Tracker 800SX Reviews

Tracker 800SX Reviews 2023: UTV’s Problems, Accessories

When it comes to off-roading, and side by side vehicles suitable for work and play, the Tracker 800 SX is one of the best. With my article on Tracker 800SX UTV reviews you can find out if this off-road vehicle is worth your money or not.

If you are looking for recommendations on a good side by side, this article on Tracker 800 SX Reviews offers detailed information on the features, pros, cons, and more of this vehicle.

Tracker 800SX Reviews

The Tracker 800 SX UTV comes with a durable aluminum frame that reduces vibration, making it a strong utility vehicle for work and offroading. It has a ground clearance of 12.5 inches for better rides through tough terrains. It comes with accessories like LED tail lights, halogen headlights, etc.

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Tracker 800SX Reviews

The Tracker 800 SX Reviews: Features

This part of the Tracker 800 SX Reviews will focus on the exact features it possesses that make it so good.

1. Huge Storage Components

It has ample storage which includes 2 cup holders, a glove box, a cargo dump bed, and behind-the-seat storage.

2. LED Taillights

For effective lighting, the tracker has LED Taillights and beam halogen headlights that range from low to dual high.

3. 3 Person Seating

The 800 SX is built with a bench seat that can accommodate three passengers. The passenger seats are removable. For comfort,  they are sometimes removed.

4. Safety Features

Because your safety is paramount, this vehicle is equipped with a three-point seat belt, brake lights, and headlights. It also has a customizable speed controller, Roll-formed ROPS, and half doors.

5. Engine and Drive System

812cc liquid-cooled 3-cylinder, four-stroke gas engine, Horsepower of 50, and a 2/4 WD Drive System with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

6. Performance Capacity

Tilt-bed with lift assist, 2000 lb towing capacity, 1500lb payload capacity,1000 lb cargo box capacity, and 48 lb torque.

7. Suspension and Steering

Double A-Arm with 10 inches and a Double A-Arm with 9.5 inches with excellent front and rear suspension with Front tires of 26×9.00-14 and rear tires of 26×11.00-14 and a Column shifter in the tilt steering wheel.

Pros & Cons

Just like any other vehicle out there, the 800 SX comes with its pros and cons. This aspect of the Tracker 800 SX Reviews focuses on that.


  • It has an even pressure from the brake pad to the rotator.
  • It has an awesome stopping power.
  • It has a whisper-quiet engine.
  • Awesome frame for work and fun.
  • It possesses a high braking force.
  • It is lightweight but maximizes strength.


  • It can be difficult to maneuver tight trails.
  • It sometimes has utility problems.
  • Charging problems due to faulty regulators.

Tracker 800 SX Side by Side Parts & Accessories

This aspect of the Tracker 800 SX Reviews provides information about the side by side parts and accessories of the Tracker 800 SX vehicle.

  • Kemimoto UTV Roll Bar.
  • Waterproof UTV Cover.
  • NOAM NUTV4 Quad- 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth ATV.
  • UTV Roll Cage Organizer Camo.
  • Shejisi UTV Side Mirrors.
  • Bevel Engineering Rear View Mirror Kit.
  • Singaro Motorcycle Mirror.
  • Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder.
  • Aces Racing 4-Point Harness with 2-Inch Padding.
  • Tracker 800 SX Oil Change Kit.
  • Turn Signal Rocker Switch with Flasher Green LED.
  • BOSS Audio Systems.
  • Ranger 1000 XP Seat Covers.
  • Universal ATV UTV SXS Street Legal Kit.

Tracker 800 SX Side by Side Problems

Tracker 800 SX Side by Side Problems

There are some problems that are associated with using the Tracker 800 SX vehicle. I have outlined them for you.

  • The battery discharges too rapidly.
  • Failure of the battery to charge.
  • Problems with the transmission.
  • Irregularities with charging.
  • Failure of the starter to engage.

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Tracker 800 SX Top Speed

The Tracker 800 SX vehicle has a top speed that ranges from 45-53 mph.

