat Capacity

Icon i40 Golf Cart is available in 4 seaters and designed to offer maximum comfort to all passengers.


Icon i40 Golf carts come with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 


To ensure this golf cart performs at its best, icon i40 golf carts have the following features: NexGen Advanced Lithium battery for extended range, 5kW AC high torque motor, 7″ speedometer display, 1x. Coilover front suspension, unique ignition key, Horn, Digital Speedometer, Toyota® 350 Amp controller, in-dash controls, independent rear suspension, carbon fiber dash and glove box, clay, basket, and brush guard.


With rugged and durable makeup, the Icon i40 golf cart can be used at full speed for 25-50 hours before needing a new charge.


The Icon Golf Cart measures 9 ft. x 4 ft. x 6 ft. overall and weighs 639 lb. 

Icon i40 Golf Cart Accessories

These are the top 13 Icon i40 golf cart accessories:

  1. YEHICY Universal Red Golf Cart Steering Wheel.
  2. Red Dot storage covers
  3. Roykaw Golf Cart Phone Mount Holder for icon golf cart.
  4. Single-point Battery Watering System
  5. 4 PCS Golf Cart Replacement Ignition Keys.
  6. HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount.
  7. Swivel Cup Holders
  8. Flngr Golf Cart Phone Holder.
  9. Aluminum Char Holders 
  10. DIYOLFALL Golf Cart Front Wheel Hub Assembly.
  11. Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD soundbars.
  12. Street Radial rims and tires
  13. 10L0L Golf Cart Seat Covers for icon golf cart.

What is the Icon i40 Golf Cart Top Speed?

Icon i40 golf cart has a top speed of 25 mph, which is 6 mph more than most golf carts. With a 5KW 3 Phase High Torque motor and controller, this golf cart offers you speed and power.

Icon i40 Golf Cart Models

These are the top 3 Icon i40 Golf Cart Models:

  1. ICON i40: This model is designed for both residential and commercial needs, offering a blend of style and comfort. It features a 48V ICON 5kW 3 Phase High Torque Motor, (6) 8V sealed maintenance-free AGM batteries and a 450A ICON Controller. The cart has a weight of 1316 lbs and can accommodate 4 people. It also includes 10″ aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, LED lights, turn signals, and more. The body is made of injection-molded thermoplastic, ensuring durability and style​​.
  2. ICON i40F: This forward-facing four-seater model is known for its classy and sophisticated design. It comes with an upgraded 48V ICON 5kW 3 Phase High Torque motor and (8) 6V Sealed Maintenance-Free AGM batteries or an optional upgrade to a 51V 105AH Eco Lithium Battery. It also features 10″ aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, and a powder-coated steel chassis. The i40F has a weight of 1378 lbs and offers a range of colors​​.
  3. ICON i40L: This lifted four-seater golf cart stands out with its style and power. It is ideal for transporting passengers in comfort and class. The i40L includes (6) 8V Sealed Maintenance-Free AGM batteries and a 48V ICON 5kW 3 Phase High Torque motor. This model weighs 1300 lbs and features 12″ aluminum wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, and a powder-coated steel chassis. It also has a unique air-deflecting roof design and various color options​​.

Icon i40 Golf Cart vs EZGO Golf Cart

Icon i40 Golf Cart vs. the Ezgo Golf Cart

This table compares the Icon i40 Golf Cart vs EZGO RXV Golf Cart:

Comparison PointsICON i40 Golf CartEZGO RXV Golf Cart
Top speed25+ MPH14.8
Engine8 Volt AC 5kw phase High Torque Motor.150cc gas 4 stroke cylinder engine 
Ground clearance4.5 inches4.5 inches
Weight 639lb577 pounds
Model typeElectric Electric/gas

I also compared this cart to the Club cart. Check out this article on Icon vs Club Car, where I compare the two in-depth.

Icon i40 Golf Cart Price

The ICON i40 golf cart is sold at a starting price of $9999, making it one of the most affordable electric carts offering great value for money.

Where Can You Find an Icon i40 Golf Cart for Sale?

You can get an Icon i40 golf cart for sale from any authorized dealer or distributor in the US. You can also refer to this post to learn how to find Icon Golf Carts for Sale.

Where Are Icon i40 Golf Carts Made?

ICON i40 golf carts were made in China. Recently, however, Icon Electric Vehicles was established in Tampa, Florida. The major advantage of manufacturing carts in China is that they are cheaper to manufacture.

Yes, the Icon i40 golf cart models are DOT-compliant, allowing them to be legally used on the street at low speeds. They come with 3-point seat harnesses, full glass windscreens, LED turn signals, side mirrors, license plate brackets, a horn, and a backup camera, making them street-legal.

Ground Clearance

Icon i40 golf cart has a ground clearance of 4.5 inches.

FAQs on the Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on the Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews:

What Engine Does the Icon i40 Golf Cart Use?

The Icon i40 golf cart uses NexGen Advanced Lithium battery, 48 Volt AC 5kw phase high Torque Motor, Toyota® 350 Amp controller, 4-wheel independent suspension, and 4-wheel disc brakes.


The Icon i40 golf cart offers its users excellent, comfortable, and safe rides at a very affordable price. You can tell that this golf cart is unique, unlike most electric carts available in the market. This Icon i40 Golf Cart Reviews offers the information to consider this cart worth having.

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