Difference Between 36v vs 48v Golf Cart & Which is Better?

36v vs 48v Golf Cart

The main difference between a 36v and 48v golf cart is their torque. A 48v golf cart has a horsepower of 10.1 HP which gives it a high torque to get through hilly terrains with ease. A 36v golf cart on the other hand has a horsepower of 6.1 HP making it suitable for only […]

Gas vs Electric Golf Cart For Camping: Which Is Better?

Gas or Electric Golf Cart For Camping

Camping with friends or family is something everyone should experience. If you’re lucky enough to have a golf cart at your campsite, you can make the most of your stay. Gas vs electric golf cart for camping is a question that many golfers are confused about when planning a camping trip. You will need to […]

12 vs 14 Golf Cart Wheels | Which are better? (Explained)

12 vs 14 Wheel Golf Carts

The main difference between 12 vs 14 Golf Cart Wheels is that a 14″ golf cart wheel has 4 holes in it while a 12″ wheel only has 3. A 14-inch golf cart wheel is better suited for heavy loads or when you need to carry a lot of weight. Also, a 12-inch wheel can […]