CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 Reviews

CFMOTO UForce 1000 Reviews | UTV’s Speed, Accessories, Price

Are you looking out for a good heavy-duty UTV that is a great value for money? I have just the right utility vehicle for you.

Throughout the past week, I had the opportunity to test out the CFMoto Uforce 1000. I was amazed by the unique features this vehicle offers and its affordable price made it even better.

This article on CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 Reviews is written with detailed information on its features, pros, and cons, and more.

CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 Reviews

CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 Reviews

The CFMOTO Uforce 1000 is a sturdy UTV that is reliable and comes with a lot of unique features such as a TFT dash, a large bed, a high towing capacity, and a powerful 963cc four-stroke V-twin cylinder engine.


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CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 Reviews: Features

Next on this Cfmoto Uforce 1000 Reviews, is a list of some interesting features you should look out for in this UTV.

  1. 963cc four-stroke V-twin cylinder engine.
  2. 79 hp and 60 pound-feet of torque.
  3. Braided steel brake lines.
  4. 900kg towing capacity.
  5. 27″ beefy off-road tires.
  6. Minimum turning diameter 9500mm (±500mm).
  7. 3-point retractable seat belts.
  8. 3-person bench seat.
  9. Adjustable suspension.
  10. Electronic power steering (EPS).
  11. Projector beam headlights with LED accents.
  12. 11.4-inch ground clearance.
  13. Tilt adjust the steering wheel.
  14. 5-inch TFT dash.
  15. Bed capacity of 1000 pounds.
  16. Towing capacity of 2000 pounds.
  17. 2WD/4WD selectable drivetrain.

Pros & Cons

While writing this article on Cfmoto Uforce 1000 Reviews, I made a list of the pros & cons of the utility vehicle:

  • Lots of storage space.
  • Strong engine.
  • Great towing and bed capacity.
  • Exceptional ground clearance.
  • Good speed and torque level.
  • Added safety features.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy starting.
  • Shifting may appear difficult at the incline.
  • You may notice an unusual acceleration when climbing up hills.

CFMOTO Uforce 1000 Side by Side Parts & Accessories

Below are some of the parts and accessories for CFMOTO Uforce 1000 side by side.

  1. Spike tinted half windshield Cfmoto 2022.
  2. Moose racing RM5 straight blade plow frame.
  3. Rival Powersports half doors.
  4. Rival Powersports alloy roof.
  5. DrySpec D28 dual-end dry bag.
  6. Universal UTV Luggage Systems & Saddlebags
  7. Eagle plow standard plow blade.
  8. Quadboss cover.
  9. Viper winches UTV heavy-duty line stopper hook saver.
  10. MPD racing midget rear bumper.
  11. KFI 50-inch synthetic winch plow cable.
  12. WARN VRX 25 2,500 winches with 50 inch steel rope.
  13. Axia alloys 12-inch wide sun visors.
  14. Joker machine accessory clamp.
  15. Quadboss fender protector.
  16. Quadboss replacement bumpers.
  17. Kuryakyn black beverage carrier drink holder.
  18. Eagle plow 3 way black trailer hitch.
  19. Eagle plow 2-way black drawbar for 1¼ receiver.
  20. PRP seats flat steering wheel.
  21. Assault 6 Bolt quick release steering wheel adapter.
  22. Helix racing on/off toggle switch.
  23. Quadax utility fenders protector footrest replacement kit.

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Cfmoto Uforce 1000 Side by Side Problems

  1. Poor braking performance.
  2. Difficulty in starting up the engine.
  3. Insufficient power.
  4. Unusual acceleration.
  5. Noisy engine sounds.
  6. Overheated engine.
  7. Power issues.
  8. Loss of power steering.

Cfmoto Uforce 1000 Top Speed

cfmoto uforce 1000 top speed

The CFMoto Uforce 1000 hits a top speed of about 129 km/h.

Cfmoto Uforce 1000 vs Polaris Ranger

Next on this Cfmoto Uforce 1000 Reviews is a brief comparison of this vehicle with the Polaris Ranger.

Cfmoto Uforce 1000 Polaris Ranger
Engine  V twin, liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine Liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine.
Horsepower 79 HP 82HO
Torque 60 pounds-feet 62 pounds-feet.
Transmission type CVT with thumb control Continuously Variable (CVT)
Ground Clearance 11.4 inches 12.5 inches
Full tank capacity 40 liters. 43 liters
Towing capacity 2000 lbs 2500ibs
Displacement 963cc 999cc
Drive Selectable 2wd/4wd Selectable 4X2 / AWD
Wheelbase 2050mm 2060mm
Size 2945×1615×1850 mm 152 x 62.5 x 75 inches

Cfmoto Uforce 1000 vs Can-Am Defender

This section of the CFMoto Uforce 1000 Reviews compares this vehicle with the Can-Am defender.

Cfmoto Uforce 1000 Can-Am defender
Engine  V twin, liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine. Rotax v twin 4 stroke engine.
Horsepower 79 HP 82HP
Torque 60 pounds-feet. 69 pound-feet
Transmission type CVT with thumb control. CVT
Ground Clearance 11.4 inches 13 inches
Full tank capacity 40 liters 10.6 gallons
Payload capacity 560kg 680kg
Towing capacity 2000ibs 2500ibs
Displacement 963cc 976cc
Drive Switchable 2wd/4wd Switchable 4×2, 4×4
Wheelbase 2050mm 2115mm
Size 2945×1615×1850 mm 158.3 x 64 x 79.5 inches

Cfmoto Uforce 1000 Price

The CFMoto Uforce 1000 comes for $12,399 which is quite affordable based on the features this vehicle offers.

Where Can You Find Cfmoto Uforce 1000 for Sale?

You can find CfMoto Uforce 1000 for sale from CFMoto dealers located across America. To locate a CFMoto dealer, you can simply check out their website You will find an option for locating dealers close to you.

How Much Horsepower Does a Cfmoto 1000 Have?

The CFMoto Uforce 1000 offers a horsepower of 79 with a torque of 60 pound-feet.

Who Makes the CFMoto Uforce 1000?

The CFMoto Uforce 1000 is made by the Chinese CF Moto company known for motorcycles and ATVs. The CFMoto USA headquarters built in 2007 is located in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Is the CFMoto 1000 UTV Street Legal?

The CFMoto Uforce 1000 UTV is not street legal since it was designed as an off road vehicle. However, you can make your CFMoto Uforce 1000 street legal by simply following the laid down rules of your state and adding the needed safety accessories.

What Engine Does the CFMoto 1000 Side by Side Have?

The CFMoto 1000 uses a liquid cooled, 963cc four-stroke, SOHC V-twin cylinder engine which offers a maximum speed of 79 hp and torque of 60 pound-feet.

Is the CFMoto Uforce 1000 UTV side by side 4 Wheel Drive?

Yes. The CFMoto Uforce 1000 has a 4 wheel drive system. This vehicle comes with a thumb control which allows you to easily switch between 2WD and 4WD as the terrain requires without losing power or torque in the vehicle.

Ground Clearance

The CFMOTO Uforce 1000 comes with a ground clearance of 11.4 inches which allows it to get through different terrains effortlessly.


In regards to affordability, the CFMOTO Uforce 1000 is one of the best options. It’s not just affordable but offers amazing features like a 2000Ibs towing capacity and three-point seat belts. This UTV is a great option for both work and play.

I hope you found this article on CFMOTO UForce 1000 Reviews helpful.

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