Best Golf Push Cart [2019] Reviews Of Pull and Walk Cart

At one of my golf practice sessions last week, I found myself frustrated using my old push cart that made squeaky sounds and was barely able to push it across the lawn. What had been one of the best push carts I have ever had, turned very old. My friends would burst out laughing every time I had taken it out for a session. It was time that I chose the latest and best golf push carts that were available in the market. Are you looking for one of the best golf push carts in the market? Are you tired of looking at every site and getting disappointed about not finding golf push cart reviews ? Worry not, as you have now come to the right place! Read along and Let’s find out the best golf pull cart for you available in the market.

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

walk golf carts

  • Lighweight construction, so its easy to move around.
  • Folds in seconds with adjustable height.
  • Contains handbrakes.

Best Golf Push Cart- Top Products List

What is a Golf push cart?

Golf push carts/pull carts/walk golf carts are automated or manual machines that are used to carry golf items. Nowadays, these carts are used in many other places such as shopping complexes, airports, farms, etc. due to their ease of use and the compartmentalization.

Let’s now look at why you should invest in one of the best golf push carts available in the marketplace.

best golf cart

Why should you buy the best golf push cart?

Every person playing golf will invest in a good-looking golf push cart. It is necessary for anybody taking up golf seriously as buying one of the best golf push carts will save your money and time.  Let me tell you a bunch of reasons as to why you need to purchase walk golf carts:

  • You will not need a caddie always around you.
  • Moving across the golf course is very easy.
  • All your items can be organized, thus saving your time.
  • You can reduce the load that you carry on your shoulder.
  • Saves you a lot of energy and is hassle-free.
  • Your focus enhances, and you’ll perform well.
  • It is a one-time investment, and you will love it.

Trust me, it’s not just me who says this. Many golfers hold on to a lot of tension and are restless while they don’t get access to their golf items. Also, it gets annoying to always need a person behind you to have access to all your stuff. After trying out these push carts, I’m definitely convinced and so should you feel after one of the best golf push carts!

Before we dive into the reviews, let me brief you up about what you need to look in to buy a push cart.

What should you look for in golf push cart reviews?

Before you set out to buy your golf cart, there are specific details that you should look for. Let’s go through a quick list of things that you must pay attention to while you are going shopping for your golf push cart.

Things to look forDescription
The Wheels

Honestly, wheels are our saviors when it comes to carrying the extra load. Also, given the brakes and locks added to them, the carts are convenient to park it anywhere. A better option is also to get wider wheels that can cover long distances. Push carts can come with 3-4 wheels. The 3-wheelers form a V-shape. The wheels make pushing less complicated. Search for wheels that turn around quickly such that you can push your cart in any required direction.

The only disadvantage with three wheels is that it can’t take too much load well. 4-wheelers have come into the market for this reason, but again, it is not as easy as pushing and pulling a 3-wheeled cart.

Before you jump into conclusions, also remember to check out for anti-skid wheels especially for wet terrains.

HandlesThe best golf push cart comes with great emphasis laid on their handles. These can be flexible or fixed, and the latter is a tad bit inconvenient. Individual carts allow you to press the breaks on wheels with the help of your handle.

Always remember to buy a 3 wheel/4 wheel golf push cart that can be adjustable to your height. Or else it can be a difficult task for maneuvering your cart around.

Compactness and portabilityWhen you buy a new push cart, it could be challenging for you to carry it to and fro your house to the track. Try as much as possible to buy a push cart that can be foldable and compact. Some of these best golf push cart brands have buttons on the handles that do the work.
Not to forget, also make sure you don’t buy a lighter weighing golf push cart. Check for the right weight that you can handle and are easy for your hands.
StorageOnce you have decided to buy a cart, make sure that it can carry all of the golfing equipment that you require. Specifically, look out for waterproof sections and compartments that can keep your necessary items away from rain and moisture. Adjustable straps will also be a great idea to keep your cart in shape.
ConsolesAlways look for 3 wheel/4 wheel golf push cart that can be customizable, and come with utilities for more convenience. Consoles can make your overall experience hassle-free. A seat, beverage holders, coolers and umbrellas added to can help beat the summer heat.

