Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews

Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews: Advent AEV Pros, Problem

A friend the other day asked me about my Advanced EV Golf Cart reviews, and told me he was thinking of buying one.

I have heard about this company a lot recently, but not enough to give him my actual take on the cart.

So, I decided to dig deep and write a detailed overview of the Advent AEV Golf Cart.

I share my Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews and their pros and problems in this article.

Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews

Advanced EV Golf Carts blend style, functionality, and environmental consciousness. They stand out for their smooth performance, extensive customization options, and eco-friendly electric operation. While more expensive upfront, especially with lithium batteries, they promise lower maintenance costs and a quieter, emission-free golfing experience.

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Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews: Video Overview

This is my video overview of the Advanced EV Golf Cart:

Top Features of the Advanced EV Golf Cart

Advanced EV Golf Cart reviews

These are the top 5 features of the Advanced EV Golf Carts:

  1. These carts are stylish, and the roof is well-made with an Aluminum Alloy Frame.
  2. The Advanced EV Golf Cart’s 4kW AC Motor drive mechanism sets it apart. 
  3. A 350A Toyota controller powers the system.
  4. The AC drive provides enhanced torque and climb capabilities in addition to acceleration. You can safely traverse a wide range of challenging terrains.
  5. With an average speed of 25 miles per hour, it is much faster and smoother than many other golf cart models.

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Why Choose the Advanced EV Golf Carts?

While writing Advanced EV Golf Cart reviews, I ensured that it ensures a safe and enjoyable ride for all its riders from beginning to end.

  1. Has a Pre-installed 2 inch lift.
  2. Passengers are also protected by additional safety bars on golf carts with rear-facing backseats.
advanced ev gof cart accessories

But that being said, almost all the standard features of Advanced EV Golf Carts fulfill the street legal requirements in many parts of the US.

Advanced EV Golf Cart Problems

These are the top 3 Advanced EV Golf Cart Problems:

  1. Battery Issues: These include problems like a dead battery, a damaged battery charger, or issues with the charging circuit. Battery problems are often due to prolonged use, leading to slow or no start of the cart. Replacing a lithium battery for Advanced EV golf carts can range from $2,000 to $5,000.
  2. Speed Controller Failure: This occurs when the controller, which turns pedal pressure into electronic signals, fails. It can result in the cart running too fast or too slow and may cause sudden bumps. This is usually caused by loose connections, potentiometer failure, controller damage, or frayed wires. Repair or replacement of a golf cart controller can cost around $100 to $700.
  3. Damaged Solenoid: The solenoid is essential for starting the cart, and failure can prevent the cart from starting. Causes include loose connections, broken coils, or damaged wires. The cost to fix a damaged solenoid can range from $20 to $150.

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List of all the Advanced EV Golf Cart Models

These are all the Advanced EV Golf Cart Models:

EV1 Series

  • EV1 2
  • EV1 4
  • EV1 4L
  • EV1 6
  • EV1 6L.

Advent Series

  • Advent 2
  • Advent 4
  • Advent 4L
  • Advent 4F
  • Advent 4FL
  • Advent 6
  • Advent 6L.

Advent HD Series

  • Advent HD CX
  • Advent HD FXA
  • Advent HD FXR
  • Advent HD LX.

Most AEV golf cart models are already street legal, and the ones that are not can be improved if you wish to drive them on the road.  

Features that are required to make your Advanced EV Golf Carts street legal are:

  1. An acrylic windscreen that folds.
  2. Side mirrors that can be adjusted and folded.
  3. Seat belts that can be retracted.
  4. Mechanical drum brakes on both rear wheels
  5. Manually locking park brake.

How Much Do Advanced Ev Golf Carts Cost?

The Evolution Advent 2 costs $7,325, and the Advent 4L model costs $10,599.

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Where are Advanced EV Golf Carts made?

In Rosenberg, Texas, advanced electric golf carts are partially constructed. This is where the company’s headquarters, manufacturing plant, and distribution center for the entire United States are located.

There is not much information available related to the manufacturing processes, but it is confirmed that Advanced EV Golf Carts are distributed from the company’s Rosenberg Base.

Advanced EV Golf Cart Speed

Almost all Advanced EV golf carts have a top speed of 25 miles per hour. This is more than fast enough for the vast majority of customers, and these maximum speeds are the best choice to comply with US state legislation.

The carts are equipped with a 4KW AC motor steering system and a Toyota controller, contributing to a smooth ride.

How Can I Make My AEV Cart Faster?

You can easily make your cart faster by replacing your cart’s motor with a high-speed/torque-upgraded electric motor.

This is arguably the most drastic move you can consider to fix your speed problem, and it will set you back roughly $1,000 in labor.

Advent Golf Cart Accessories

These are the top 15 Advent Golf Cart Accessories:

  1. Front Cargo Clay Basket
  2. Inner Dash Storage Basket
  3. Side Nerf Bars
  4. Cup Holder Armsets
  5. Black Carpet Overlay Mat
  6. Icon or Advanced Key
  7. Seat Covers
  8. Custom Two-Tone Seat Covers
  9. Rain Enclosure
  10. Storage Cover
  11. Custom Steering Wheel
  12. Clear or Tinted Windshield
  13. Panel Mirror
  14. Shorter Front Canopy Roof Supports
  15. Fender Flares.

AEV Available Colors

These are the Available Colors for the AEV golf cart:

  1. Black
  2. Metallic Charcoal
  3. Champagne
  4. Silver
  5. White
  6. Metallic Green
  7. Metallic Blue
  8. Metallic Red.

What Type of Battery Do Advanced EV Carts Use?

Advanced EV Carts use 6 US8VGCXC batteries. Their high energy density and improved power per mass battery unit have created various types of batteries with decreased weight and dimensions at reasonable rates.

FAQs on Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews:

How Long Does It Take to Charge an Advanced Ev Golf Cart?

It takes less than 8 hours to charge an Advanced Ev Golf Cart.

What are the Seat Options with the AEV golf carts?

With Advanced EV carts, you have 3 seat color options: Gray, Carbon Fiber, and Saddle, with the option to upgrade to Advent Seats.


The Advanced carts on offer are worth considering if you’re looking for a new golf cart but don’t want to spend a fortune.

With an MRP of just over $7,000, my Advanced EV golf cart reviews show that these carts are exceptional value for money and are among the lowest-priced golf carts in the United States.

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