Evolution Golf Cart Problems

Evolution Golf Cart Problems: Troubleshooting, Fixes

If you’re trying to determine why your Evolution golf cart doesn’t move or turn backward, here are a few problems we have fixed.

This article will help you diagnose common problems when fixing up your golf cart.

I will address the top 9 Evolution Golf Cart Problems, troubleshooting, and their fixes.

Top 9 Evolution Golf Cart Problems

These are the most common Evolution golf cart problems:

  1. Startup Issues.
  2. Rear differential failure.
  3. Rear-end locker issues.
  4. Reduced speed.
  5. Battery failure.
  6. Overheating issues.
  7. Clutch issues.
  8. Transmission problems.
  9. Wiring problems.

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Troubleshooting Evolution Golf Cart Problems

Evolution Golf Cart Problems

1. Startup Issues with the Evolution Golf Cart

Boot problems are the most common among evolution golf cart problems. Many customers frequently report problems starting their Evolution golf cart.

Starting problems can be very serious. Suppose you’re showing an important customer around a new golf course when the golf cart suddenly stops working. This may not translate well to your new golf course resume.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of this often persistent problem, it’s good to know the possible causes of this problem. So you can better prepare your Evolution golf cart to avoid problems next time.

Battery Error

In most cases, a bad battery can cause starting problems. This is because the Evolution golf cart battery is essential for starting the vehicle. It could be one of the possible causes.

Follow my golf cart battery charging tips to avoid issues like these.

Gas Type

Make sure you are using the correct gas type specified for use with the Evolution golf cart. Additionally, a defective fuel pump or a clogged fuel line can also cause this problem.

Starter Solenoid Failure

The golf cart starter uses a solenoid to power the golf cart. Occasionally, this magnet can fail, resulting in the vehicle starting problem described above.

How to Fix the Starting Problem

  1. If the battery does not work, please replace it with a new battery.
  2. If the problem is caused by incorrect wiring around the battery, repairing the wiring can fix the problem.
  3. Switching to the correct fuel type for the Evolution golf cart may help resolve the issue.
  4. If the fuel pump is defective, consider replacing it with a new one and clearing the clogged fuel. If your starter has serious problems with its components, consider replacing it.

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2. Evolution Golf Cart Brake Problems

A tell-tale symptom of this problem is that it turns into hard braking when you try to apply soft braking. This is often a serious problem when accidents occur due to the misapplication of the brakes. Brake problems can be caused by various components like Insufficient brake fluid.

Brake fluid is responsible for lubricating the vehicle’s brakes. A lack of this fluid can result in hard, rough braking.

Defective Brake Pads

If there is sufficient brake fluid, the brake pads are the culprit. Brake pads are essential to prevent sudden braking, so this may be the cause.

How Do I Fix Brake Issues?

Evolution golf cart troubleshooting
  1. Check the Brake Fluid. If the brake fluid is insufficient, it can be topped up by pouring.
  2. Remove the Tire and Brake Drum
  3. Unscrew the front wheel and remove the wheel and proceed to the brake pads.
  4. Replace the Brake Pads: Check them for wear. If your brake pads look worn enough, you can replace them with a new set.

3. Battery Issues with the Evolution Golf Cart

Battery issues are caused by many occurrences, like a malfunctioning voltage regulator, which causes the starter solenoid to act up, resulting in the battery using up too much charge when starting up and wearing out easily. Loose contacts in your terminals, dead battery cells, vapor lock in the fuel line, and battery charger failure can also cause battery issues with the Evolution golf cart.

How to Fix Battery Issues

1. Try charging your voltage regulator regularly. You must change your regulator if this doesn’t help your battery performance.
2. Check your battery connections and ensure all terminals are properly connected.
3. Use a hydrometer to test your battery to determine if there are dead battery cells. If so, you should consider changing the battery.

4. Overheating Evolution Golf Cart Problems

This is mostly caused by too much pressure on the engine or a failed part. Obvious symptoms are the car stalling while driving or getting hot while driving. Things often get serious when the engine overheats and catches fire.

Overheating problems occur when the flow in the engine is not as efficient as it should be. Other causes include the Coolant not working as efficiently as it should, The cooling system or cooling fan has stopped working, reducing engine airflow, and low engine oil.

How To Fix Overheating Problems

  1. The solution to the overheating problem is much easier than it sounds. When the coolant goes bad, it should be replaced. If your cooling system is not working, call your mechanic.
  2. Refill coolant when low, and replace radiator fan when exhausted.
  3. Ensure you’re using company-specified engine oil and keep it at a sufficient level to reduce friction.

