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Icon Golf Cart Problems & Troubleshooting

Whether you have an electrically operated or gas golf cart, you will eventually run into technical difficulties, and Icon carts are no different.

What should you do if your Icon golf cart isn’t working correctly? There could be several things such as the battery, tire, and other part failures causing Icon golf cart problems. 

If your problem is straightforward to solve and you’re prepared to do it yourself, you can save costs and resources by following the basic repair instructions below to tackle your cart’s issues.

While researching for Icon Golf Cart Reviews, I noticed a lot of people having problems related to braking and acceleration, so I decided to write this guide suggesting potential fixes.

Icon Golf Cart Problems & Troubleshooting Guide

Icon golf cart problems are widespread if you will operate it regularly. It is essential to take care of the general maintenance of your cart, but if you still face issues with battery, tire, brakes, or solenoid, then don’t worry, as this article is for you to do the nitty-gritty yourself to tackle the primary issues.

top issues with the 2022 icon cart

1. Icon Golf Cart Battery Issues

A faulty battery is the root cause of many icon golf cart problems.

So, if your golf cart isn’t starting, it is the most evident sign of an icon golf cart battery issue. 

Before replacing the batteries, consider checking the terminal wires to determine if they are the source of the problem. Clean them and ensure that they look fine. 

Still, if your cart isn’t working, replace the battery by disconnecting the terminal wires and replacing it with a new one.

General maintenance, such as ensuring that your batteries are adequately rinsed and free of corrosion, can help to lessen the likelihood of Icon Golf Cart Battery Issues. Also, fully charge your cart’s battery after operating it every time. 

Icon Golf Cart Battery Issues

2. Icon Golf Cart Brake Problems

When the cable becomes trapped or has other faults that cause it to fail to operate, your brake will most likely lock up. Open your cart and check if the wires are tangled when this happens.

You have an icon golf cart brake problem if you see the cable performing unusually, such as failing to pull.

To resolve this issue, replace the cable, try to flatten it out, tighten the lift kit nuts, or have an expert complete these tasks if you lack the necessary tools.

Another brake cable issue occurs when your cable becomes locked in a difficult-to-remove mechanical coupling with itself. In this case, you can untangle the wire by holding both ends and pulling hard.

This will resolve your Icon Golf Cart Brake Problems.

3. Tire Problems

The most familiar icon golf cart problems are inadequate tire pressure and flat tires are two problems that most cart owners face. So, we’ll figure out what’s causing it and how to fix it.

Do your tires appear to be slouching? 

This might be due to less tire pressure in your golf cart.

Your tires should be fully aired and inflated to the proper pressure. Otherwise, you’ll have either inefficient or poor performance tires.

Replace a flat tire that is leaking and won’t inflate. To begin, use a car jack to raise your vehicle. Remove the tire and wheel rim by unscrewing the lug nuts. After that, swap out the old tire with a fresh one.

4. Icon Cart Won’t Start

If you’ve recharged and dusted your battery but are still having ignition/acceleration issues with your electric golf cart, the next step is to inspect the motor.

It could be as easy as pressing the power button. To get to the motor, use a screwdriver. In the vicinity of the primary power source, locate a small red button.

Before connecting the cart to the charger, hit the power button and reassemble your cart. This will address the problem in the vast majority of cases.

If it still doesn’t work, remove the motor and test it with a different fully charged battery. The engine is most likely burnt out if nothing happens.

If the motor requires some minor repair, you can do it yourself with essential tools and if you lack them, consider taking the cart to a repair shop.

5. Accelerator Problems

If your cart does not start quickly or does not gain speed appropriately, this is a clue that the accelerator is defective or damaged.

It could be due to a faulty potentiometer, a simple device that regulates the speed of your cart but can cause become the reason for your icon golf cart problems.

Crevasses and loose connections in the wires are the two most common causes of the icon golf cart problems.  

Make sure that all of the wires are securely connected. In addition, you should verify the condition of the cables. If any wires show signs of wear or corrosion, have them replaced right away.

6. Bad Solenoid

When you accelerate your car, do you hear a whirring sound? That’s the solenoid in action. Check out the Golf Cart Solenoid Wiring Diagram if you want to fix the bad solenoid yourself.

Because a solenoid is a cylindrically shaped wire coil that sends electric current to the motor for proper cart operation, it will likely stop operating at some time if you run your golf cart regularly.

When the solenoid stops working, you may no longer hear the whirring sound, and your cart may have difficulties starting intermittently.

If your cart’s battery is working fine, but your car is getting difficulties starting, it is time for you to replace the solenoid for better functioning.

If you own a Star EV, check out this article on Star Ev golf cart problems.


I hope I have covered almost all the icon golf cart problems that many cart owners face, along with the methods through which you can tackle your Icon golf cart problems.

So, please take a few moments to troubleshoot your electric golf cart before driving it to the repair shop. There are a few uncomplicated issues that can be resolved without the assistance of a professional. 

With appropriate parts and a little elbow grease, you should be able to have your cart back up and running in no time!

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