Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder Review

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews: Tested on Golf Course

As a professional golfer with more than 1000 hours of experience on the golf course, I’ve had the opportunity to test various rangefinders over the years.

In this Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews, I share my personal experience along with its features, pros and cons, and a comparison between its two models.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews

My Golfing Store Gen 3 Eagle Eye Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope and Jolt Technology - 800 Yards Distance - Fast Focus System With Scan, Pin, and Speed Modes - 6X Magnification and Multilayer Optics
My Golfing Store Gen 3 Eagle Eye Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope and Jolt Technology - 800 Yards Distance - Fast Focus System With Scan, Pin, and Speed Modes - 6X Magnification and Multilayer Optics
My Golfing Store Gen 3 Eagle Eye Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope and Jolt Technology - 800 Yards Distance - Fast Focus System With Scan, Pin, and Speed Modes - 6X Magnification and Multilayer Optics

The Eagle Eye rangefinder comes with Slope & Jolt technology that can measure distances accurately up to 800 yards with a continuous scan mode. It is a compact golf rangefinder that is durable with military-grade toughness. It is also easy to operate and comes with an ultra-clear HD display.

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Features of the Eagle Eye Rangefinder

Let’s look at some features in our article on Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews:

  • 800-yard range with 6X magnification for high precision.
  • Slope technology for accurate distance measurements, considering both vertical and horizontal slopes.
  • Pin sensor technology with advanced image stabilization, suitable for users with shaky hands.
  • Waterproof, lightweight, and portable design.
  • Multiple measurement modes, including point-to-point, scan, slope compensation, flag lock, angle, height, and horizontal distance.
  • Bright and clear image with multi-coated optics lens.
  • Easy to use with only 2 buttons and suitable for various activities like hiking and surveying.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.
  • Affordable, offering advanced features at a lower price compared to competitors.
Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Pros & Cons of the Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder

Next in this Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews, we will be talking about the cons and pros of this rangefinder:

  • Eagle Eye rangefinder offers 99.9% accuracy.
  • It measures about 800-1000 yards.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It offers target acquisition amid overlapping objects.
  • It comes with a slope calibration system that provides accurate downhill and uphill shots.
  • It has an ultra-clear HD display very durable with water and dust-resistant body.
  • Comes with a shake stabilizer for individuals with shaky hands and other activities like hiking.
  • This rangefinder is easy to set up and use.
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Offers a maximum magnification of 6x.
  • You may find it a little less accurate than higher rangefinders but for its price, it offers great accuracy.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Video Review

This is my hands-on video review of the Eagle Eye Rangefinder:

How Do You Use Eagle Eye Rangefinder?

Follow these steps to use the Eagle Eye rangefinder :

  1. Focus the eyepiece by adjusting it to your vision.
  2. Aim the rangefinder’s crosshair at the target you want to measure the distance to.
  3. Keep the device steady and press the power button on the top once.
  4. The display will show the distance to your locked target in yards or meters.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Price Comparison Table

This table shows the Eagle Eye Rangefinder Price Comparison:

Comparison PointsEagle Eye Rangefinder 800y w/Slope Gen 3Eagle Eye Elite Rangefinder 1000y w/Slope
Range800 yards1000 yards
Slope MeasurementYesYes
Battery TypeCR2 3V (not included)2 CR2 3V (included)
In-built Magnetic StrapNoYes
Water & Dust ResistantYesYes
Weight0.75 lbs0.75 lbs
Dimensions6.25 x 5 x 2.5 inches6.25 x 5 x 2.5 inches

How is the Battery Life?

High-quality CR2 3V batteries of the Eagle Eye Rangefinder can last for approximately 5,000-8,000 measurements, providing long-lasting performance for avid golfers.

Battery Replacement for Eagle Eye Rangefinder

To replace the battery in your Eagle Eye Rangefinder, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the battery compartment, usually found at the bottom or side of the device.
  2. Press and slide the battery compartment cover to open it.
  3. Remove the old CR2 3V battery and dispose of it according to local regulations.
  4. Insert a new CR2 3V battery, ensuring the correct polarity (+ and -) is aligned.
  5. Close the battery compartment cover by sliding it back into place.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Design Review

This section of this Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews will be talking about the design of this rangefinder.

