2022 tracker 450 atv reviews

Tracker 450 ATV Reviews 2023 | Top Speed, Price, Comparison

Tracker 450 ATVs are slowly climbing up the charts of the best of their kind available in the market today.

If you are looking to acquire a good and affordable ATV, I strongly recommend you consider this vehicle.

This article on tracker 450 ATV Reviews is written with detailed information about the features, pros, cons, and much more regarding this vehicle.

Tracker 450 ATV Reviews

Tracker 450 ATV Reviews

The Tracker 450 ATV offers responsive power blended with solid handling, a smooth and stout 4WD system to deliver uncompromising and exceptional performance on any terrain. This ATV comes with a 443cc EFI engine that has a maximum speed of 52mph and 10 inches of ground clearance.

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Tracker 450 ATV Reviews: Features

For this tracker 450 ATV Reviews, I made a list of some of the important features of this vehicle below:

  1. Maximum seat Capacity of 1 person
  2. A liquid-cooled 4 strokes 443cc single-can gas engine.
  3. 4W Drive System with CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
  4. Shaft Drive.
  5. Single Lever Front brake system, all Wheel Hydraulic Disc.
  6. Powder-Coated Steel wheels.
  7. Total Capacity of 415 lbs.
  8. Towing Capacity of 1050 lbs.
  9. Ground Clearance of 10′ inches.
  10. Overall Weight of 615 lbs.
  11. Overall Width of 44 inches.
  12. The wheelbase of 48 inches.
  13. Fuel Capacity of 4.3 gallons.
  • Offer great ground clearance.
  • Very affordable.
  • Great speed level.
  • Classic look.
  • Adequate fuel capacity.
  • Easy to start.
  • Exceptional battery life.
  • The cup holder isn’t big enough to accommodate some styles of can coolers.
  • The side mirrors are super low on the ROPS tube.
  • You may notice some issues when starting this vehicle after some time.

Tracker 450 ATV Problems

Tracker 450 ATV Problems

These are the 6 common Tracker 450 ATV Problems:

  1. Trouble starting.
  2. Steering issues.
  3. Fuel capacity issues.
  4. Reduced power performance.
  5. Brake issues.
  6. Battery problems.

Tracker 450 ATV Top Speed

Tracker 450 ATV Top Speed

The tracker 450 ATV runs at a maximum speed of 52mph with a torque of 40ft/lb.

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Tracker 450 ATV Parts & Accessories

Below are some of the parts and accessories of the Tracker 450 ATV:

  • Tracker 450 GPS package.
  • Winter kit W/O winch.
  • Tracker 450 custom-designed rear bumper.
  • Cycra M4 recoil hand guards.
  • Skid plate kit and A-Arm guards.
  • Windguard 2 windshield.
  • Warn VRX25 winch.
  • VRX25 winch mounting kit.
  • Standard hand bars.
  • ATV tire chains.
  • Tracker 450 handlebar muffs.
  • Tracker 450 handlebar end mirrors.

Tracker 450 ATV Vs Kayo ATV

Below is a table comparing the tracker 450 ATV and the Kayo ATV:

FeaturesTracker 450 ATVKayo ATV


443 cc single can liquid cooled 4 strokes gas engine.

150cc 4-stroke air cooling and remote oil SOHC engine with electric ignition.


52 mph



40 ft/ib



10 inches

5.3 inches


4.3 gallons

1.8 gallons


48 inches

41.3 inches






Semi-automatic 3-speed shaft

Tracker 600 ATV Reviews

Tracker 600 ATV Reviews

The tracker 600 ATV is packed up with more capacity, muscle, and value. It is one of the most reliable workhorse all year round with a 600cc engine that offers you the needed power to get through anything, a horsepower of 45, 300lb cargo capacity, high-quality ergonomics, and a 4W drivetrain system.

It also comes with a fuel capacity of 5.7 gallons and a ground clearance of 11.5 inches to allow you to get through any terrain.

Tracker 450 ATV Price

The tracker 450 ATV is sold at a national and affordable price of $6,599.

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Where Can You Find Tracker 450 ATV for Sale?

The tracker 450 ATV is available for sale across the nation.

To find tracker 450 ATV for sale, visit their official page at trackeroffroad.com. Click on the find a dealer bar to locate the dealer closest to you.

How Much Torque Does a Tracker 450 ATV Have?

The tracker 450 ATV has a torque of 40ft/ib. With this torque, the Tracker 450 ATV offers a towing capacity of 1050 ibs and a total capacity of 415 lbs.

The tracker 450 ATV is not classified as a street-legal vehicle because it is designed for off-road purposes. However, if your state laws permit, you can make your ATV street legal by making a few additions based on the requirements, like horns, mirrors, legal license plates or VIN, and more. This should cost you a little over a hundred bucks.

What Engine Does the Tracker 450 ATV Have?

The tracker 450 ATV uses a liquid-cooled 4-stroke 443cc single-can gas engine which offers a maximum speed ranging between 44 to 52 mph and a torque of 40 ft/ib.

Is the Tracker 450 ATV 4 Wheel Drive?

The tracker 450 ATV is a 4-wheel drive system. It comes with a continuously variable transmission shaft drive that allows it to navigate through very tough terrain easily.

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Ground Clearance

The tracker 450 ATV comes with a ground clearance of 10 inches which gives it ample height to enable easy travel through hilly terrains.

FAQs on Tracker 450 ATV Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on Tracker 450 ATV Reviews:

How fast does a Tracker 450 ATV go?

The Tracker 450 ATV has an average top speed of approximately 48 mph. This estimate is based on tests performed and should provide a reliable estimate for potential users.

Who makes the Tracker 450 ATV?

The Tracker 450 ATV is produced by Tracker Off Road, which is a partnership between Tracker and Textron. The vehicle is designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States at Textron’s facilities

How much can a Tracker 450 tow?

The Tracker 450 ATV has a towing capacity of 1050 lbs (476.27 kg).


Regarding power, the Tracker 450 ATV is one of the best options. It is not just powerful but quite affordable and classic. It also offers diverse varieties of unique features like a 4WD system, a maximum speed level of 52 mph, ground clearance of 10 inches, and much more. I hope you found this article on Tracker 450 ATV Reviews very insightful.

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