EZGO RXV Problems

EZGO RXV Problems & Troubleshooting Guide: Solenoid, Brake

We are excited to announce the release of my updated EZGO RXV Troubleshooting Guide.

It is designed to help you troubleshoot most of the common EZGO golf cart problems you may experience and help you figure out what’s going on.

NOTE: This article includes the EZ GO RXV service manual and repair manual.

Top 6 EZGO RXV Problems

These are the top 6 EZGO RXV Problems:

1. EZ GO RXV Motor Brake Problems, Brake Pedal Is Stuck

A common issue with EZ Go RXV Breaks is that the Compensator spring adjustment is incorrect.

To Fix These EZ GO RXV Motor Brake Problems:

Follow these steps to fix EZ GO RXV Motor Brake Problems:

  1. Adjust brake pedal fluid travel or brake adjusters.
  2. Repair or replace worn brake shoes or cabling.

If the issue persists, it may be due to a damaged brake drum or braking system out of adjustment.

Other EZGo RXV Brake Problems

  • Corrosion on brake pivots
  • Brake cable seizure
  • Pedal adjustment difficulty

Follow these steps for ezgo rxv brake troubleshooting:

  • Replace corroded or seized components
  • Lubricate brakes

Read our article on Common EZ GO Problems if you have an EZGo TXT or any other model.

2. EZGO RXV Accelerator Problems

ezgo rxv accelerator problems

You may be having a problem with your Micro Switch.

You will need a T45 to check the pedal switch assembly and for that, you will have to take the pedal off and look at it.

This will help you get the pedal group covers off.

We know that the stop switch is bad, so we were able to reproduce the problem, even though it is not working right now.

The snap switch looks like it’s just a switch that goes on the pedal, but we will need to replace it.

After that, you will need to find a double-duty switch that controls the ignition coil.

This should fix your EZGO RXV Accelerator Problems

3. EZGO RXV Charger Problems

A bad fuse is a common fault for most Ezgo Rxv Charger Problems. Replacing the old one with a 30-amp fuse should solve your issue.

Check out this guide to learn more about how to solve Ezgo Charging Problems.

You can also try charging the battery with the charger on a different charger. If the problem persists, you can always contact Ezgo and have them replace the charger.

If you need to open the battery, make sure you have the correct 36 Volt EZ Go Golf Cart Battery Wiring Diagram.

4. EZGO RXV Solenoid Problems

Solenoid Problems in an EZ Go RXV are very common too, which will cause the cart to shut off randomly. The only solution to these types of EZ Go RXV Solenoid Problems is to change the solenoid and the micro switches.

Refer to the EZGO Solenoid Wiring Diagram to understand the exact wiring schematics beforehand.

5. The Controller Is Not Responding: EZGO RXV Controller Problems

The problem could be with the speed controller, solenoid problem, or controller.

If you call the number provided, someone will help identify and fix the issue.

EZGo RXV Problems include a broken controller.

The controller is bad and needs to be replaced.

Other problems include a broken sensor and micro switch, as well as a Solenoid replacement.

The user has problems with the cart when going downhill and hitting high speeds.

The torque is uncontrollable when going uphill.

There are problems with the wire connecting the battery to the cart.

Solution for EZGO RXV Controller Problems

Follow these steps to fix EZGO RXV Controller Problems:

  1. Replacing the potentiometer
  2. Checking the connection between the wiring and the potentiometer.

The cart won’t move as the solenoid won’t energize when the wire is disconnected

The cart was bought new batteries

The cables were taken off from the batteries without taking a picture or remembering the setup of the diagram

The problem with connecting the cable from the speed controller to the battery

Problems with the solenoid may cause the machine to not work.

Other EZGo RXV problems include:

  • Inability to accelerate or drive at full speed.
  • Loose connection between wiring and potentiometer.

6. There Is an Overcurrent Issue

EZGo RXV problems include overcurrent error code 12576.

To solve the issue according to our EZGO RXV Troubleshooting Guide, disconnect the U, V, and W connectors and check the resistance between them.

If resistance is within a specified range but the cart fails to move, replace the controller.

Ez Go Rxv Overcurrent Problems Can Include:

  • Choking
  • Poor acceleration
  • Power loss (no gas)
  • Bad combustion

To Fix These Problems, You May Need To:

  • Adjust the pilot screw
  • Flush and replace gas
  • Check fasteners and gaskets.

When the EZGo RXV starts having problems, it is important to take it in for service as soon as possible.

There are a number of things that can cause the EZGo RXV to have problems, and it is important to be able to identify them so that they can be fixed as soon as possible.

It is also important to keep an eye on the air filter and clean or replace it if needed.

If the throttle linkage or blocked air inlet is causing problems, they should be repaired or adjusted accordingly.

Finally, if there are signs that the surge governor linkage may be damaged, it should be inspected and fixed if necessary.

7. EZGO RXV Key Switch Problems

These are the top EZGO RXV Key Switch Problems:

1. Problem: The cart won’t start when the key is turned.

Solution: This could be due to a faulty ignition switch, a loose connection, or even a worn-out key. First, check the key for wear and tear. If the key is fine, check the connections to the switch for any loose wires. If the connections are also good, you may need to replace the ignition switch.

2. Problem: The key gets stuck in the ignition.

Solution: If the key gets stuck, try to apply a slight wiggle and see if it releases. However, if this problem persists, the ignition switch might be damaged or the key might be worn out. Lubricating the key and ignition switch can also help.

3. Problem: The cart starts without the key.

Solution: This is usually a sign of a faulty ignition switch that is stuck in the “on” position. This requires an ignition switch replacement.

4. Problem: The key cannot be turned in the ignition.

Solution: This could be due to a jammed ignition switch, or the key itself could be bent or damaged. Try to lubricate the ignition switch first, but if the problem continues, you may need to use a spare key or replace the ignition switch.

