Kayo ATV Reviews

Kayo ATV Review: Is this 4 Wheeler Any Good?

Kayo is known for its motorcycles. However, it’s no news that their ATVs are just as good.

If you want a Kayo ATV but need more information about this brand or are just a lover of ATVs like myself, this article is for you.

This article on Kayo ATV Reviews includes its specs, pros, cons, accessories, and more.

Kayo ATV Review

The Kayo ATVs are designed with a 150cc cylinder 4 stroke air and remote oil cooling SOHC 4 valve engine, allowing it to generate enough speed and torque to provide a satisfying ride. It offers a semi-automatic speed shift, allowing the user to easily change transmission without a clutch. It comes with a hydraulic disc brake for increased speed control and safety, all at a very affordable price.

Kayo ATV Review

Kayo Fox 70 Reviews

The Kayo Fox 70 ATV has a truckload of amazing features at a very low price, including a remote control kill switch, electric starter, hydraulic disc brakes, automatic transmission, great battery life, and so much more. This ATV is easy to maintain and approved for ages six and above.

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Kayo Predator 125 Reviews

The Kayo Predator 125 is designed with a 124cc four-stroke air-cooling cylinder engine underneath a well-designed bodywork, which offers this vehicle a more aggressive look. This ATV comes with an electric starter and automatic reverse gear. It also offers 4.3 inches of ground clearance, great suspension, six month warranty, and a durable and lightweight design, which gives it an edge over other ATVs in its spec.

Kayo Bull 125 Reviews

The Kayo 125 ATV is a youth midsize Utility ATV designed with a strong and long-lasting 125cc four stroke single-cylinder engine that enables it to travel at a top speed of 40mph. It also offers easy power delivery management, electric starting, automatic w/reverse, hydraulic disc brakes, easy steering, and a very affordable price. This ATV provides very smooth and comfortable rides for its users.

Kayo ATV Review: Top Features

These are the top 11 features of the Kayo ATV:

  1. A 150cc air and remote oil cooling SOHC 4-stroke single cylinder engine.
  2. Electric ignition.
  3. Semi-automatic  3 speed shift for w/reverse transmission.
  4. Chain final drive.
  5. Double A-arm front suspension.
  6. Single shock – adjustable rear suspension.
  7. Hydraulic dual disc brakes for both front and rear.
  8. A Wheelbase of 41.3 inches.
  9. Ground Clearance of 5.3 inches.
  10. Fuel Capacity of 1.8 gallons.
  11. 6 months limited warranty.

Kayo Atv Review: Pros & Cons

These are the pros and cons of the Kayo ATV:


  • It offers an automatic speed shift.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It’s easy to start.
  • Has a great battery life.
  • Offers great value for money.


  • There has been reported difficulty in locating accessories and dealers for this vehicle.

Kayo ATV Problems

Kayo ATV Problems

These are the 5 most common Kayo ATV Problems:

  1. Difficulty in starting.
  2. Battery issues.
  3. Braking issues.
  4. Poor power performance.
  5. Steering issues.

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Kayo ATV Parts & Accessories

These are the top Kayo ATV Parts & Accessories:

  1. KDSG ATV LED headlights.
  2. ATV Fender bags.
  3. Kemimoto ATV seat bags.
  4. Tokept 190T ATV waterproof cover.
  5. Kolpin ATV rear rack basket.
  6. AMR Racing ATV graphics kit sticker.
  7. RPM quad boss ATV backrest.
  8. HKOO ATV rear view mirror.
  9. Kemimoto ATV rear passenger foot pegs.

Kayo ATV Price

This section of the Kayo ATV Review provides the price catalog for various Kayo vehicles:

  • Kayo Fox 90 sells at $1,299.
  • Kayo Jackal 200 ATV sells at $3,699.
  • Kayo Predator 125 ATV sells at $1,799.
  • Kayo Storm 150 ATV sells at $2,799.
  • Kayo Storm 180 ATV sells at $3,299.
  • Kayo Bull 125 ATV sells at $1,799.
  • Kayo Bull 150 ATV sells at $2,799.
  • Kayo Bull 180 ATV sells for 3,299.
  • Kayo Bull 200 ATV sells for 3,699.

Who Makes the Kayo ATV?

Kayo ATVs are made by Kayo Motors, established in 2002 by Jigang Dai, an ex-manufacturing engineer for Honda’s China division.

Kayo ATV Dealers

There are over 250 Kayo ATV dealers in the US. To locate a Kayo ATV dealer near you, [email protected]. Click on the dashboard on your top left, and select dealer locator. Enter your address or zip code on the specified space you find on the page you are directed to so as to locate a dealer nearby.

Kayo ATV Top Speed

The Kayo ATV offers a top speed of 61km/h with a maximum torque of 9.2 N.m.

List of All the Kayo ATV Models

These are all the Kayo ATV models:

  1. Kayo Fox 70 ATV.
  2. Kayo Jackal 200 ATV.
  3. Kayo Predator 125 ATV.
  4. Kayo Storm 150 ATV.
  5. Kayo Storm 180 ATV.
  6. Kayo Bull 125 ATV.
  7. Kayo Bull 150 ATV.
  8. Kayo Bull 180 ATV.
  9. Kayo Bull 200 ATV.

What Engine Does the Kayo ATV Have?

The Kayo ATV has a 150cc 4 stroke air cooling and remote oil SOHC engine with electric ignition. This engine generates a maximum speed of 61mph and 9.2N.m maximum torque.

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FAQs on Kayo ATV Review

These ar ethe most frequently asked questions on

Is Kayo ATV Street Legal?

None of the Kayo ATVs are street-legal. However, if permitted by your state laws, you can make your ATV Street legal by making a few additions that should include a legal license plate, horns, mirrors, blinkers, and more.

What is the Ground Clearance of the Kayo ATV?

The Kayo ATV offers a ground clearance of 5.3 Inches with a wheel clearance of 41.3 inches. This may not be as high as other superior ATVs in the market today, but at this vehicle’s price, it’s well worth it.

Is the Kayo ATV 4 Wheel Drive?

The Kayo ATV isn’t a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Instead, it offers its users a semi-automatic 3-speed shift through the reverse and front gear with a 2WD system without a clutch.


Kayo ATVs are well known for their durability and awesome performance. They are designed for kids, youths, and even adults. These vehicles are easy to use and maintain. They also offer unique features like automatic shift gear, electric starting, and more, all at a very affordable price.

I hope this article on Kayo ATV Review was helpful to you.

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