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Best Budget Golf Rangefinder with Slope [2024] Cheap Options

Many golfers are looking for the best budget golf rangefinder with slope that is affordable and accurate. Sometimes, they end up paying more than what they should have because of their lack of knowledge on the best cheap golf rangefinder with slope. In this article, we will break down 10 different options that will help you find the best budget golf rangefinder with slope for your needs!

Top 4 Best Budget Golf Rangefinder with Slope

1. Nikon Coolshot 20i Gii

This is also a great option for those who are looking for a budget golf rangefinder with slope. It is available in white color and has an eye relief of 15mm, making it the best option for those who want to use their glasses while they play!

nikon coolshot 20i gii golf laser slope rangefinder

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2. Precision Pro Nx7 Slope

It can be used both on short distances or long ones as well. It is an affordable option, and it is also one of the best golf rangefinder with slope on the market!

Precision pro nx7 slope

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3. Callaway 300 Pro

An excellent option for those who want a quality product. It has many features like displaying the distance in meters or yards, which makes them an effective tool to use when playing on any type of course.

Callaway 200s

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4. Bushnell Tour V5 Slope Edition

The best budget golf rangefinder with slope for those who are looking for the most accurate readings on their distances. It is very affordable and can be used effectively in any type of lighting condition, making it a great option!

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder

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What is the Best Cheap Golf Rangefinder with Slope?

The cheapest options when it comes to the best cheap golf rangefinder with slope are the Halo X Ray Z6X 600 Laser Range Finder or the Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser, which are both available for under $100!

This is a really good price point if you want to buy your first set. Both of these models have similar features and can be used on short distances as well as long ones, so this makes them perfect options. However, it’s important to remember that there may be some limitations with cheaper products like this one in terms of accuracy when playing longer courses – especially those about 500 yards away from where you’re standing. You also won’t find any slope information included with either option. These would probably best serve beginners who don’t need something too advanced but still want an affordable model they can try out before going for the expensive options.

The reason behind not recommending the Best cheap golf rangefinder with slope is that there are a lot of negative reviews about them. Some people say they don’t work as well, and many of them have broken within the first year.

Should I Buy a Rangefinder with Slope Calculation?

As a golfer, you understand the importance of having an accurate reading of your distance to the pin. You also know that laser rangefinders are more expensive than other types of golf rangefinders. So which one is worth it? In this article, we will explore slope switch technology, pin seeker, and laser technology in-depth and help you determine what type of budget golf rangefinder with slope is best for your needs.

Slope Switch Technology

The slope switch technology is perfect for golfers who like to play on a variety of surfaces. It automatically calculates the elevation changes in your environment and adjusts the pin range accordingly by changing between yards or meters. Slope tech also integrates with courses around the world, so you can know exactly how far back you will need to hit from.

Pin Seeker Mode

The pin seeker is great for people who have trouble lining up shots since it can be set to seek out the pin, displaying its exact distance and direction.

The pin seeker is a mode that will help you make more accurate shots by locating the pin and then locking onto it. There is also a pin lock that locks in the green speeds for any height, with slope modes like pin seeker to locate any pins on the course.

The laser rangefinder emits a beam that measures distances within 18 inches of accuracy. This type of range finder is perfect when you want accurate readings on your current position but without having to take multiple measurements.

Average Price Range for best budget golf rangefinders with slope in 2024

The prices ranges for golf rangefinders with slope can vary greatly, but all of the ones on this list are under $200. This post helps you compare their features and price ranges to help you find the best one for your needs.

What you should look for in the best golf rangefinder with slope 2024?

  1. Accuracy is important for anyone looking to purchase a budget golf rangefinder.
  2. LCD display – Among the many golf rangefinders on the market, an LCD display is one of the best features to consider.
  3. Battery life – Ease of use and figuring out how to use it. xx
  4. Eyeglass-Friendly – If you wear eyeglasses, then this is a feature to look out for.
  5. Slope Function – This function helps golfers manage the distance and elevation of their shots
  6. Pin-Sensor Technology- It will help you lock on to your target more precisely.
  7. Auto Scroll – It will help you view the maximum length of your target.
  8. Fog mode- A very useful feature in foggy weather.

What is the Lock technology on a golf rangefinder?

The lock technology on a golf rangefinder is the most important aspect of any golf rangefinder. Without it, the range finder is completely useless because it cannot lock onto objects that are too far away. Therefore, if you want to buy a first-rate product then you should make sure that your lock technology is up to par with other features before making your purchase.

Why having 6X magnification on a golf rangefinder with slope 2024 is beneficial?

The golf rangefinders that offer 6X magnification are the easiest to use in the field. They are easier to hold steady, they weigh a little less, and they offer higher magnification.