Always buy a golf push cart with warranty. Any best push cart company
would issue this.

Let’s now get to an integral part of this best golf push cart review article- Obviously, the

Best Golf push carts- 2019 Review:

Now I will finally tell you all about the best golf push carts available in markets in 2019. I will further list out the pros and cons of each of the product, and the verdict will be yours to choose!

Top 5 best golf push cart 2019:

Now let me brief you up with the best golf pull cart available in the market in 2019.

1)     Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart:

Our first pick for the year is Clicgear Mode 3.5+. After hours of research, we found this one of the best golf push carts. It features include hand brakes that make it even more comfortable to use. It is also easy to lock the cart without having to move it even a bit.
This model has a robust and efficient built to withstand heavy loads; at the same time, it also has a very lightweight construction so that you don’t have to break a sweat while using it.

Also, this folds in seconds, making it easier for storing and carrying it around for travel.

Clicgear 3.5+ also contains a scorecard holder, cup holder, an umbrella mount that are the additional perks. You can also add a seat or a cooler, and you’d have the best golf push cart in town!


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Portable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Compartments and holders
  • Customizable
  • Has handbrakes


  • Sometimes maneuvering can be tricky
  • Front-wheel doesn’t swivel

2)     Bag Boy Quad XL -Best golf pull cart:

One of the fanciest and high-end models that Bad boy has to offer is their Quad XL golf cart.
This cart can last for long years to come if you are okay with the budget.

As the name itself suggests, this cart comes with four wheels that is easier to push and take around your golf course.
Also, this is lightweight, can fold in just two steps. One of the best things about this push cart is the brakes present on the handle giving you a smooth experience.

The front wheels are smaller than the back wheels, (9.5 and 11.5 inches) so you have a faster, smoother and better control while you maneuver around hilly regions. This is one of the best golf push carts if you are looking for consoles having scorecard holder, smartphone holder, storage bag, and more for the price you’ll pay.



  • Easy folding
  • Wheels are a big plus point
  • Offers consoles like a storage bag, smartphone holder, etc
  • Can hold a cart or stand
  • Locking is secure from the handle brakes


  • Sometimes the body can get a little clumsy after loading heavyweights

3)     Clicgear’s Model 8 Walk Golf Cart:

Clicgear Model 8 is undoubtedly one of the picks for best golf push carts 2019! This model is a 4-wheeled cart having an extra-wide base that will give you more stability and smooth rides.

The wheels have an excellent braking system that can be controlled by a handle. Also, this model is more comfortable to fold and uses a feature called the patented V-slide that can help
fold the cart easily.

It has provisions for keeping umbrellas, 2 cups and scorecard holder.
Its dual-wheel alignment can help adjust the distance between the wheels for a better ride.

I recommend that for the price that you’ll be paying, this is the best golf push cart that you
can ever invest in!



  • Sturdy, stable with a heavy bottom
  • Good quality wheels
  • Brakes on handles
  • Easy folding
  • Compartments and holders
  • Handle height can be adjusted Cons


  • Some users complained that it was hard to push over certain terrains

4)     Qwik-Fold Golf Push Cart Reviews :

Qwik-Fold push cart is chosen as one of the best push carts after many hours of researching! It has an aluminium body that is strong to carry heavy bags and loads. The handle can be adjusted, making it comfortable for any user.

The rear wheels are 12-inches that can help perform on any given terrain. Also, it has a 1 step folding option that makes it easier for carrying around. It also comes up with cardholders, cup holders, and an umbrella holder.

The cooler bag is also an added feature on the Paragon Push cart!


  • Sturdy framework
  • Easy to use
  • Wheel brakes and larger rear wheels
  • Compact and portable
  • Cooler bags for cooling


  • The front wheel is a thing of concern as it can pop out, although it can be fixed back

5)     CaddyTek Superlite Explorer Walk Golf Cart:

The next on our list is the 4-wheeled Caddytek superelite explorer!
Robust, sturdy, and yet lightweight with the aluminum frame it weighs less than 14 pounds.

