Some research is undoubtedly needed to find the best golf rangefinder when we discovered that instead of hitting the flag, players were hitting trees. There is nothing adverse than thinking you have hit a shot, but instead, you watch it go through the green past your flag because of the wrong yardage.

Every person requires the best golf rangefinder concerning its distance to the flag, plus, being easy to use. There are ample brands that produce excellent rangefinders. 

Technology advances almost daily; that means, accurate information is available precisely for the golfers of all capabilities. Isn’t it? Also, in the previous times when best golf rangefinder was not present golfers had an excellent yardage measure, all credit goes to the caddies, but now that has changed. The golf rangefinder reviews are listed below.

Let us dive in the article and know in detail about the golf distance finder.

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift

golf rangefinder reviews

  • Upto 5x Magnification.
  • Range from 5-1000 yards.
  • Fast jolt technology.
  • Simple Slope Activation.
  • Affordable.

Best Golf Rangefinder- Top Products List

1. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift- Best Golf Rangefinder [2019]

Did you know? The invention of rangefinders dates back to 15 years ago, and it is quite okay to say that the developers of these devices are market industry leaders.

It is entirely reliable, precise, and has excellent slope technology that makes the company outstanding from others.

The fascinating thing about this technology is the slope switch. It is activated just by pushing a switch on the side and is easily accessible. Trust me, it is extremely easy to use. This switch is convenient for competitive players. It has also won the best golf rangefinder 2019 title.

While attempting for the pin, you need to focus this device with a flag; then you will see that there is a jolt technology that gives a short vibration to your hands. This vibration indicates that this flag is locked and assures you to have the exact distance to the appropriate flag.

The incredible thing about this is the customized feel that you experience in your hand. It fits your hand as if it is made for your hand only. Isn’t that amazing. Well, yes it is. 

The Best part is yet to come. I would like to aware you that it comes with a stylish carrying case that clips onto your bag and protects it from any wear and tear. It will also not get bumped around if it remains inside your pocket.

2. Callaway 300 Pro Has the highest golf rangefinder reviews.

This rangefinder by Callaway has a very striking sleek and sophisticated design that fits in your hands like it’s made just for you.

Then what sets it apart? Let us see.

The feature that sets this best golf rangefinder alone is not only the 100-yard range but also the pin, which has a seeking technique.

This golf rangefinder includes a bird chirp sound that indicates that the lock of the flag is to perceive the distance. It does not have a vibration, unlike other products, but makes a more audible sound to affirm that the target is set. 

The slope technology is pretty amazing too. We can say that because it gives accurate yardage.

This device is perfect for the one who has bigger hands as they find this extremely comfortable to manage and easier to use than the smaller versions of the products. It is the best golf range finder with slope.

This device is the best golf rangefinder for another reason and that is, it is fog proof and waterproof in such low price. It is awe-inspiring.

3. TecTecTec VPRO500 -Best Golf Rangefinder For the Money

TecTecTec is believed to be the best golf rangefinder for money, and they live up to their expectations. They have maintained the right name with having an attractively low price for the device TecTecTec VPRO500.

This rangefinder has a new pin sensor technology and offers a rapid measurement that has an accuracy of 1 yard. It can also measure a distance to the flag to achieve the target.

There is a continual scan mode on the TecTecTec VPRO500 that can measure up to 540 yards. Also, the bright multi-layered display is very straightforward to read. It measures approximately 104 x 72 x 41 mm and weighs up to 185g, which indeed, you can also say, is a lot lighter than the rest.

What sets this as the best golf rangefinder among the rest?

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is a durable and water-resistant body. So, you can rely on this device in any weather on the golf course. It provides you with accurate readings to keep you going on. Isn’t that great to know.

It also accommodates a diopter adjustment function so that the range finder can set in the tune for your eyesight. The TecTecTec VPRO500 is a perfect buy for your golf kit. Get set and have a seamless experience!

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4. Bushnell Pro X2 -Golf Distance Finder with a Slope

This brand Bushnell is making a mark in the market for a long time. Let us find out how!

This golf rangefinder includes a slope technology, but with a more extended range that is up to 1300 yards.

But, the most important things that the user notices is that it is slightly heavier than other devices. It is because this is made of a metal case that provides it 100% waterproofing qualities.  This device finds its place in the top golf rangefinders list.

It is a small device that provides a range of features that are measured. It also includes a rubber grip that is on the top and bottom to make it hold onto very swiftly.