5. Speed Control Issues

This is another common issue reported by many users. The obvious symptom is when it struggles to maintain speed.

However, if the golf cart’s speed suddenly becomes uncontrollable, this problem can become very serious and lead to accidents and injuries.

This is mainly due to the presence of a potentiometer that regulates the speed of the carriage.

Another cause could be the notorious cracks or loose connections in the wiring harness.

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How to Fix Evolution Golf Cart Cruise Control Problems?

The solution to this problem is very simple. Potentometers often wear out prematurely with heavy use, so you can contact a mechanic to replace them.

If the problem persists through the wiring with a faulty, loose connection, then you’d better get that fixed by the mechanic.

6. Solenoid Issues

The solenoid is a coil of wire that carries power from the golf cart motor to the switch. If the solenoid fails, the starter and ignition switches will not work.

How to Fix Solenoid Problems

  1. Disconnect all connections and reconnect firmly. Carefully inspect the
  2. Circuit and replace any frayed or broken wires found.
  3. If the coil burns out normally, the solenoid coil should be replaced with a new one.

You might require the Golf Cart Solenoid Wiring Diagram to troubleshoot this issue yourself.

7. Direction Switch Issues

A faulty direction switch would mean you get stuck in reverse mode, preventing you from having a proper drive.

When you notice that you have problems switching from forward to reverse, the problem begins. There aren’t many causes for faulty direction switches, but there might be two prominent reasons to look for.

The direction switch was damaged when bought from the manufacturer.

The directional switch can wear out after months of heavy use.

How to Fix the Evolution Golf Cart Directional Switch Issue?

  1. Make sure your switch was working properly when you bought it.
  2. If the problem is caused by wear and tear on the direction switch from heavy use, contact your repair shop to replace the switch.

8. Evolution Golf Cart Clutch Problems

While driving the Evolution golf cart, if the engine starts to slow down when the vehicle is going up a steep hill, the clutch has a problem.

How to Fix Evolution Cart Clutch Problems?

  1. Check cruise control and throttle settings.
  2. Inspect both clutches for dirt or debris on the components.
  3. Wash the outer surfaces of both clutches with water to remove dirt and dust, and then run the vehicle to check its operation.
  4. Check clean couplings for wear. If cleaning both clutches does not fix the problem, disassemble and thoroughly clean all parts of the input and output clutches.
  5. Check drive coupler rollers and weights for wear.

9. Evolution Golf Cart Rear Differential Problems

This is a common problem from my research on Evolution Golf Cart problems. If you hear loud noises from the back while riding or a rear-end leak, you may have a rear differential problem.

How to Fix Rear Differential Problems

  1. Replace the rear differential gasket.
  2. Replace the rear differential pinion seal.
  3. Install new side seals.
  4. Complete a rear differential replacement.

10. Evolution Golf Cart Front Differential Problems

You can also experience front differential problems. This is mostly caused by using the wrong lubricant type and specialty lubricants. Water can also cause front differential issues if it gets in through the vents and seals.

How to Fix the Front Differential Problem?

Splice into the wiring in the front differential, clean it out and add a waterproof toggle switch.

11. Evolution Golf Cart Rear End Locker Issues

When you notice your rear-end locker slipping when running at high speed for a few minutes, then it is faulty.

How to Fix Rear-End Locker Issues?

When your rear-end locker has issues, you have to replace it.

12. Evolution Golf Cart Transmission Problems

If you notice your cart popping out of gear, you most like have a transmission problem. This is often time caused by contaminated or low fluid or worn synchronizers inside the transmission.

How to Fix Transmission Issues?

  1. Check the transmission for excessive wear. In such cases, replace the transmission.
  2. Clean out the contaminated fluid and replace it with a better one.

13. Evolution Golf Cart Diesel Wiring Problem

In cases where your Evolution golf cart engine isn’t cranking up as fast as it should, you may have diesel wiring issues.

How to Fix Diesel Wiring Issues

  1. Check out the fuel supply and replace the fuel filters, as they could be clogged, affecting the connections.
  2. Check your connections and battery terminals, and clean them up if required.

This Club Car Engine Swap guide will guide you in case you have wiring issues and want to change the engine altogether.

Preventing Evolution Golf Cart Problems Through Regular Maintenance

Follow these maintenance steps to prevent Evolution Golf Cart Problems:

1. Battery Care and Maintenance

Regular Inspection: Check the battery terminals for corrosion and clean them periodically. Ensure the connections are tight and secure.
Proper Charging: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging. Avoid overcharging and undercharging as both can shorten the battery’s lifespan.
Water Levels: For lead-acid batteries, maintain the correct water level by adding distilled water when necessary.