This cart can be folded easily with the help of a patented two latched mechanism. You can easily add accessories like an umbrella, beverages, etc. given the compartments and a mesh
net for your golf balls, tees, etc.

The front wheels can be adjusted to give more space to goods or a bag without compromising the cart’s stability. This cart is quite reliable and moderately priced.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable body
  • Foldable and portable
  • Compartments and accessories
  • Braking system for wheels
  • Adjustable wheel size to accommodate more load


  • Brakes are hard to unlock sometimes
  • Handle has two parts

6)     DLX Pro -Best Golf Pull Cart:

Bad Boys push carts sure do have great carts rolling out in the market! The DLX Pro- the best Golf push cart 2019 is a fantastic cart and an all-rounder. This cart manages to hold your bags even after folding it!

It has a 2-step folding that folds the front wheel and makes the cart so compact.

The lightweight and sturdy framework also have compartments for holding your items.

Handles have breaks, and the height is also customizable.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Foldable, portable
  • Height is adjustable
  • Storage and compartmentalization
  • Brakes are genuinely a blessing on the handles


  • This is a bit bulky even after folding

You can find full information about Stuff related to GOLF on Best Golf Carts Inc.

7)     Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser-Golf Push Cart Reviews:

This push cart is another 3-wheeled cart you can look out for if you are looking for affordability and good quality. It is lightweight, offers easy pushing/pulling of the cart.

This cart is perfect for someone who is a novice and just starting to play golf.


  • Strong framework
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Anti-skid wheels


  • Front-wheel doesn’t rotate well

8)      Rovic Model RV3J Junior Walk Golf Cart:

This cart is inexpensive with excellent quality! This 3-wheeler cart has a great framework and comfortable to use. It can also fold in a single operation.

Its waterproof compartments, storage, a compartment for cup holders, height adjustments and brakes are something to look out for given its price. Wikipedia has a special page dedicated to golf carts.


  • Easy to fold in one step
  • Waterproof compartments
  • Strong and durable
  • Wheels with brakes
  • Cupholder
  • Adjustable handle height
  • 90-day warranty period


  • Front-wheel does not swivel
  • Storage components can’t close
  • Unstable with a huge load

9)     Tangkula Best Golf Pull Cart:

For those of you looking for a lightweight yet sturdy push cart having other necessary features, this is the one for you!

10)  Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel -3 Wheel Golf Push Cart:

This cart doesn’t house any holders or compartments, but is a low-budget high-quality option for all you beginners out there! It is easy to use and is the best golf push cart in a low budget.


I hope you got some clarity on the best golf push carts available in the markets. You may find hundreds of golf push cart reviews claiming other products to be better off, but I have tried my best in researching and putting in my thoughts on best golf push cart. However, with much confidence, I can say that these products have played well in the market and are long-lasting and durable. So that’s it for today folks! We have reached the end of this review article on best golf pull cart. Stay tuned to this page for more updates on best golf push cart.

Best Golf Set for Beginners (2020) Amateur, Beginner Club Sets Reviews

The initial times you start playing golf could be really demanding and sometimes even disappointing. To find the best golf set for beginners has not been an easy task, since lots of brands are getting in the market with great expectations.

The best beginner golf clubs are always there to remind you that there is a lot more to learn about golf. Not to mention that the best golf club sets for beginners give the trends to the whole market.

There is no other discussion to have than figuring out which is the best golf set for beginners that may have special features to help you perform all the moves you need. The best starter golf clubs offer you perfect grip and lower weight so that you can easily balance during effort.

Finally, the best beginner golf club sets are always followed by their hard case to carry them safely wherever you go practice. The best golf set for beginners has proved to give a chance for outperforming that all players really like to pass.

What do you need to look for before buying best golf set for beginners?

You need to be extremely careful when buying new golf sets, especially when you are just entering this world. This means you must not be easily persuaded by sellers wanting to pass you a low-quality equipment as the best golf set for beginners. 

Chances are that you are going to need multiple sets to decide which one works better for you. To test the grip and the quality of the handle gives you a clear idea of the quality and the durability of the gold set.

