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Small Electric Golf Cart: Top 3 Best Mini Golf Cart

Small electric golf carts are the new trend in the golfing industry because are perfect for golfers who want a small, portable, and easy to maneuver the vehicle around the course.

A small electric golf cart can be a great solution for a family, friends, or even a business transporting customers, goods, or staff around a property.

This article reviews the best mini golf cart available in the market today and their comparison.

Small Electric Golf Cart Compact

Best Mini Golf Cart: Top 3 Picks

These are the top 3 Best Mini Golf Cart:

1. Quickie Mini Golf Cart

The Quickie Mini Golf Cart is a high performance 36v mini golf cart that can accommodate two adults comfortably and is powered by a powerful 2000 watt motor.

The cart can be folded to  60″ L x 37.5” W x 32″ H, weighing about 550 lbs. The cart has a hard top roof, which provides protection from the elements and can be easily removed.

The cart has a windshield that can be flipped down and features a rear flip-down seat, which can be used for carrying items or additional passengers.

The cart also has front and rear suspension adjustments for a comfortable ride, which is very important.

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2. Cricket Mini Golf Cart

The Cricket SX3 electric golf cart is a 36-volt, totally-electric golf cart. It features a sports steering wheel and accelerator pedal for easier operation and handling.

This small electric cart can be folded down to just 28 inches in height to be stored inside most RV campers, pickups, and SUVs. It is light weight and has a low center of gravity for better handling and safety.

The cart has features like a bright LED headlight, comfortable and convenient seats, and a rear platform to hold the cart in place on a trailer.

Mini electric Golf Cart

3. Kangacruz Mini Golf Carts

The Kangacruz Mini Golf Carts’ Aspire SSA model is a 48v small electric golf cart that comes with a 2300 watt motor. It can be collapsed to 60″ L x 37.5″ W x 32″ H and weighs about 440 lbs.

They feature the highest level of safety and durability and are built with a unique collapsible feature that allows them to fit in the smallest of spaces.

These golf carts can be used in areas where golf carts are not allowed, such as state and provincial parks. This makes Kangacruz the best mini golf cart on the market today.

Features to look for in a Small Electric Golf Cart

Many people like to use a small electric golf cart instead of a full-sized one because it becomes easy to maneuver. It is also more fun to ride in one of these carts. But there are a few features you should look for before purchasing one:

1. Motor

The first thing to look for in a small electric golf cart is that it has a good motor. Having a 48v motor is better than having a 36v most of the time because of the better range and power. All our small electric golf cart picks below have the option of both 36v and 48v.

2. Weight

While having a 48v battery vehicle is always beneficial, if you are looking for portability, you need to buy a cart that is lighter in weight and can fit in your RV or on a carrier.

3. Foldable

It is also important to get a cart that folds easily and occupies lesser space. You should always look for a compact electric golf cart that is collapsible and can fit in your camper. This is a very important feature to look for if you are interested in buying the best mini golf cart.

4. Comfort

Choose a cart that is comfortable to ride. Although these days all the golf carts are comfortable to some extent, getting the one that is more comfortable is always beneficial in the long run. For example, if you want to go camping, getting a mini cart makes it easier if it is electric.

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5. Braking

Make sure the cart has a good braking system. A cart that does not have a good braking system can easily become uncontrollable on the golf course.

What is the Smallest Electric Golf Cart

Cricket mini golf cart is the smallest electric golf cart that can be folded down to just 28 inches and weighs only 240 lbs.

Advantages of Compact Electric Golf Carts

1. The first advantage of small electric golf carts is that they are a great way to get around the golf course. They are easy to fold and have less weight, this makes them easier to maneuver and carry around. The small size of these golf carts also means that they can be carried on your vehicle’s carrier. And, since they don’t take up much room, you can park them in places where they wouldn’t normally fit.

2. The second advantage is that they are more fuel-efficient than larger golf carts. Since they are fully electric, they don’t need to be fueled as often as a gas vehicle, which saves money in the long run.

3. The third advantage of a compact electric golf cart is that they are quieter than larger golf carts. Since they are smaller, they have fewer moving parts and they don’t make as much noise when they are running. This makes them easier to drive and less likely to attract attention to themselves.

How Much Does a Mini Electric Golf Cart Cost?

Mini Electric Golf Carts cost about $5000 on an average, which is very less than a standard 2 seater golf cart.


Small electric golf carts are a great way to get around the golf course and are a lot more fuel-efficient than standard golf carts. They are also easier to drive and less likely to attract attention. They are also a lot quieter than larger golf carts. They are a lot easier to store and carry around in your RV camper. I hope you have now decided on your favorite one from our list of the best mini golf cart.

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