The Eagle Eye rangefinder is designed with upgraded Gen 3 technology. It also has a slope calibration system, a pin sensor, an HD display, and a water and dust-resistant body with a 0.75 lbs weight. It has a body dimension of 6.25 x 5 x 2.5 inches and is designed with a maximum magnification of 6x.

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Eagle Eye Rangefinder Models

In this section of our Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews, we will be discussing the Eagle Eye rangefinder models. The Eagle Eye rangefinder has 2 models:

1. Eagle Eye Rangefinder 800y W/slope Gen 3

eagle eye range finder review

The Eagle Eye rangefinder 800y w/slope gen 3 offers a measurement of about 800 yards with a quick target lock. It is designed with the Gen 3 technology and pin sensor for increased accuracy and target lock amid overlapping subjects. The Eagle Eye rangefinder 800y features an easy-to-read and ultra-clear HD display with a lightweight of 0.75ibs. It also offers a magnification of 6x and has a water-resistant and durable body. However, this model doesn’t come with a battery or a built-in magnetic strap. These are two advantages the Eagle Eye rangefinder 1000y has over the 800y.

2. Eagle Eye Elite Rangefinder 1000y W/slope

Eagle Eye Elite rangefinder 1000y w/slope has all the amazing features of the Eagle Eye rangefinder and more. This model measures up to 1000 yards. It also comes with a 2 CR2 3v battery and an in-built magnetic strap. However, the Eagle Eye rangefinder 1000y comes at a price higher than that of the 800y, well, with its additional features, it isn’t a surprise.

Essential Accessories for Your Eagle Eye Rangefinder

These are the Essential Accessories for Your Eagle Eye Rangefinder:

  1. Protective Carrying Case: A sturdy and durable case will keep your rangefinder safe from damage, dust, and moisture. Look for a case with a secure closure and a carabiner or clip for easy attachment to your golf bag.
  2. Lens Cleaning Kit: Keep your rangefinder’s lenses clean and free from smudges or dirt for optimal performance. A lens cleaning kit typically includes a microfiber cloth, lens cleaning solution, and a compact air blower.
  3. Extra CR2 3V Batteries: Always carry extra batteries to ensure your rangefinder is ready for use. High-quality CR2 3V batteries provide longer battery life and reliable performance.
  4. Lanyard or Wrist Strap: A lanyard or wrist strap keeps your rangefinder within easy reach while preventing accidental drops.
  5. Magnetic Strap: If your rangefinder model does not have a built-in magnetic strap, consider purchasing one separately. It enables you to attach the rangefinder to your golf cart or bag for quick access during your round.
  6. Rain Cover: A waterproof rain cover protects your rangefinder from the elements, ensuring it stays dry and functional even in inclement weather conditions.

Eagle Eye Customer Support

Eagle Eye Rangefinder offers responsive and helpful customer support to assist with any issues, questions, or concerns you may have. You can usually contact their support team through email, phone, or live chat on their website.


Eagle Eye Rangefinder comes with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period. This warranty period may vary depending on the model but generally ranges from one to two years. Make sure to register your product upon purchase to activate the warranty.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your Eagle Eye Rangefinder, the company has a return policy that allows you to return the product within 30 days. To initiate a return, contact their customer support and follow the instructions provided. Returned items should be in their original packaging and in good condition.

Repairs and Replacements

In case of any issues with your rangefinder during the warranty period, the company offers repair or replacement services. Contact their customer support to discuss the issue and they will guide you through the process. If the issue falls outside the warranty period, they may still provide repair services for a fee.

FAQs on Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews:

Does Eagle Eye range finder have a magnet?

Yes, the Eagle Eye Elite Rangefinder has an in-built magnetic strap for convenient attachment to metal surfaces.

What kind of battery does the Eagle Eye rangefinder use?

The Eagle Eye Rangefinder uses a CR2 3V lithium battery to power its operation.


The Eagle Eye Rangefinder is designed for both the pros and the amateurs, with its easy-to-setup and use. It is designed with Gen 3 technology which allows it to capture a target for over 800 yards. This rangefinder offers an exceptional Accuracy of 99.9%, and for its price that is great value for money.

We hope this article on the Eagle Eye Rangefinder Reviews was insightful to you.

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