Tracker 800 SX vs Polaris Ranger

Below is a table that compares Tracker 800 SX utv with Polaris Ranger:

 Tracker 800 SXPolaris Ranger
Horse Power50 HP44 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity10 Gallons11.4 Gallons
EngineLiquid cooled 3-cylinder, four-stroke gas engineLiquid cooled DOHC 4-stroke single cylinder engine
Transmission TypeContinuously Variable Transmission (CVT)Automatic PVT H/L/N/R/P
Displacement812 cc567 cc
Size40.5×54×11.5 inches152 x 62.5 x 75 inches
Drive2WD/ 4WD Drive SystemAWD, selectable 2WD, Turf mode Drivetrain
Torque48 lb62 lb
Wheelbase85 inches79 inches
Ground Clearance12.5 inches10.5 inches

Tracker 800 SX vs Can-Am Defender

This table shows a comparison between the Tracker 800 SX and the Can-Am Defender:

 Tracker 800 SXCan-Am Defender
Horse Power50 HP52 HP
TransmissionContinuously Variable Transmission (CVT)PDrive primary CVT with engine braking and electronic drive belt protection L/H/N/R/P
Engine TypeLiquid cooled 3-cylinder, four-stroke gas engineRotax® ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) 650cc single cylinder, liquid-cooled
SuspensionDouble A-Arm with 10 inches front suspension and a Double A-Arm with 9.5 inches rear suspensionFront and rear: Double A-arms, 10” (25.4 cm) travel
TiresFront tires: 26×9.00-14 and rear tires: 26×11.00-14.Front: XPS Trail Force 27 x 9 x 14 in.


Rear: XPS Trail Force 27 x 11 x 14 in.

Width63 inches62 inches
Dry Weight1585 lb1475 lb
Towing Capacity2000 lb 2500 lb
Bed Capacity1000 lb1000 lb
Ground Clearance12.5 inches11 inches
Displacement812 cc650 cc

Tracker 800 SX Price

The price of Tracker 800 SX side by side is $14,799.

In comparison to the awesome capabilities it is equipped with, it is moderately affordable.

Where Can You Find Tracker 800 SX for Sale?

You can find Tracker 800 SX for sale at their official website and some other dealers like ATV trader, megapowersports, etc. You can also find used ones on eBay and local distributors.

How Much Horsepower Does a Tracker 800 SX Have?

The Tracker 800 SX off-road vehicle has a maximum horsepower of 50.

Tracker 800 SX LE Review

The Tracker off-road 800SX LE provides newly-improved features like a 50HP engine, making it perfect for tedious work and pleasure. It is also equipped with a 2000-lb towing capacity and a winch of 4500ib which makes it fit for all forms of work. It is designed with a 4WD drivetrain and a rugged interior to give you the best rides.

Tracker 800 SX Crew Review

This vehicle provides safety as well as fun with a speed limit of 45-53 mph and ground clearance of 13 inches. It also has an 813cc DOHC triple engine which gives it a horsepower of 50 resulting in an awesome haul and great pull.

Who Makes The Tracker 800 SX?

You have seen the many features this vehicle has to offer and you’re probably curious as to who produces it. The Tracker 800 SX off-road vehicle is designed and engineered by Textron which is based in the U.S and has plants in Thief River Falls and St. Cloud in Minnesota and Augusta, Georgia.

The Tracker 800 SX utv is not street legal. This is because this vehicle was designed as an off-road vehicle and so it is illegal to use it as a street vehicle. However, following the rules and guidelines guiding the use of street-legal vehicles in your state, you can add to make it street legal.

What Engine Does The Tracker 800 SX Side By Side Have?

This vehicle has a 50 HP 812cc liquid-cooled 3-cylinder, four-stroke gas engine.

Is The Tracker 800 SX Side By Side A 4-Wheel Drive?

Tracker 800 SX side by side is a 4-wheel drive. This is because it comes with a 2WD/ 4WD Drive System which helps it alternate from one to the other.

What Are the Dimensions of The Tracker 800 Sx?

This vehicle comes with a Weight of 1585 lb, Length of 126 inches, Width of 63 inches, Height of 76 inches and a Fuel Tank Capacity of 10 gallons, a Wheelbase of 85 inches, and a ground clearance of 12.5 inches.

Ground Clearance

This amazing off-road vehicle comes with a ground clearance of 12.5 inches.


This article has outlined the features that make the Tracker 800 SX the perfect off-road vehicle for your use. If you are looking for a good side by side, I strongly recommend this vehicle. I hope this article on Tracker 800 SX Reviews is helpful.

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