EZGo RXV Fault Codes

EZGO RXV golf carts have various fault codes that help in diagnosing and troubleshooting any problem. The following table lists some of the key fault codes related to the cart along with details on what they represent.

Fault code 8976

Represents a problem with the motor current exceeding the peak rated current of the controller by 50%.

Fault code 9024

Indicates there is a short circuit in the motor, motor cable, or controller.

Fault code 12576

Indicates that the DC bus voltage fails to reach 24VDC within 10 seconds of activating the key switch.

Fault code 12817

Indicates that battery pack voltage is more than 63 volts which can be an indication of a faulty battery pack or an issue with how it’s connected to the golf cart frame.

If you notice that either sensor (motor temperature or thermocouple resistance) is disconnected, you should reconnect them and check if there’s anything wrong with them first before getting them replaced as they’re not associated with any specific code specifically

EZGo RXV Troubleshooting Guide

EZGO RXV Troubleshooting Guide

Hope the above EZGo RXV problems and their solutions were enough to complete this EZGo RXV Troubleshooting Guide. If you still have any major issues with any of the parts in your RXV, please take it to an expert rather than doing it yourself. More issues and their detailed solutions from our guide are listed below:

EZGo RXV Controller and Pedal

Check if the controller is functioning properly and do a replacement if needed.

Check the voltage reading for the orange wires of the encoder harness as well as the accelerator and brake-related sensors. If you don’t get a 5V reading for any of these components, you must change it.

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The EZGO RXV HPD sequencing fault indicates that either the throttle, brake, or both pedals fail to come to the upright position when released. This fault may also get triggered if a wrong switch is fitted for the throttle or brake.

Check if the switches are in accordance with the version or type of pedal. If not, get the right switch fitted

EZGo RXV Battery and Error

If you are experiencing a battery voltage fault, charge each battery individually.

If the key switch is turned to the OFF position and then to the ON position rapidly when the golf cart is in motion, you may need to do a controller replacement.

Check if the brake coil resistance is 27 +/- 3 Ohms and if it’s not in this range, get the motor brake replaced.

Friction disk alignment can be done if needed.

If you have a 48 volt EZGO, check out 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Wiring Diagram.

EZGo RXV Cart and Tool

If your EZGo RXV is not starting, it may be due to one of the following problems:

  • Fuel mixture error
  • Air leak
  • Faulty battery

To troubleshoot these issues, perform the following steps:

If one of these is causing the problem, fix it. If neither of these is the cause, replace the battery.

If you still have trouble starting your EZGo RXV, consult a service center or dealer.

EZGo RXV Switch, Voltage, and Overcurrent

Check the battery pack voltage of the golf cart.

If the reading is less than 36 volts, you may have to charge the batteries.

The EZGO RXV golf cart has various fault codes associated with it that help in troubleshooting or diagnosing any problem with the cart.

The following table lists some of the key fault codes related to the cart along with details on what they represent.

EZGO RXV Fault Code: 8976 means that the motor current has exceeded the peak rated current of the controller by 50%.

EZGo RXV Golf and Current

The EZGO RXV HPD sequencing fault indicates that either the throttle, brake, or both pedals fail to come to the upright position when released.

Check if switches are in accordance with the version or type of pedal.

If not, get the right switch fitted.

EZGo TXT Test, Voltage, and Solenoid

Check the controller and related wiring connection

Tighten any loose connections

Check the solenoid driver and related wiring connection

Check the armature

EZGo TXT Connection

The key fault codes associated with the cart are 1-1, 1-4, 2-4, and 3-1.

If one of these codes is raised, it means there is a problem with the cart and you should check for any loose connections or replace any worn-out parts as necessary.

EZGo RXV Golf Cart Troubleshooting Manual

EZGo RXV golf cart troubleshooting manual provides instructions on how to fix common problems with the golf cart. This manual covers topics such as replacing batteries, adjusting the handle, and fixing wheel problems. The EZGo RXV golf cart troubleshooting manual is an essential tool for anyone who owns or uses a golf cart.

Click Here to Download

EZGo RXV Service Manual

Check out this EZGo RXV Service Manual that provides step-by-step guidance on how to use the EZGo RXV. The manual is designed for users of the EZGo RXV who are not familiar with its features.

Click Here to Download

EZGo RXV Repair Manual

This EZGo RXV Repair Manual is a guide that covers the repair of the EZGo RXV golf cart. The manual includes instructions on how to replace and fix various parts of it. It also provides information on how to prevent and fix common problems. The manual is designed for use by mechanics who work on EZGo RXV’s.

Click Here to Download

EZGo RXV Maintenance

The Ezgo RXV golf cart does need some regular maintenance to keep it running well. Also, it has several parts that need to be replaced or repaired from time to time.

This golf cart needs specific tools and training to maintain it properly.

FAQs on EZGO RXV Problems

These are the most frequently asked questions on EZGO RXV Problems:

Why are my EZGO RXV brakes squeaking?

Squeaky brakes could be due to worn-out brake pads, dust in the brake pads, or lack of lubrication. If the squeaking continues after cleaning and lubricating, you may need to replace the brake pads.

Why does my EZGO RXV backfire?

Backfiring is usually caused by an imbalance in the air/fuel mixture. This could be due to a variety of issues, including problems with the carburetor, spark plugs, or exhaust system.

How do I reset my EZGO RXV controller?

To reset the controller, you’ll need to disconnect the batteries, wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect the batteries.


In conclusion, our EZGO RXV Troubleshooting Guide is very simple and easy to follow. We have also included some of the most common issues and solutions to them. So, if you are facing any of the EZGO RXV Problems mentioned in this troubleshooting guide don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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