Tracker EV IS Reviews

Tracker EV IS Reviews (2023) How Good is this Electric UTV?

The tracker EV IS sits as one of the top UTVs that offer great value for money. If you are leaning towards getting a tracker EV IS Tracker and looking for detailed information on this vehicle, then I have you covered.

I wrote this article on tracker EV IS Reviews with info on the features, pros, cons, and more to give you a better knowledge of this vehicle.

Tracker EV IS Reviews

Tracker EV IS Reviews

The Tracker EV IS UTV offers uncompromising performance that matches petrol vehicles. It has a top speed of  40 km/h and features a 72v electric drive train, LED lights, front and rear independent suspension, all-wheel drive with IntelliBrake™ regenerative braking system.

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Tracker EV IS Reviews: Features

Tracker EV IS Features

Below is a list of some features of the Tracker EV iS UTV:

  1. 72V motor type.
  2. Horsepower of 38HP.
  3. 72V AC electric drivetrain.
  4. Offboard 72V charger.
  5. Heavy duty deep cycle battery.
  6. Maximum speed mode of 24.5 mph.
  7. Towing Capacity of 1,000 lbs.
  8. Ground Clearance of 16 inches.
  9. Independent MacPherson strut front and rear suspension.
  10. Intellibrake 4-wheel hydraulic disc brake system.
  11. Maximum capacity of 840 lbs.
  12. A wheelbase of 70 inches.
  13. Dash-mounted direction selector switch gear direction.

Pros & Cons

While writing this Tracker EV IS Reviews article, I found that the utility vehicle has these pros & cons:

  • It has an impressive speed limit.
  • It comes with an intellibrake braking system.
  • Great towing capacity.
  • Offers comfy and smooth rides.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It comes with a wide variety of safety features.
  • It is not as cheap.
  • You may notice some battery issues.
  • You may experience some issues with the speed control.

Tracker EV IS Problems

These are the top 5 Tracker EV IS Problems:

  1. Faulty battery issues.
  2. Direction switch issues.
  3. Lack of power.
  4. Speed control problems.
  5. Ignition problems in the motor.

Tracker EV IS UTV Parts & Accessories

Below is a list of various parts and accessories for the Tracker EV IS UTV:

  • SuperATV universal weld in gusset kit.
  • turboCord 240V portable EV charger.
  • Tracki GPS tracker.
  • Kemimoto universal rear view mirror.
  • KFI pro poly UTV blade.
  • Kemimoto UTV cup holder 
  • UYYE mini sticky digital clock.
  • Nirider UTV interior light .
  • Universal Handlebar Grips.
  • Tracker EV IS starter package.
  • Tracker EV glove box.
  • Retractable seat belts.
  • Evolution high-grade brake pads.
  • Kemimoto UTV dome light roll bar cage.
  • Kemimoto UTV adjustable flag Mount whip.
  • BIZOCO UTV Phone holder.
  • Battery terminal connectors.

Tracker EV IS Price

The Tracker EV IS UTV is available from a start price of $10,998 to $13,999. The price rate of this UTV is considered as affordable as this vehicle is filled with super features.

Tracker EV Battery Range

One charge of the Tracker EV’s 12 volt heavy duty batteries provides a range of 30 to 40 miles at a speed of 25.7 kph.

Tracker EV vs Polaris EV

This is the Tracker EV vs Polaris EV comparison table:

FeaturesTracker EVPolaris EV
Engine type72V AC motor type.Single 48-Volt, High-Efficiency, AC-Induction Motor
Speed24.5 mph25 mph
Suspension Independent MacPherson strut front and rear suspension.MacPherson Strut 9 in (22.9 cm) Travel front suspension.

Dual A-Arm, IRS 9″ (22.9 cm) Travel Rear Suspension.

Ground clearance 16 inches.10 inches
Wheelbase 70 inches72 inches 
Horsepower 38HP30 HP
Towing capacity 1,000 lbs1,500 lbs

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Who Makes the Tracker EV IS UTV?

Tracker Off Road was collaboratively designed, engineered, and assembled by experienced American workers from Textron and Bass Pro Shops/White River Marine Group at US facilities such as Thief River Falls and St. Cloud in Minnesota. I was. and Augusta, Georgia.

Tracker EV IS Dealers

There are countless Tracker EV iS dealers in the United States. Mom’s Foxboro Dealership in Massachusetts is one example of a place that sells this amazing vehicle.
Visit and to find a Tracker EV iS dealer near you.

Tracker EV IS Top Speed

The Tracker EV iS features a maximum speed of 24.5 mph with a horsepower of 38HP.

No, the Tracker EV IS is not street-legal. However, where permitted by state law, you can simply add the necessary accessories like a legal plate number, horns, mirrors, turn signals, etc.

What motor Does the Tracker Electric Side by side Have?

The Tracker EV iS comes with a 73v motor that offers a horsepower of 38HP.

Is the Tracker EV IS UTV a 4-Wheel Drive?

The Tracker EV iS features a 4WD system with intellibrake system.

Ground Clearance

The Tracker EV iS offers 16 inches of ground clearance on a 70 inches wheelbase.

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The Tracker EV iS offers premium front and rear suspension travel for a smooth ride during work or play. As you’ve seen in this Tracker EV IS Reviews, it offers very few features such as a 24.5mph speed limit, ground clearance of 16 inches, 72v motor, and more which will prove to be a worthwhile investment if you consider the purchase.

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