Experts feel that with its more substantial weight, this rangefinder exhibits a lot more stability when selecting the flags on the viewfinder. This makes it the best golf rangefinder.

Also, this is on the top end when the pricing is concerned. But, if you have a dire game going on and want absolute accuracy with your distances, this is the only rangefinder that is needed. Go, grab it!

5. Nikon Coolshot 80 VR

Do you know that this device has a firm hold? No? Yes, it does. It is a genuine device with the right amount of feel.

Nikon has also launched a feature in it, also called as the vibration reduction technology. This technique stabilizes the target in the viewfinder that helps to look for the red flag. This device is designed to not only reduce errors but also to speed up the process.

It also has the first target priority that helps to avoid zapping the distance in the background rather than the flag by selecting the small gap between the two of them.

Yippie! You have another bonus if you buy it. This is because it is not only waterproof but fog proof as well. To all the golfers who get up early in the morning, this is a boon.

One thing that does not qualify it for the best golf rangefinder is that you have to put significant efforts to maintain it. It is white in color, and that’s why it can discolor a bit from continual use. You need to clean and take proper care of this. Otherwise, it is a must-buy option.

6. Precision Pro Golf NX7

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 is considered to be amongst the best golf rangefinder because it is minute enough to fit in the palm and is easy to carry and use.

This adaptive slope technology in the Precision Pro NX47 permits you to measure distances downhill and uphill both.

Additionally, the Precision Pro Golf NX47 achieves target Acquisition technology which scans the objects in the field of view like the bunker. Then, it provides a precise distance to the location. Hence, it does a great job of measuring aptly! 

Another addition that has been found from the golf rangefinder reviews is that Precision Pro Golf NX46 has pulse vibration technology. You will find that this rangefinder emits a pulse.

It also has other functionalities like rapid yardage readings, accurate technology, and clear optics. You also do not need to be 100% stable to have a precise measurement for the next shot. It has a two-year warranty, fantastic support, and even battery replacement.

7. Nikon Coolshot 20

This device has an excellent value for money and is the best golf rangefinder. This product is way cheaper than Nikon Coolshot 80. And, if you do not want to invest a lot of money, then this product is made for you.

It is a simple, neat, and clean model. It has a 550-yard range that is more than enough for any course that you are planning to use on.

It has a cute snug fit, which is lovely and they are minimal and easy to handle. Sometimes rangefinders are lightweight, and so, they are assumed to be durable. You experience perfect accuracy thou!

In technological terms, it is straightforward. It does not have any jolt or slope technology.

There is one thing worth mentioning that it is not as fast as other products. In this price range, it is enough. But it is a couple of seconds late, and it does not make much of a difference in our opinion, and no accuracy is hampered.

So, while people consider this an entry-level golf rangefinder, it is capable of doing a lot of worthy things that are prominent to its list.

8. TecTecTec ULT-X

 Do you need a device that lives up to full potential with a lot of accuracies? Then the best golf rangefinder that beats everyone in accuracy is this one.

The TecTecTec ULT-X measures hazard up to 1000 yards. However, it is hugely unlikely that you will ever land up a situation where you need the full distance of the golf course.

It can also measure the distance to the flag very swiftly and finds the range up to 450 yards away.

This device is moisture resistant and rainproof so that you can feel comfortable with this device in any weather conditions.

It is enclosed with a pouch, free of cost battery, set up guide and wrist strap. The TecTecTec ULT-X is an ideal product that quickly measures your distances right on each spot that you play.

Final Words

The best golf rangefinder which we suggested, of course, has proved to be a lot successful and boon to all the golf players. It is what every golf player needed to measure distances so that they could find and hit the target right. And you also look for the same aspects before buying the perfect golf rangefinder for you. Isn’t it? We hope all the features we mentioned about each of the items help you to choose the one you are looking for in 2019.

These devices accommodate lots of features and functionalities that are helpful for the players to play a dangerous game. The best golf rangefinder comes with different price ranges according to their model and company. The players choose the one which suits them the most. The motive of this review was for the same.

All that is said, the golf rangefinders, an innovative invention, has led to the widespread use of it. These products are highly recommended by experts of Best Golf Carts Inc so that they have a great game of golf with their friends and family. Also, do not forget that we have suggested the best golf rangefinder for the money keeping in mind golf rangefinder reviews from the people who bought it.

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