The golf rangefinders that offer 4X or 5X magnification can be steadied more easily than the 6X models when using the “hidden hand-hold” technique (see page 31). The lower magnification doesn’t really matter if the target is fairly far away-more than 100 yards for all but the longest golf shots.

Detailed Info on The Best Budget Golf Rangefinder with Slope in 2024

Choosing a laser rangefinder in 2024 that is budget-friendly has become much easier because of the increase in options. Here I have listed all the major options for the best budget golf rangefinder with slope in 2024.

Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Edition Review

I personally have used the Bushnell tour v4 slope edition in the past years and it’s been my go to rangefinder for a long time. I mostly use the slope function when playing on courses where elevation changes are present, but that is not always necessary and can just be used in addition to getting yardages. The battery life lasts about 18 months of continuous use which is great because most other brands only last around 12 months which is quite a nice feature to have.

The pros of the Bushnell tour v4 slope edition are:

  • Slope function which is great for getting yardages on slopes and hills.
  • Long battery life at 18 months of continuous use.
  • Slim design that’s easy to carry around as it doesn’t take up much space in a golf bag or pocket.
  • This Bushnell model will lock onto the flags and trees and even the slope in front of you for accurate yardages.
  • Easy to use with a single button on top, no learning curve required.
  • Budget-friendly at around $130 which is cheaper than most other brands that are available.

The cons of Bushnell Tour v39 Slope Edition are:

  • It does not have Pinseeker with JOLT technology.
  • The ballistics reticle can be difficult to see in bright sunlight.
  • The slope function is not available on the app, it has to be done manually with a pencil and paper which can take time when you are playing 18 holes
  • The Bushnell tour v39 slope edition does not come with an aiming laser or target light making it difficult for night games.
  • It doesn’t have a continuous scan feature.

The slope switch technology is the best feature of this rangefinder. This is very important, especially if you’re buying something for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with golf. You’ll be able to measure the elevation and adjust accordingly.

This unit has slope technology that will help estimate yardages based on your location’s incline or decline features, so it can give you more accurate measurements when playing uphill or downhill shots (which are often tough). It also includes an LCD display that allows you to easily read information from up to 600 yards away! So obviously, this would work well for beginners as well – not just those who want a good deal.

If you need accuracy over anything else in order to play better golf then this might be it. The battery life and ease of use make it a contender for the Best Budget Golf Rangefinder with Slope.

Nikon Coolshot 20i Gii

The second best budget golf rangefinder with slope is the: Nikon COOLSHOT 20i Gii golf laser slope rangefinder.

It has all the features you would want from a rangefinder and it is accurate as well.

This Nikon COOLSHOT 20i Gii golf laser slope rangefinder can measure distances up to 600 yards away, which makes this the best range finder for any kind of game day regardless if you are playing 18 holes or just small games.

The pin acquisition technology P.A.T . in this golf rangefinder is really fantastic. The continuous scan mode works well for when the pin needs to be located, showing you green speeds on slopes.

If accuracy is more important than anything else then this might do it for you. The battery life lasts forever, and it’s not too difficult to learn how to use either. I personally love the sleek look of this one and the fact that it includes a slope function. So, if you are looking for the best budget golf rangefinder with slope options, this might be the one for you.

Nikon coolshot 20i gii golf laser slope rangefinder review

The Nikon COOLSHOT 20i is a golf laser rangefinder that can measure the distance to your target up to 400 yards away. It features First Target Priority, which displays the range of the closest object among multiple results it obtains. The 8-Second Continuous Measurement function allows you to continuously measure for up to eight seconds, so you can get measurements on multiple or very small or thin objects and know distances to hazards, and pins. This Nikon COOLSHOT 20i has a 6x magnification with a 21mm objective lens.

Cons of the Nikon COOLSHOT 20i GII

The cons of the Nikon COOLSHOT 20i GII are that it has a weaker lens and doesn’t come with a stand.

Summary of Nikon COOLSHOT 20i GII

The Nikon COOLSHOT 20i GII is not budget-friendly, making this laser distance finder one of the more expensive ones on our list but still manageable for many golfers looking to get accurate distances from their shots without extending their budget too much. Plus, you get Nikon’s warranty and excellent customer service.

This is a great bang for the buck and won’t break your bank account! You will be getting a laser range finder with a slope that is just around the budget that you wanted.

Precision Pro nx7 Slope Laser Rangefinder Review 2024

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 Golf Rangefinder is a non-slope rangefinder that delivers accurate distances within one yard. Featuring Target Acquisition Technology (TAG), which scans objects in your field of view while focusing on your desired target for improved accuracy, this device also provides a short vibration when you shoot the target. The precision pro nx7 golf laser rangefinder has 6X magnification and features an LCD display with scan mode to track multiple targets.