More important, you must start from the best amateur golf clubs which are found in a separate category than the other professional ones. This action will help you spend less time and money in the initial training part of the golf training.

Then, after you have identified which particular set is the best starter golf club set for yourself you can start making thoughts about replacement. Sometimes, you may need more than one set of golf clubs to make sure you can play golf in multiple terrains. This is not an easy task at all.

How can I choose the best beginner golf club sets?

The set that better fits your daily life when playing golf is the one which gives you the chance to use both your hands when playing. The best golf set for beginners is always found by comparison of various sets that come across.

Apart from the weight and the handle features, the material of each golf club can make the difference to your performance. The iron cast golf clubs are stable but have the drawback of slight rusts and corrosion to their latest tip. The ball can lose its torque when hit by a slightly rusty club.

Then there are anthracite fiber golf clubs that are said to belong among the best golf set for beginners since they are light and can be easily cleaned up after each game. Their durability is undeniable, and you can leave them out in the rain for months without having any scratch or corrosion sign on them.

List of the most popular golf club sets for Beginners

This is one of the most wanted list of golf clubs that are readily available online and can give you the best golf gaming experience:

1. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate is the Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners

This is a popular set of gold clubs and is considered to be among the best golf set for beginners since it integrated a lot of great features. They can help you get away of the deep fairway trouble. They ensure the best gameplay when the ball needs to make tha far distances. 

Callaway also offers one of the best maintenance services across the world and that is why it is characterized as the golden golf company.

Things to remember when buying the product:

  • The container bag may be a little heavy but its durable.
  • The bag is also comfortable and fits all shoulders easily.


  • There is a 3-wood offering you a great ball distance.
  • Available are 6 through picking wedge of stainless steel and cavity backed irons.
  • It consists of 12 different pieces that have a forged titanium driver.
  • You also get a T-style mallet putter for tracking the puts across the green.


  • The running hooks and slices become rigid with time.
  • The mallet putter is vulnerable to external stretches.

2. Best Beginner Golf club sets- Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

This great Pinemeadow set of golf clubs is really one of the best golf set for beginners that you can easily locate and order online. However, it may be in the expensive side of the category it is perfect for training in any type of gold terrain, especially the soggy ones.

The clubs are made of titanium which is the industry standard for such equipment. It also comes with a handy bag that has everything in it. Reviewers have given them the title of the best beginner golf clubs for their simplicity of use as well as for their durability.

After all, the best golf club sets for beginners can set the standards for the rest of the competition giving them the competitive edge among all others.

Things to remember when buying the product:

  • They are perfect for novice players and give you many options in terms of weight.
  • They need lost of practice to get used to their perfect type of grip.


  • They come with an easy to carry and waterproof stand bag.
  • The clubs deliver very good value.
  • All the irons as well as the 3-wood are extremely high-quality.
  • The presence of a forgiving driver gives you more options when playing.


  • There is no option for 5-wood.
  • You can observe an imbalance on the mallet putter.

3. Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set

The Wilson company has been well-known for the quality of its sports product equipment. This specific golf club set has been known as the best golf set for beginners since it offers extreme abilities to the players.

You are able to improve your skill especially when talking about distance, aim and precision. These are the only clubs with clear markings for easy placement of fingers. Not to mention, that the graphite woods and driver makes the club very durable.

Finally, all set comes in a special waterproof stand bag that can make you differ from all other opponents on the gold field.

Things to remember when buying the product:

  • Extremely durable set that is great for professionals and beginners.
  • Be ready to replace the drivers’ heads after some use.


  • There is an amazing grip on the clubs, better than the category.
  • The comfortable carry bag is complimentary offered.
  • You can find covers for clubs included in the set.
  • Swinging abilities of clubs are of high-quality.


  • They are not as affordable as the other ones presented.
  • There are no sand wedges for extra protection of the ball.

You Can Also Make Your Personal Golf Clubs Set

Many people while staring out on their Golf journey, don’t directly purchase a readymade golf club set, instead they try to customize their set. That can also be  a way to go but, we don’t recommend to do that. If you want to do that way, I have researched and reviewed 2 clubs that you need to buy first.

