Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews

Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews: Testing Linhai LH200u

Have you ever come across a UTV gas golf cart?

Yes, you read that right.

A few powerful golf carts in the market today are less popular than Yamaha and EZGO.

The crossfire UTV is a unique pack.

If you are interested, read this article on crossfire golf cart reviews that gives a full rundown of this amazing vehicle, its features, pros, cons, and more!

Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews

The Crossfire Golf Carts, praised for luxury and performance, feature a 177cc engine, 41km/h speed, and a 23-liter fuel capacity. They offer a smooth, quiet ride with a durable battery, ideal for an enhanced golfing experience. Models like the Crossfire 200 stand out for power and versatility on the course.

Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews: Video Walkthrough

These is a video walkthrough of the Linhai Crossfire Golf Cart:

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Linhai Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews: Features

Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews

These are the top 12 Crossfire golf cart features:

  1. 177cc 4 stroke single cylinder engine with EFI
  2. Horsepower of 9.65.
  3. 12v 9Ah battery capacity.
  4. A maximum speed of 41km/h.
  5. Fuel capacity of 23 liters.
  6. Hydraulic disc brake systems.
  7. Electric starting.
  8. CDI ignition system.
  9. Wheelbase of 72.4 inches.
  10. Ground clearance of 6.1 inches.
  11. Four-seat capacity.
  12. Box capacity of 441 lbs.

Crossfire LH200u Review

The Crossfire LH200U, with a 177cc EFI engine and automatic transmission, reaches 30-35 mph and has a 13-inch ground clearance. It features a three-seater bench, digital display, 4.8-gallon fuel capacity, and a practical dump bed, blending golf cart utility with UTV functionality.

Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews: How is the Safety

The crossfire golf cart comes with rearview side mirrors, bright headlights, front and rear seat belts, low and high beam lights, and much more to ensure the user’s safety. In addition, it has a hydraulic disc brake system on the front and rear to ensure safe rides and unnecessary accidents.

Seating Capacity in Linhai Crossfire Carts

The crossfire golf cart has very comfortable 4 seaters bench seats and enough legroom space.


The crossfire golf cart comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews: Unveiling Performance

The crossfire Golf cart is designed with a powerful 177cc air-cooled 4 stroke single, cylinder engine with EFI, producing a horsepower of 9.65HP and a maximum speed limit of 41km/h. This golf cart also has a fuel capacity of 23 liters, which equals longer road trips. The crossfire golf cart also has a ground clearance of 6.1 inches and a wheelbase of 72.4 inches making it easier to navigate through tough terrains.


The crossfire golf cart is designed with a dimension of 112L x 52.8W x 73.6H inches and a total dry weight of 785 lb.

Pros and Cons

These are the pros and cons of the Crossfire Golf Cart:

  • Great speed level.
  • Unique safety accessories.
  • Large fuel capacity.
  • Enough ground clearance.
  • Great on various terrains.
  • Large fuel capacity.
  • You might encounter some battery issues with this cart.
  • You might experience issues with the electric starter with time.
  • You might not readily find parts and accessories for this golf cart.

Crossfire Golf Cart Problems

Crossfire Golf Cart Problems

These are the 5 common Crossfire Golf Cart Problems:

  1. Battery issues.
  2. Difficulty starting.
  3. Lose connection problems.
  4. Motor issues.
  5. Faulty direction switch issues.

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LinHai Crossfire Golf Cart Top Speed

The Crossfire golf cart has a maximum speed level of 41km/h with a horsepower of 9.65HP. The Crossfire golf cart is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride on the golf course or any other flat terrain surface.

It also has a fuel tank capacity of 15.75L and comes in a variety of colors such as red, black, white, and blue!

Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews: Parts and Accessories

These are the top 10 Parts and Accessories of the Crossfire Golf Carts:

  1. Crossfire extended roof.
  2. Steeleng seat and lap belt.
  3. Crossfire replacement engine.
  4. Retractable golf cart seat belt kit.
  5. Chins lithium ion golf cart battery.
  6. 10L0L universal golf cart rear view mirror.
  7. GTW retractable golf cart seat belt kit.
  8. Crossfire driver-side spindle.
  9. BDX reverse kit for crossfire golf cart.
  10. 10L0L universal golf cart seat cover.

Who Makes Crossfire Golf Carts?

The crossfire golf cart is manufactured by LINHAI-YAMAHA which is a joint venture between Jiangsu Linhai power machinery group and Yamaha motors ltd. this enterprise is solely owned by China Foma Co., Ltd.

Crossfire Golf Cart vs Rover Golf Cart

This table compares Crossfire golf cart and the Rover golf cart:

FeaturesCrossfire golf cartRover golf cart
Brake systemHydraulic disc brake systemRear wheel mechanical drum brake and regeneration brake
Horsepower9.65 hp 6.5 hp
Speed41km/h 18m/h.
Fuel capacity23 liters 6.7 gallons
Ground clearance6.1 inches155mm
Battery12v 9Ah battery capacity6-8v 150Ah capacity

Crossfire Golf Cart Price

Crossfire golf cart comes at a starting price of $7,999 to about $11,279. Compared to the unique features offered by this golf cart, I can say it’s worth every penny.

Where Can You Find a Crossfire Golf Cart for Sale?

Crossfire golf carts are available across various dealers nationwide. You can also check out various online vendors like rpowersports to purchase one.

How Much Horsepower Does the Crossfire Golf Cart Have?

The Crossfire golf cart comes with a horsepower of 9.65HP.

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Ground Clearance

The Crossfire golf cart is designed to offer a ground clearance of 6.1 inches. With its compact dimensions and low center of gravity, the Crossfire is stable on all types of terrain. With our Crossfire golf cart reviews, we have discovered that a single lever adjustment allows the rider to adjust the seat position in one quick motion, ideal for golfers with different height preferences or when moving between multiple carts throughout a round.

Fuel System

The fuel system in Crossfire Golf Carts, particularly in models like the Crossfire 200, is characterized by an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system. This EFI system is a key component in providing efficient fuel delivery to the engine, ensuring optimal performance, better fuel economy, and reduced emissions compared to traditional carbureted systems. The precise control offered by EFI contributes to the overall reliability and smooth operation of the golf cart.


The Crossfire 200 EFI Golf Cart is equipped with a dual A-Arm front suspension and a swingarm with dual shocks for the rear suspension.

This setup is designed to provide a balanced and comfortable ride, particularly important for navigating varied terrains typically encountered in golf courses or outdoor settings.

The combination of a dual A-Arm suspension in the front and a swingarm suspension in the rear helps in maintaining stability and control, enhancing the overall driving experience​.

State-by-State Availability

The Crossfire Golf Carts are available for purchase in all U.S. states.

What Battery Does the Crossfire Golf Carts Have?

The Crossfire Golf Carts are equipped with a 12V 9Ah battery for the Crossfire 200 model, ensuring reliable power and performance for the golf cart’s electrical systems.​

FAQs on Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on the Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews:

Is the Crossfire Golf Cart Street Legal?

The crossfire golf cart isn’t street legal, however, based on the laid down state laws in your area, you can make it street legal by making the necessary additions and acquiring a legal license plate number.

What Engine Does the Crossfire Golf Cart Use?

The crossfire golf cart runs with a 177cc air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with EFI.


The crossfire golf cart is a unique make with many unique features such as a speed level of 41km/h, a ground clearance of 6.1 inches, sleek UTV looks, a cargo box, and more. As earlier stated, you as golf enthusiasts get two treats in one when it comes to the crossfire golf cart. 

I hope you found this article on the Crossfire Golf Cart Reviews helpful and that this vehicle is worth your consideration!

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