Aetric Golf Cart Reviews

Aetric Golf Cart Reviews 2023: Parts, Dealers, For Sale

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Aetric Golf Cart reviews. This is where I tell you about my experiences using the Aetric Golf Cart along with its pros, problems, dealers, parts availability, accessories, etc.

Aetric Golf Cart Reviews

According to my Aetric Golf Cart reviews, these carts are equipped with everything, from cozy comforts to cutting-edge design options. Some of its main selling points are it is street legal, lifted, stock speed of 25mph, 51.2V battery, leather seats, blinkers, etc.

Aetric Golf Cart Reviews: Top Features

Aetric golf cart reviews
  1. Aetric EV Controller 450 Amp
  2. Toyota 350ah controller
  3. 48 Volt 5.0Kw AC motor
  4. 12 inch tires
  5. Trojan batteries
  6. Maximum load capacity: 595 lbs
  7. Transaxle: 12:1 High-Speed Rear Axle – Continuously Variable
  8. Delta-Q on-board charger
  9. Brakes: Front disc with E-brakes
  10. 3-point harness seatbelts for safety
  11. Dot windshield with wiper
  12. Painted rooftops
  13. Functional front and rear bumpers

In addition to these, Aetric golf carts reviews highlight a few other fascinating features, such as cupholders, digital gauges, side, and rear vision mirrors.

Are Aetric Golf Carts Any Good?

aetric golf cart

Aetric golf carts are a great choice because they come with several incredible standard features, like 3-Point Harness Seat Belts, digital gauges, power windshield wiper, LED Lighting, and, painted rooftops.

You can always count on the Aetric golf carts’ dependability and reliable performance, which are supported by an extensive network of post-purchase assistance.

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Who Manufactures Aetric Golf Carts?

Hahm EV corporation, situated in California, produces and assembles Aetric golf arts. Aetric golf carts have plastic and electrical parts manufactured in China and transported to the USA for final assembly.

Where Are Aetric Golf Carts Made?

Aetric golf cart parts and components are produced in two locations: partially at the Aetric manufacturing facility in Alabama and partially at the Hahm EV corporate facility in California. A few components made in China are imported into the USA.

However, the majority of crucial Aetric components are created internally at the Hahm site, while final assembly and finishing are carried out at the Alabama location.

How Fast Do Aetric Golf Carts Go?

Aetric Golf Carts are low-speed vehicles that run at 25 mph.

List of all the Aetric Golf Cart Models

These are among the top models with some incredible features, according to Aetric Golf Cart Reviews:

  1.     2021 Aetric Golf Cart
  2.     Aetric EV Golf Cart
  3.     Aetric EV A20 UL Golf Cart
  4.     Aetric EV A40 FF Golf Cart
  5.     2022 Aetric 4 Passenger Golf Cart
  6.     2022 Aetric 4 Passenger FF Golf Cart
  7.     2022 Aetric HLS 4 Passenger Lithium Golf Cart
  8.     2022 Aetric 6 Passenger Golf Cart
  9.     2022 Aetric HLS 6 Passenger Lifted Lithium Golf Cart

Aetric golf carts are low-speed vehicles that meet state and federal standards and are permitted to operate on public streets. They have safety features such as taillights, VIN numbers, AS-1 windshields & windshield wipers, turn signals, roof grab handles, and side mirrors.

Aetric Golf Cart Parts & Accessories

There are numerous accessories available for Aetric golf carts that you may use to improve its functionality and performance.

  1. Curtis & Zip Controllers for regulating speed and other features.
  2. Digital Gauge Cluster
  3. On-board Delta-Q Charger
  4. Electrical Accessories
  5. Heater
  6. Cargo Boxes
  7. Receiver Hitches
  8. Package Carriers
  9. Luggage Racks
  10. Fasteners
  11. Lift Kits
  12. Charger Indicator

What Type of Battery Do Aetric Golf Carts Use?

Aetric golf carts are equipped with six 8V Trojan batteries, which provide a 20–25 mile range on a single charge. Extremely low maintenance is needed for these batteries, which are quite lightweight.

Aetric Golf Cart Prices

Aetric HD golf carts start at $8,950 for a 4-seater model and go up to the top-of-the-line 6-seater SDL for $11,500.

As an alternative to brand-new golf carts, Aetric also sells a variety of used models, which range in price from $7,500 to $8,500.

The cost of these products is comparable to that of the premium category, and the same can be said for their quality and dependability.

Aetric Golf Cart Dimensions

The dimensions of Aetric golf carts are 156 x 48 x 78 inches.


These are the specifications of the Aetric cart:

Size13’x4’x6.5′ Feet
Tires(in meters)12”
Braking Distance(in meters)2.1”
Ground Clearance(in inches)5.5’
Max. Load Capacity595 lbs
Turning Radius(in meters)3.04”

Aetric Golf Cart Dealers: Where to Buy New or Used ones?

Aetric West, based in Rancho Mirage, California, and Aetric Southeast, based in Alabama, are the two primary Aetric dealers in the United States. For both dealers and consumers, these two companies serve as the primary suppliers of Aetric golf carts.

Sportsman’s Marine in Alabama and Kitchens Trucks Sales in Arkansas are a couple of the other notable distributors of Aetric golf carts.

Aetric Golf Cart Video Reviews

Check out my video review on Aetric Golf Cart:

Aetric Golf Cart Manual

Check out this Aetric Golf Cart Manual which provides detailed info about their 2023 vehicles.


As you can see from our Aetric golf cart reviews, this brand is rapidly growing in popularity among golf cart lovers, largely due to its elegant design, high standard of construction, an extensive selection of accessories, and long-lasting sturdiness.

The luxury range price of Aetric golf carts includes a wide choice of options and extras. The durability and high-end features of these carts, which are comparable to those of other luxury brands on the market, are justified by their price tags.

Aetric products are of the finest quality and show great promise, so picking one of their golf carts, whether new or used, would be a wise choice.

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