World’s Fastest Golf Cart: Electric, Gas, Street Legal

Fastest Golf Cart

We often try to adjust the speed levels of our carts, to meet our desired speed standard. We can’t get it any faster than 5-7 more mph most times. You just have to wonder ‘could it go any faster? Is 24mph really the speed limit? You probably have no idea that there are faster golf […]

Yamaha Golf Cart Models By Year (1979-2022)

Yamaha Golf Cart Models

Over the years, Yamaha has released a  variety of golf carts into the market. Now, it’s important to know your golf cart model for the sake of parts replacement and addition of accessories, since most parts and accessories are specific to certain models. So, I decided to write this article on Yamaha Golf Cart Models […]

EZGO Golf Cart Models By Year (1975 -2022)

EZGO Golf Cart Models

Ezgo is a well-known name in the golf world with a wide range of EZGO golf cart models with gas and electric options to their name. You would be surprised how little you know about the ezgo golf cart models. If you are an ezgo golf cart user or an ezgo golf cart analyst, then […]

Top 10 Best UTV for Plowing Snow 2022

best side by side for plowing snow

With all the snow we’ve had in the last two weeks, we just have to be prepared for the snow roadblocks that come along with the season. UTVs come in handy to plow snow, that is I wrote this article on the best UTV for plowing snow in 2022. I evaluated each based on functionality, […]

Ezgo Serial Number Lookup: Tell what Year, Model is Golf Cart

Ezgo Serial Number Lookup

You may have overlooked this important info in the past without knowing how important it is, but knowing your EZGO golf cart serial number, model and year is a key factor when ordering accessories or replacement parts for your golf cart. If you don’t know how to find any of these, this article is for […]

How to Make a Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster? 7 Proven Ways

How to Make a Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster

So, how to make a gas club car golf cart faster? I found the answer and I am sure you will too after reading this article. It is obviously an impossible wish to want a golf cart to be as fast as an actual car, however, its speed can be increased to more than 26 […]

Golf Cart Dimensions: How Wide & Long? Size Measurements

Golf Cart Dimensions

If you are looking to find golf cart dimensions for all the major golf cart brands, you have come to the right place! We have all the important measurements for top golf cart companies, including how wide and long they are, so have a look. This article explains Golf Cart Dimensions for the most popular […]

Will a Golf Cart Fit on A 5×8 Trailer? (Explained)

will a golf cart fit on a 5x8 trailer

Will a Golf Cart Fit on A 5×8 Trailer? Some people say you can, others say you can’t. Here is my attempt to settle the argument once and for all. The only difference between having a 5×8 trailer and a large trailer is that larger ones can easily fit golf carts that are lengthier. If […]

How To Put A Snowmobile Engine In A Golf Cart (Guide)

How To Put A Snowmobile Engine In A Golf Cart

We’ve all seen the pictures of the man who built a snowmobile from a golf cart. It’s a pretty cool idea, but is it actually possible? Can you build a snowmobile engine that will power a golf cart? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have good news for you. It […]

How to Grease EZ Go Golf Cart (Simple Steps) Suspension

How to Grease EZ Go Golf Cart

If you are new to using a golf cart, you may be unaware of the importance of keeping your golf cart well lubricated. The best way to keep your golf cart well lubricated is to grease it. In fact, the type of lubricant you use can make a difference in how long your golf cart […]