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids- Is it the best Beginner Golf club?

This is another Pinemeadow miracle that has been characterized as one of the best golf set for beginners especially for those who are not confident with their performance. However, it is rather difficult to start looking for the best starter golf clubs this is a procedure you have to enter to if you want to succeed in golf.

As one of the best beginner golf club sets it offers you great flexibility as well as reduced weight to start calculating the distance and the right power exerted easily.

The clubs are made of hybrid to replace the wood in a fair way and needs some practicing to start getting used to the functioning. 

The great advantage is that this set allows you to hit the ball higher and there is no need to compromise in the distance.

Things to remember when buying this product:

  • You need to practice more to anticipate this inconsistency in performance.
  • This set of clubs is easily afforded and any beginner can easily handle it.


  • Affordable golf set that is suitable for beginners.
  • It is forgiving the lower skill of freshers.
  • The clubs work perfect on solid hits and give great distance on the off-center ones.
  • The special shape of the sole and the club head gives you the chance for a greater sweet spot, unique among other competitors.


  • There is no flashing technology used to the clubs, letting you vulnerable to the competition.
  • No consistency in performance in between games.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter -Best Starter Golf Club

This set of clubs can be the beginners dream since it integrates all the great features of the Cleveland Sports Company while being affordable. Voted as one of the best golf set for beginners this product remains known for its durability and easiness of use.

It comes in a separate stand bag that can easily cover all clubs and protect them from adverse weather conditions. The clubs are made of wooden and hybrid parts so that you can combine style with new technology.

The impact of the mullet putter on the ball driving speed and distance could be tremendous and assist you in winning any golf game, no matter how harsh the terrain may be.

Things to remember when buying the product:

  • It is durable enough, but the clubs need some service after lots of use to keep their balance.
  • Be prepared that the touch may be lighter than you have been used to and this could affect the proper distance control.
  • The novel head shape is not offered as an option, so you may have to adjust your game to the new conditions.


  • There is a precision milled face to soften the impact and improve the ball roll.
  • The clubs are easier bended and have a soft touch.
  • There are three traditional head shapes good for beginners and professionals.
  • There is zero weight on the head shapes and no distractions for the golfers.


  • You have no chance to remove the weights when needed for close targets.
  • Less affordable than other competitors in the same class.

Best Beginner Golf clubs- Are they necessary?

Any new player should be start using his own sets of clubs. This is a universal principle applied to all players, since golf has been a rather expensive sport to begin with. The newest sets of clubs though are giving all players the chance to know the golf sport without spending a fortune.

The quest for the best golf set for beginners has been proven to be hard when you have zero information about the special features. This article can be helpful enough to show the importance of buying new clubs especially when you are a fresher.

This will give you more confidence to go out in the golf courts playing your first official game. The touch of each club is different and quite unique so that you have to get used to it if you want the ball to be directed precisely to the hole you want.

Golf clubs for beginners are usually lighter and made of inferior materials. But this has nothing to do with performance or cost. New players have to learn primarily how to aim good and give the right speed to the ball.

What to look for when buying the Best Starter Golf Clubs

First, you need to check the drivers. They are mostly made of wood and give you the best aiming abilities especially for the off-center shots.

Then there are factors like the hybrids, the fairway woods as well as the putters which can interfere with your performance. They all have to do with the speed that your golf ball is taking when shot by the club.


As a fresher golf player, you need to opt out for the best golf set for beginners. The best beginner golf clubs can give you exceptional performance. There is a universal acceptance that the best golf club sets for beginners need not to be costly and should you find affordable solutions.

The best starter golf clubs, give you the chance to measure up yourself and check weather or not you are good for the golf games. However, you have to keep in mind that even the best golf set for beginners cannot hide a player with poor performance and ability to see the ball in the field. By purchasing the best beginner golf club sets, you give yourself a chance to thrive in this kind of sports.

The kind and gentlemen sports like golf can easily give you great abilities. Use the best golf set for beginners to show all your friends that you are capable of doing extraordinary things!