Star Golf Cart Reviews

Star Golf Cart Reviews: EV, Sirius, Capella: Any Good?

My wife has been using the Star EV Sirius golf cart for almost a year now, so I can provide you with real-life experiences with it.

The Star Golf Carts are probably one of the most booming brands in recent years, so I got one for my wife.

In this article, I will share my Star golf cart reviews and provide the information you need to make a purchase decision.

Star Golf Cart Reviews: EV Sirius & Capella

The Star EV golf carts are an excellent mid-range low-speed vehicle. This is because they come with all the essential features like a foldable rear, flip-tinted glass, dashboard storage, and aluminum 10″ rims. Other manufacturers cannot match the pricing-to-feature ratio of the Star EV golf carts.

Before buying the cart right away, you should read these Star EV Golf Cart Problems.

Star Golf Cart Reviews: Video Walkthrough

This is my video overview of the Star Golf Carts:

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Star Golf Cart Reviews: Top Features & Specs

star capella golf cart reviews

These are the top Star Golf Cart features:

  1. Wheelbase: 1680 mm
  2. 350 A Curtis programmable controller
  3. Power: 4.0 kW AC with thermal protection
  4. Motor: 5.4 horsepower AC
  5. 4-wheel hydraulic brakes
  6. Elegant silver and black aluminum 10′′ rims are standard on the STAR Sirius.
  7. The roof color is standard and matches the rest of the golf cart.
  8. There is plenty of storage space in the cup-holders and glove compartments.
  9. Front and backlights are standard, and direction indicators are included.
  10. Windshield with a Flip-Up Tint.
  11. 3 spoke aluminum with self-canceling steering.
  12. Lockable storage space in the front trunk of the cart.
  13. The backseat folds down to make additional room for luggage.

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Are Star Golf Carts Any Good?

Are Star Golf Carts Any Good?

Due to its attention to detail, quality of build, and features, the STAR EV SIRIUS is among the best golf carts on the market. The Star EV golf cart is a reasonable vehicle with a top speed of 25 MPH and most standard equipment, such as a folding windscreen, and battery charger.

While writing this Star Golf Cart Reviews article, I was wondering how this company manage to produce such good carts at such a good price.

Who Makes Star Golf Carts?

Star golf carts are made by Star Electric Vehicles, a JH Global Services company. The company’s headquarters are in Greenville, South Carolina, and it manufactures a wide range of electric vehicles in the United States.

Where Are Star Golf Carts Made?

Greenville, South Carolina is where Star golf carts are built. Part of the production process is outsourced to China, as it is with the majority of electric automobiles on the market.

List of all the Star Golf Cart Models

These are the top models of the Star Golf Carts:

  1. Star EV Sirius
  2. Classic 36-2
  3. CP-2
  4. CP-2+2+ Lithium Batteries Star EV
  5. Sirius 4 Lithium Star EV
  6. Classic 36-2+2- Star EV
  7. Star EV Capella.

As a “low-speed vehicle,” the Star EV Golf Cart complies with state and federal regulations by having safety features like LED headlights with daytime running lights and high beams as well as hazard lights that are uncommon for a golf cart. This classification enables it to operate on public roads.

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How Fast Does a Star EV Golf Cart Go?

Star EV Golf Carts are low-speed vehicles, with a top speed of 25 miles per hour. They are carefully constructed to be driven on public roads and are made street legal, allowing them to reach speeds of certain limits only.

This golf cart is equipped with heavy-duty powerful AC and DC motors that assure your cart can carry a reasonable amount of weight without compromising its top speed.

Star EV Parts & Accessories

The following are some of the interior features and accessories:

  1. Digital dash display in full color
  2. Glove box that locks
  3. Seat backs that can be adjusted
  4. A tinted, collapsible windshield.
  5. 4 cup-holders on the center console
  6. A holder for the ball and the tee
  7. STAR SIRIUS12V outlet LED lights
  8. Ambient dash lighting
  9. Front lockable trunk with insulated, drainable cooler
  10. Mirrors
  11. Optional lithium iron phosphate battery
  12. Seat kits
  13. Electronic accessories: Light Kits, Audio, Converters, Chargers, Programmers
  14. Other Off-road accessories.

This Star Golf Cart Reviews article also includes battery info and my final verdict on the low-speed vehicle, so read on to find out more.

What Type of Battery Do Star Golf Carts Use?

The cart comes with 6 volt*8 units, 48V Trojan batteries with a range of 50-60 kilometers on a single charge. These are no maintenance and are super lightweight batteries.

Star Sirius Golf Cart vs Club Car

    Star Sirius Golf Cart              Club Car
It has a maximum speed of 25 km/hour.It has a top speed of 40 km/hour.
It has a turning radius of 3.2m.It has a turning radius of 2.52m.
Its dimensions are 3022 X 1295 X 2019 mm.Its dimensions are 3000 X 1270 X 1960 mm.
These carts range 50-60 kilometers on a single charge.These carts have a running distance of 80 kilometers on a single charge.
They use 6 volt*8 units, and 48V Trojan batteries.They use 8V – 150 Ah x 6 (SMF) batteries.
It has a 5.4 horsepower AC motor.It has a 48V, DC, 3.0 KW motor.

Once you’ve concluded which qualities are most important, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each before making a decision. You will be satisfied regardless of the cart you choose.

Star Sirius Golf Cart Price

The starting price of a new Star Sirius golf cart is $12,999. This is for a two-seater Sirius that’s great for the golf course. It has all of the features you might desire in a golf cart and looks fantastic.

Obviously, the larger the Sirius cart you choose, the higher the price. For example, the Sirius 4+2 raised cart is expected to cost between $15,000 and $18,000.

Star Sirius Golf Cart Dimensions Table

This is the Star Sirius Golf Cart Dimensions table:

Body PartDimensions
Weight with Battery Pack658 kg
Tire12 inch
SizeL3022 mm x W1295 mm x H2019 mm
Ground clearance174,6mm
Turning Radius3.2 m

FAQs on Star Golf Cart Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on Star Golf Cart reviews:

How much does the Star EV Golf Cart cost?

Star EV golf cart prices start from $12,000 and the top models sell for up to $19,000.


You should read my Star Golf Cart Reviews thoroughly if you’re in the market for a feature-rich golf cart and have a good budget.

When compared to other brands, this golf cart brand provides excellent value for money and permits you to have a street-legal golf cart at a low price.

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