Pros of The Precision Pro Golf nx7:

  • You’ll be able to measure distances accurately.
  • Have the confidence to know you’re hitting your desired target every time.
  • Enjoy playing in less than ideal conditions without worrying about damaging your rangefinder.
  • Know the distance to any object in just seconds.
  • Get a vibration notification when you hit your target.
  • No more guessing about whether or not you’re hitting what you want.
  • Get incredibly fast, accurate measurements on every shot
  • Reduce stress by eliminating worry over elevation changes
  • Enjoy 5-year warranty
  • Provides slope-adjusted distance to give players the right club
  • Fits both tournament and recreational golfers
  • USGA Approved

The Precision Pro is also the best budget golf rangefinder with slope because it’s faster and easier to use. With the Bushnell, you have to hold down the power button for several seconds before getting your reading. The Precision pro only needs one press of the fire/power button!

The PX7 is the next generation of golf rangefinders. It features slope measurement, pulse vibration technology, and 6x magnification to give you accurate distances even in the toughest conditions. The NX7 also comes with a free lifetime battery replacement service so you never have to worry about changing your batteries again.

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder is tournament legal and water-resistant up to 10 feet. It can measure distances up to 400 yards, has max yardage of 1000 yards, and a 1/2 yard accuracy level in ideal conditions.

The flag mode is also a great feature that is offered on this golf rangefinder. The flag mode will show you the flag and hole simultaneously, so it’s quick to get your bearings when starting out at any point in the course.

Callaway 200s slope laser rangefinder review

One of the best budget golf rangefinders on our list is the Callaway 200s. It has a wide-angle laser to get you accurate distances from different angles, which makes it easier for determining where your shots will go and what clubs would be best suited for each shot.

The Callaway 200s slope laser rangefinder is the ultimate in compact, lightweight performance. It’s the perfect tool to measure distance and lock onto your target with pin-point accuracy on any course. The P.A.T. (Pin Acquisition Technology) allows you to acquire the pin-up to 275 yards away, while 6X magnification lets you focus on every detail of your shot and ensure that you have the optimal view of the area.

The Callaway 200s Slope Rangefinder is designed to give you the best of both worlds – a powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use laser rangefinder that can be used on every hole, even those with deep rough or trees. With an effective range of 5 to 1,000 yards and PinHunter Technology™ for pin-seeking accuracy at long distances, this ultra-compact unit also includes slope technology so you can measure the incline/decline from your current location to the flagstick. This feature allows golfers to see how far they hit each target and get its exact measurements.


The cons of this item are that there have been some reports of the laser going out.

  • If you are looking for a more accurate and higher-priced rangefinder, this is not the one.
  • You may want to upgrade to a device with slope measurements or anything else that would be beneficial in your game
  • A few things I didn’t like about it were that there was no information on how far it measures the distance
  • There was also no information on how accurate it is with long distances

Some people may not like the fact that you have to turn this device around in order for it to work well and an issue I had was that when you do so, your hands are out of sight which could cause some confusion.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the slope is its best feature and it has a slope measurement of +/- 20 degrees. The best thing about this device is that it’s very affordable for the average golfer and fits in perfectly under our best budget golf rangefinder with slope category.

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Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder review

The 2021 version of the Callaway 300 Pro has an upgraded design with a more sleek and compact look. It is also water-resistant, which could be helpful if you are golfing in the rain or snow to keep your device from getting wet or foggy.

My Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder review says that the laser technology that it features, has six times magnification, making it easier to see targets farther away. It is completely tournament legal, so you are able to use it in a tournament without any worry.

It has an external one-touch button that allows users to turn the slope off, which can be helpful if you don’t need or want to account for incline and decline during your game. This means there is no need for adjustments when shooting at elevated pins or from a distance.

The cons of the Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder review are that it is very expensive and some users may get frustrated with the lack of clear instructions for using the device.

The pros in the Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder review are that this unit features a compact look, so you can easily pack it up in your golf bag without worrying about bulkiness or weight. It also has many high-tech features to make your game more enjoyable and accurate, like the slope mode, scan feature, and pin acquisition.

The Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder is one of the best budget golf rangefinder with slope for any serious player looking to improve their game.

Comparison between Callaway 200s & Callaway 300 Pro

Here are our 2 rangefinders, both having the slope compensation technology. We’ll have compared these two best budget models for people who want to become more serious about the game or aren’t sure if they’ll enjoy it enough to spend a lot of money on a detector.

Callaway 200s

  • Accurate mental slope within one degree.
  • Good battery life and is waterproof.