2. Tire Inspection and Pressure Maintenance

Regular Checks: Examine tires for wear and tear, punctures, or damage. Replace tires that show significant wear.
Maintain Correct Pressure: Regularly check tire pressure to ensure they are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level.

3. Brake System Check

Brake Inspection: Regularly inspect the brake pads and discs for wear. Listen for unusual noises when braking, which can indicate a problem.
Fluid Levels: Check and maintain the brake fluid levels, refilling or replacing as necessary.

4. Steering and Suspension

Check Steering Alignment: Ensure the steering is responsive and doesn’t pull to one side.
Suspension Components: Inspect the suspension components for any signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary.

5. Cleaning and Storage

Regular Cleaning: Keep your golf cart clean to prevent rust and corrosion. Pay attention to the undercarriage and battery compartment.
Proper Storage: When not in use, store your golf cart in a dry, cool place and cover it to protect it from dust and moisture.

Check out the Best Golf Cart Cleaning Products required for this step.

6. Electrical System Maintenance

Wiring Inspection: Regularly check the wiring for any signs of wear, fraying, or damage. Ensure all connections are secure.
Component Checks: Inspect all lights, indicators, and electronic components to ensure they function correctly.

7. Regular Servicing

Professional Inspection: It’s recommended to have your golf cart serviced by a professional annually. They can diagnose issues that might not be apparent and ensure everything is in optimal condition.

How to Store Your Evolution Golf Cart to Avoid Issues in the Long Run

Follow these steps to store your Evolution Golf Cart to avoid issues in the long run:

  1. Clean Your Evolution Golf Cart Thoroughly

Wash both the exterior and interior, paying special attention to areas prone to dirt accumulation in Evolution models.

Ensure the battery compartment, characteristic of Evolution Carts, is free from debris and corrosion.

Note: Always use the Best Wax for Golf Carts for cleaning.

  1. Fully Charge the Evolution Battery

Charge the Evolution-specific battery completely, as these models may have unique power requirements.
Consider a battery maintainer for longer storage periods to keep the battery in optimal condition.

  1. Disconnect and Remove the Battery for Extended Storage

D disconnecting the battery is a critical step for Evolution Carts to preserve electronic settings for long-term storage.
Store the battery in a controlled environment, as recommended for Evolution Golf Cart batteries.

  1. Tire Maintenance for Evolution Golf Carts

Inflate the tires to the ideal pressure specified for Evolution Golf Cart models to prevent flat spots.
Check for any model-specific tire considerations.

  1. Lubricate Evolution Golf Cart Specific Parts

Focus on lubricating parts that are unique to Evolution Golf Carts, such as any specialized suspension components.

  1. Shield Your Cart from the Elements

Store in a sheltered area, considering the specific dimensions and protective needs of Evolution Golf Carts.
Use a high-quality, breathable cover designed for the specific model of your Evolution Golf Cart.

  1. Secure Your Evolution Golf Cart

Employ the specific security features of your Evolution model, ensuring it’s locked and secure.

  1. Regular Check-Ups During Storage

Periodically inspect your cart, especially if it’s an advanced Evolution model with additional electronic features.

FAQs on Evolution Golf Cart Problems

These are the most frequently asked questions on Evolution Golf Cart Problems:

What are some common Evolution Golf Cart problems?

Common problems include battery issues, charger malfunctions, solenoid failure, speed controller issues, and motor issues. Regular maintenance and inspection can help prevent these problems.

Why is my Evolution Golf Cart losing power while driving?

Loss of power could be due to a weak or discharged battery, a malfunctioning speed controller, or an issue with the motor. Inspect each component to determine the root cause and take appropriate action.

How do I resolve speed controller issues in my Evolution Golf Cart?

Perform a visual inspection for any loose connections or damaged wiring. You may also want to test the speed controller with a diagnostic tool. If it’s determined that the controller is faulty, you may need to replace it.

How do I diagnose motor issues in my Evolution Golf Cart?

Inspect the motor for any visible damage or loose connections. Use a diagnostic tool to test the motor’s functionality. If you identify any issues, consult a professional technician for repair or replacement.


We hope you’ve seen the most common evolution golf cart problems and the solutions that can help you avoid them.

These issues do not discourage you from purchasing the Evolution golf cart. My goal is to help you overcome any Evolution golf cart problems you may encounter with your new golf cart. After all, not everything is built perfectly.

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