Axis 500 UTV Reviews

Axis 500 UTV Reviews 2023: Hisun Axis 500cc 4×4 UTV (Lowes)

With large names like Can-Am, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Honda, and Yamaha leading the industry, this young China-based firm has been flying under the radar recently.

According to our Axis 500 UTV reviews, it is a good mid-range product that will provide the consumer with the key features most UTV drivers seek in a vehicle for the price.

So, after going through many Axis 500 UTV Reviews and after asking actual users about their user experience, we have created a list of features to help you decide.

Axis 500 UTV Reviews

The Axis 500 UTV is a good mid-range utility vehicle with all of the important features. In terms of value, other manufacturers cannot come close to matching the pricing, especially when considering the options like a winch, hitch hookup, windshield, dump bed, disc brakes, windshield, and roof.

Axis 500 4×4 UTV Review: Top Features

axis 500 4x4 utv review

As per our Axis 500 UTV reviews, these are some of the key aspects:

  1. Independent A-Arm Suspension.
  2. 471CC Electronic Fuel Injection 4-Stroke Engine.
  3. 4-Wheel Drive with a 3,500-pound winch.
  4. Low, high, neutral, and reverse gears are all available.
  5. Aluminum Rims with Liquid Cooling.
  6. It has a horsepower of 23.4.
  7. Engine type: 471cc-4-Stroke single cylinder.
  8. Engine torque(Foot/lbs): 23.87
  9. Front/Rear Brakes: Dual ventilated hydraulic disk.
  10. Wheelbase: 75 inches.

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Why Choose Axis 500 UTV?

axis 500cc utv reviews

Thanks to features like headlights, tow-hitch, windshield, tilting luggage bed, and canopy, this golf cart exceeds any other on the market.

The independent front and rear suspension improve the ride even more.

Many Axis 500 UTV Reviews say that it runs fantastic, has plenty of power, is pleasant to ride, looks nice, is far less expensive than similar UTVs, and is also best if you want to ride on flat surfaces.

List of all the Axis UTV Models

Some of its top models as per the Axis 500 UTV Reviews are:

  1. Axis 500
  2. Axis 700
  3. Axis 750 Crew
  4. Axis 500 4*4 UTV Camo.
  5. Axis 700 4*4 UTV Camo.
  6. Axis 750 Crew 4*4 UTV Camo.
  7. Axis 500 UTV Hunting SPV Camo.
  8. Axis 500 UTV Winter SPV.
  9. Axis 500 UTV Lawn and Garden SPV.

It is allowed to drive your Axis 500 UTV in over half of the United States. Most of the needed equipment, such as mufflers, seat belts, headlights, taillights, and brake lights, are already installed on UTVs, making them street legal.

Where are Axis 500 UTVs Made?

HiSun manufactures its parts in Changshou, China. Finally, in Dallas, Texas, the parts are put together. HiSun conducts a 27-point inspection after the assembly is complete to ensure that all of the product being shipped is safe and ready to use!

Who is it Best For?

The Axis 500 UTV is a decent mid-range product for its price, and it’s ideal for riding on flat ground. So, it is best for people who want to buy this vehicle to ride on flat surfaces.

Who is it Not For?

If you intend to use this vehicle to travel on huge, rocky, or steep hills, this is not for you. You should look for a vehicle that is bigger than this one.

Axis 500cc 4×4 UTV Speed

The Axis 500 Utv has a top speed of 40 mph, which is one of the fastest in the segment. The 471cc 4-stroke engine has a lot of low-end torque and can accelerate across a wide range of terrain and inclines.

One of the reasons it packs such a punch is because it’s a superb utility vehicle.

This is more than fast enough for the vast majority of users, and these top speeds are the best option for complying with US state legislation.

List of Accessories & Upgrades

  1. Rear Bumper
  2. Front Basket w/Brack
  3. ATV Cover
  4. M-1000C- Side Extensions
  5. Soft Enclosure
  6. 5-Gallon Utility Jug
  7. UTV Roll Cage Grab Handle Pair BLK
  8. Front Bumper
  9. UTV Switchblade Plow
  10. UTV Rear Hitch
  11. Snow Plow Mount Bracket
  12. UTV Cargo Bed Utility Box

Axis 500 UTV Price

The base model of the Axis 500 UTV starts from $8,999 and the Camo model costs $10,600.

Axis 500cc 4×4 UTV Camo Reviews

The Axis 500cc 4*4 UTV Camo is designed like a perfect camouflage vehicle. It comes with an automatic CVT transmission, four-wheel drive with locking differentials, independent A-Arm Suspension, and a long list of standard features.

Axis 500cc 4x4 Utv Camo Reviews

If you are looking for Axis 500cc 4×4 Utv Camo Reviews, these are the features that differentiate it from the base Axis 500.

  • Independent A-Arm Suspension 
  • 471CC Electronic Fuel Injection 4-Stroke Engine
  • A 3,500-pound winch is included.
  • Low, high, neutral, and reverse gears are all provided.
  • Aluminum Rims with Liquid Cooling Roof and Windshield.

Cons & Problems

  • Its turning radius is insufficient.
  • The fuel gauge also does not function properly sometimes.
  • The center console does become hot as a result of the heat. It is difficult to turn and appears to struggle with small inclines.
  • The seatbelt is inconvenient.
  • This is a fantastic UTV, but it is not designed for large, rugged, or steep slopes.
  • In both reverse and low gear, it offers underwhelming low-end power.
  • The engine produces a very loud noise.
  • It also has a poor take-off speed and does not remain in low gear for long periods.
  • The central piece of the vehicle is not level or anchored all the way down, and it moves around a lot. It’s also poorly constructed since you can’t put any weight on it or lean on it because it’s made of thin plastic.


The Axis 500 Utv dimensions are 118.5″ x 57.5″ x 76.4″. The length of the axis 500 utv is 118.5 inches, it has a width of 57.5 inches with a height of 76.4 inches.

Check out other dimensions of the axis 500 utv:

L x W x H:118.5″ x 57.5″ x 76.4″
Fuel Capacity:7.5 Gallons
Vehicle Weight:1197 lbs
Cargo Bed Capacity:350 lbs


These are the frequently asked questions about this Axis side by side:

Who Makes the Axis 500 Utv?

The Axis 500 UTV is manufactured by Hisun Motors Corp in the United States.

What Is the Top Speed of The Axis 500?

The Axis 500 UTV has the potential to reach speeds of over 40 mph. The 4-stroke engine has a lot of low-end torque and can accelerate over a wide range of terrain and inclines.

Where Are Axis Side by Sides Made?

These parts are manufactured in a factory in Changshou, China. After the parts have been manufactured, the assembling occurs in Dallas, Texas in a 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

How Wide Is the Axis 500?

Its assembled height and width are 72.4 and 57.5 inches respectively.


If you’re looking for a new UTV, then you should definitely consider the Axis company’s vehicles. As our Axis 500 UTV Reviews suggest, it is one of the best 500cc UTVs on the market.

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