Callaway 300 Pro

  • More accurate than most other options due to advanced technology in the optic lens; offers much better accuracy with up to 2M accuracy from club head face at 190+ yards distance with 5x magnification.

Caddytek golf laser rangefinder caddyview v2 slope review

The Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder is the most accurate golf laser rangefinder in its class. The patented one-step “Mode Switching” between Non-Slope and Slope compensation distance display, can be operated with a simple push of a button to change from 5 to 800 yards (5 to 250 yards to a flag) for your convenience. Its 6X magnification, IPX4 waterproof design, lightweight less than 8 oz., and conform to USGA Rules of Golf make it the perfect companion for any golfer.

Benefits/ Pros

Non-Slope Distance Display: This Rangefinder displays the distance from the flag with or without slope, in yards (meters) by pushing one button.

  • Accurate distance readings to the flagstick.
  • Easy to use, accurate at all times.
  • Jolt Technology: Seeking a flag is an important part of the game. That’s why we use JOLT Technology to react instantly and whenever it detects movement, you’ll know exactly where your ball went.


The cons of this Caddytek golf laser rangefinder are that the slope is only available for one button push and not continuous as well as it has short battery life.


The Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder may be an excellent model to choose from if you’re looking for accuracy, reliability, ease of use, versatility, and convenience at a budget-friendly price point!

Tectectec vpro500 slope

The Tectectec VPRO500 is perfect for any golfer, beginner, or pro. It features one-hand operation and easy installation on your golf cart’s windshield. The VPRO500S delivers accurate measurements to the farthest targets with instant access at up to 540 yards away from you without holding down the button first! This rangefinder is so accurate that it can measure to the inch.

You will love the ergonomic design of this unit and its easy-to-read LCD screen display, as well as a simple push button operation for quick measurements. If you spend hours on your golf course every week or are just looking for a good one to start out with, this Tectectec vpro500 slope is the perfect choice for you.


• Your golf game is always on point with the VPRO500S

• Tectectec VPRO500S offers accurate measurements up to 540 yards, and when in ‘slope’ mode it measures distances accurately uphill or downhill as well.

• Take control of your yardage instantly at any given moment in time

• Clear, bright images make it easy for you to have a great shot every time.

• Clear, bright images make it easy for you to have a great shot every time.

• Confidently measure your distances in slope mode

• Our laser provides accurate distance to any target without a flag

• Never miss an uphill or downhill shot due to inaccurate calculations

• Rangefinder is resistant to water and features a protective case for storage.

Cons of the Tectectec vpro500 slope are:

• The Tectec vpro500 slope is not a good choice for people that are left-handed.

This rangefinder is perfect for golfers who are on a budget but still want to know the distance and slope of their shot.

Bozily VPRO X2

The Bozily VPRO X2 golf rangefinder with slope is perfect for those who want accurate, fast readings. This rangefinder is great if you are playing at a course with the slope system in place because it can measure your yardage on slopes without any trouble whatsoever. The laser technology sends out an invisible beam that calculates distances within millimeters of accuracy from over 400 yards away!

The Bozily Vpro x2 has the slope technology for accurate distance readings when you are on a slope. The VPRO X features laser technology that measures distances within millimeters of accuracy from over 400 yards away!

The cons of this rangefinder are that it takes more than one reading to get an accurate distance.

Although not necessary for everyone, slope technology is a great feature if you are often on courses with slopes or even uphill/downhill shots. The VPRO X2 laser rangefinder by Bozily features an advanced laser that measures distances within millimeters of accuracy from over 400 yards.

Comparing the price range of the best golf rangefinders with slope, pin seeker, and laser technology, the VPRO X is a great value for what you’re getting.

The slope feature on the Vpro x is not necessary for most golfers but it can be helpful if you are often playing in areas that have slopes.

Is Slope on A Rangefinder Worth It?

A slope on a rangefinder is totally worth it because it makes reading your distances a lot easier. It calculates the angle of the ground and displays it in degrees so you know how much farther or closer you need to go.

You can also use slope mode to measure inclines. With the slope, you can find out how much harder or easier a hole is.


To conclude about the Top Best Budget Golf Rangefinder with Slope, I would say that the Tectectec vpro500 slope is a great choice for people on a budget who still want to know the distance and slope of their shot.

If you are looking for the best cheap golf rangefinder with slope, then the Tectectec vpro500 slope is the best option.

What other points are there to consider before purchasing a rangefinder? The battery life, size, and weight of the device should all be considered when looking for your perfect model.

Suppose you want to know more information about this topic. In that case, I recommend reading this blog post entirely because I have explained in detail what points you should consider before buying the best budget golf rangefinder with slope 2024.

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