Tracker 500s Review

Tracker 500s Review: How Good is This UTV?

I took the opportunity to write this article on the Tracker 500s Review after testing out one that belongs to my friend.

So, based on my personal verdict and research of the Tracker 500s model, this article contains detailed information on the features, pros, cons, and more.

Tracker 500s Review

The Tracker 500s is a reliable UTV that comes with a 4-stroke engine and 4-wheel drive that is the best in class. It is designed to have a 1500 towing capacity and 1000Ib hauling capacity with a compact size of 52.4 inches, allowing you to easily maneuver through tight areas while ensuring safety.

Tracker 500s Review

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Tracker 500s Review: Top Features

These are the top features of the Tracker 500s:

  1. A 443 cc single-cylinder and 4-Stroke engine with closed-loop EFI.
  2. An electronically switchable 2WD / 4WD.
  3. Class-leading enclosed storage.
  4. A towing capacity of  1,500 lb with a standard 2-inch receiver mount welded to the frame.
  5. Front and rear double A-Arm suspension.
  6. Heavy-duty rear cargo box of 500 lb.
  7. Tilts for dumping with lift assist pistons to lighten the load.
  8. Steel tube roll over protection system.
  9. Three-Point Seat Belts.
  10. 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.
  11. Ground Clearance of 10 inches.
  12. Overall width of  52.4 inches.
  13. Fuel Capacity of 8.5 gallons.

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Pros & Cons of the Tracker 500s UTV

Tracker 500s side by side reviews

These are the Pros and cons of the Tracker 500s UTV:


  • Makes it easier to maneuver through tight places.
  • Offers a lot of safety features like the steel tube roll over protection system, 3-point seat belts, door nets, brake lights, and more.
  • It’s more affordable than most side-by -side vehicles with similar specs.
  • Easy offloading with the assistance of the lift assist pistons.
  • Has a lot of storage spaces.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable body frame.


  • You may notice some issues with the starter unit.
  • The engine can be unusually noisy.
  • You may find the ground clearance to be less than 10 inches.

Why Choose Tracker 500s Side by side?

The Tracker 500s is not only the most affordable Tracker side-by-side you can get, but it has been proven to offer enhanced cargo solutions and deliver unparalleled UTV experience. The Tracker 500s also comes with an addition of the best in class storage spaces and multiple tie-down points.

What engine does the Tracker 500s side by side have?

The Tracker 500s side by side has a 443 cc single-cylinder and 4-Stroke engine with closed-loop EFI that is very powerful and compact. It allows for greater airflow around all sides of the cylinder which makes air cooling more effective.

Is the Tracker 500s UTV 4 wheel drive?

The Tracker 500s UTV has a 2 WD/ 4 WD  feature that allows for easy switching from a 2 wheel drive to a 4 wheel drive mode when needed. A 2WD mode helps to save fuel and prevent wear on the front drive system. On the other hand, 4WD mode provides extra traction and comes in handy when it is raining.

What Is the Towing Capacity of Tracker 500s Side by Side?

The Tracker 500s can comfortably pull any object up to 1,500Ib. You can tow a 12-foot tandem axle utility trailer of 1,200 pounds or a 16-foot tandem axle utility trailer of 1,300 pounds comfortably with this UTV.

2 Inch Receiver Mount Welded to The Frame

The 2-inch receiver mount is bolted onto the underside of a vehicle, at the rear to provide a tube for attaching a ball mount or other hitch accessories for easy towing.

Front and rear double A-Arm suspension

The front and rear A-Arm suspension allow each wheel to act and react independently from the others. It is located between the car’s chassis and the knuckle on the wheel assembly.

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Safety Features of the Tracker 500s Utility Vehicle

These are the top 2 Safety Features of the Tracker 500s Utility Vehicle:

1. Steel Tube Roll Over Protection System

This feature is added to this vehicle to provide protection to the user in case of a turnover or rollover.

2. Three-Point Seat Belts

The three-point seat belt helps hold the occupants firm on their seats throughout the ride.

What Type of Brakes Does the Tracker 500s Utv Have?

The Tracker 500s features 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes which are superior in terms of efficiency and performance. This is because of the reduced friction caused by not having a mechanical cable. The fluid system of these brakes is highly efficient compared to a steel cable which is more prone to wear.

What is the Ground Clearance of Tracker 500s utility vehicle?

The 10 inches of ground clearance allows the Tracker 500s to get through different terrains easily.

List of All the Tracker UTV Models

These are all Tracker 500 UTV models:

  1. Tracker 500s.
  2. Tracker 500.

How Fast Will a Tracker 500s UTV Go?

The Tracker 500s UTV can travel at an average speed of 45mph. However, it has a top speed of 75mph.

Who Makes the Tracker 500s Engine?

The Tracker 500s engine is manufactured by the specialty vehicles unit of Textron Motors.

The Tracker 500s isn’t street legal. It is an off-road vehicle, which means it’s not for the highway. However, you can easily convert your UTV street legal in some states like Oklahoma by adding a muffler, license plate, and rear view mirrors.

The 500s comes with the other needed accessories which include headlights and taillights.

FAQs on the Tracker 500s Review

These are the most frequently asked questions on the Tracker 500s Review:

How wide is the Tracker 500s UTV?

The Tracker 500s has a nimble and compact size of 52.4 inches. This makes it easy to get through tight places with this side-by-side vehicle.

What are the storage options in this utility vehicle?

The Tracker 500s comes with multiple enclosed storage spaces on different parts of the vehicle.

What is its Cargo box capacity?

The Tracker 500s comes with a cargo box that can carry loads weighing up to 500Ib to help take up more weight and get the work done easily.


I hope now you know from the above Tracker 500s Review that it offers exceptional features which help to get the work done. With a top speed of 75mph, you can use this UTV for fun purposes too. It comes with lift assist pistons which help lighten the load and an easy to offload feature.

When it comes to safety, you can give this side-by-side a 9 out of 10. It has a roll-over protection system, 3-points seat belts, headlights, brake lights, door nets, and more to keep you safe. This UTV is the most affordable Tracker model on the market today.

We hope the Tracker 500 side by side reviews were helpful to you.

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