Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder Review

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews: Testing it on the Golf Course

Presenting you Eagle Eye rangefinder reviews by a pro golfer who spent more than 1000 hours golfing on the course.

I decided to write this article on Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews to give you guys all the needed information on this Gen 3 golf rangefinder, what makes it unique, its pros, cons, and more.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews

My Golfing Store Gen 3 Eagle Eye Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope and Jolt Technology - 800 Yards Distance - Fast Focus System With Scan, Pin, and Speed Modes - 6X Magnification and Multilayer Optics

The Eagle Eye rangefinder comes with Slope & Jolt technology that can measure distances accurately up to 800 yards with a continuous scan mode. It is a compact golf rangefinder that is durable with military-grade toughness. It is also easy to operate and comes with an ultra-clear HD display.

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Features of the Eagle Eye Rangefinder

Let’s look at some features in our article on Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews:

  • The Eagle Eye rangefinder does not require any configuration to set it up. This device is designed for optimal functionality and simplicity.
  • The Eagle Eye rangefinder is designed with an 800-yard gen 3 slope technology which allows you to lock into your target from anywhere on the golf course without any stress.
  • It features a shake stabilizer system which enables it to provide rapid target acquisition so you don't have to worry about trying to stabilize or hold still.
  • It is also designed with a slope calibration system that measures downhill and uphill shots accurately. It offers an accuracy rate of 99.9%.
  • It also has a precise clean sensor that provides rapid acquisition of the target and can lock a yard flag in wooded areas and overlapping objects.
  • The Eagle Eye rangefinder is lightweight with a weight of 0.75 lbs which makes it easier to carry out surveys without extra weight.
  • It has an ultra-clear display with multi-coated optics.

Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder ReviewsEagle Eye Golf Rangefinder Reviews: Pros & Cons

Next in this Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews, we will be talking about the cons and pros of this rangefinder:

  • Eagle Eye rangefinder offers 99.9% accuracy.
  • It measures about 800-1000 yards.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It offers target acquisition amid overlapping objects.
  • It comes with a slope calibration system that provides accurate downhill and uphill shots.
  • It has an ultra-clear HD display very durable with water and dust-resistant body.
  • Comes with a shake stabilizer for individuals with shaky hands and other activities like hiking.
  • This rangefinder is easy to set up and use.
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Offers a maximum magnification of 6x.
  • You may find it a little less accurate than higher rangefinders but for its price, it offers great accuracy.

How Do You Use Eagle Eye Rangefinder?

Focus on the eyepiece and aim the Eagle Eye rangefinder’s crosshair towards the object you want to verify the distance. Keep the device steady and then press the power button on the top once. The screen on display will show the distance to your locked target in yards and meters.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Review: The Design

This section of this Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews will be talking about the design of this rangefinder.

The Eagle Eye rangefinder is designed with upgraded Gen 3 technology. It also has a slope calibration system, a pin sensor, an HD display, and a water and dust-resistant body with a 0.75 lbs weight. It has a body dimension of 6.25 x 5 x 2.5 inches and is designed with a maximum magnification of 6x.

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Eagle Eye Rangefinder Models

In this section of our Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews, we will be discussing the Eagle Eye rangefinder models. The Eagle Eye rangefinder has 2 models:

1. Eagle Eye Rangefinder 800y W/slope Gen 3

eagle eye range finder review

The Eagle Eye rangefinder 800y w/slope gen 3 offers a measurement of about 800 yards with a quick target lock. It is designed with the Gen 3 technology and pin sensor for increased accuracy and target lock amid overlapping subjects. The Eagle Eye rangefinder 800y features an easy-to-read and ultra-clear HD display with a lightweight of 0.75ibs. It also offers a magnification of 6x and has a water-resistant and durable body. However, this model doesn’t come with a battery or a built-in magnetic strap. These are two advantages the Eagle Eye rangefinder 1000y has over the 800y.

2. Eagle Eye Elite Rangefinder 1000y W/slope

Eagle Eye elite rangefinder 1000y w/slope has all the amazing features of the Eagle Eye rangefinder and more. This model measures up to 1000 yards. It also comes with a 2 CR2 3v battery and an in-built magnetic strap. However, the Eagle Eye rangefinder 1000y comes at a price higher than that of the 800y, well, with its additional features, it isn’t a surprise.


The Eagle Eye Rangefinder is designed for both the pros and the amateurs, with its easy-to-setup and use. It is designed with Gen 3 technology which allows it to capture a target for over 800 yards. This rangefinder offers an exceptional Accuracy of 99.9%, and for its price that is great value for money. The Eagle Eye rangefinder can be used off the golf course for hiking activities and more.

However, one drawback of this rangefinder is that the Eagle Eye rangefinder is only available online. The Eagle Eye rangefinder has two models which are the Eagle Eye rangefinder 800y w/slope which measures 800 yards as the name implies and the elite 1000y which measures 1000 yards. The elite comes with a 2 CR2 3v battery and an in-built magnetic strap, giving it a better edge over the 800y Eagle Eye rangefinder which doesn’t come with a battery and in-built magnetic strap.

We hope this article on the Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews was insightful to you.

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