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New Electric Golf Cart 2024: 10 Best Latest EV Models

When it comes to electric golf carts, we are always sure to see a new model in the market now and then.

If you are looking to get info about the New Electric Golf Cart for 2024, then you have the right article.

Based on research, I have listed the upcoming and latest electric carts available, their features, and more.

New Electric Golf Cart in 2024: 10 Best

New Electric Golf Cart

These are the top 10 New Electric Golf Car:

1. Club Car Onward AC Electric Golf Cart

  • 48 Volt Excel motor.
  • High-Performance Electric AC Drive
  • Horsepower of 4.7 hp (3.5 kW).
  • Self-compensating double reduction helical rack & pinion steering.
  • Independent leaf spring w/dual hydraulic shocks front suspension.
  • Self-adjusting, rear wheel mechanical drum brakes.
  • Injection Molded TPO finishing on the body frame.
  • Wheelbase of 67.75 inches.
  • Aluminum body frame type.
  • Speed range of 30 km/h.
  • Price tag of $15,354.

The Club Car Onward AC Electric Golf Cart is designed with a high-performing electric AC drive engine. It also comes with a high-quality aluminum frame with Molded TPO finishing for added durability and a classic look. This golf cart offers a speed level of 30km/h and standard safety features like turn signals, brake lights, rear flip seat safety grab bar, and more.

2. E-Z-GO Liberty Elite golf cart

  • Samsung SDI Lithium technology single 56.7V Li-Ion battery.
  • Motor type AC Induction engine.
  • Horsepower of 11.7 hp.
  • Wheelbase of 76 inches.
  • Ground Clearance of 7 Inches.
  • Welded steel with DuraShield powder coat for front and body finish, and Injection molded TPO for back Body finishing.
  • Load capacity of 800ib
  • 4-passenger seat capacity.
  • Price tag of $15,699.
  • 8 year warranty.

The New Electric Golf Cart, E‑Z‑GO Liberty Elite comes with four-forward facing seats and is powered by a proven, maintenance-free Samsung SDI lithium battery system that will propel your next adventure. It also offers a ground clearance of 7 Inches, a top speed of 25mph, a load capacity of 800ib, and more.

3. Yamaha Golf-Car Drive2 – PTV

  • 357 cc, low-emission single-cylinder engine.
  • Forced cooling lubrication
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Self-adjusting mechanical, rear wheel drum brakes
  • Wheelbase  of 64.4 in (164 cm)
  • Ground Clearance of  5.5 in (14 cm)
  • Top Speed of 19.0 mph (31 km/h).
  • Front and rear 5 mph energy-absorbing bumpers
  • urethane-foam pre-cleaner,
  • 2-person seat capacity
  • 4-year limited vehicle warranty.
  • Price tag of $8772.

The 2022 Yamaha Golf-Car Drive2 – PTV is designed with luxury and reliability in mind. It comes with unique perks like a canopy Top, Clear hinged windshield, Brake lights, Premium Light Kit, a low-emission engine that is eco-friendly, a robotic welded automotive ladder-style steel frame coated with a multi-step full-immersion phosphate treatment for added strength, a maximum speed of 19mph, a 4-year standard warranty, and more. It also comes in a variety of colors to meet your taste.

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4. ICON i40L Electric Golf Cart LSV

  • Ground Clearance of 7 Inches.
  • 4-seat capacity.
  • Motor: 48 Volt AC 5kw.
  • 17 Digit VIN ( vehicle identification number)
  • Maximum speed of 25MPH.
  • Safety features like Headlights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals & Horn.
  • On-Board Charger.
  • Charger Indicator.
  • USB Charging Port.
  • Forward / Reverse Switch.
  • Digital Speedometer Gauge.Side Mirrors.
  • Windshield Wiper.
  • Rear License Plate Holder.
  • DOT Approved Windshield.
  • Price tag of $12,195.

This 2022 ICON i40L Electric Golf Cart comes with exceptional strength and durability, high output AC motor and controller which allows this cart reaches a maximum speed of 25mph, a powder-coated steel A-frame chassis with four-wheel coil-over suspension, VIN, standard safety features like LED headlights, daytime running lights, brake lights, turn signals, horn, and more, all at a relatively affordable price.

5. Polaris GEM EL XD Electric LSV Golf Cart

  • 6.5KW AC Motor
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel with Power Steering
  • Zero-Emissions Electric Power
  • 17 Digit VIN.
  • Sound Emitter.
  • Full Doors with White Gloss Finish
  • Top speed of 25MPH. 
  • Standard safety features like LED Headlights, Brake Lights, Tail Lights, Hazard Lights, and Turn Signals.
  • Certified Occupant Protection System that is Roof-Crush.
  • 3-Point Seat Belts
  • Backup Camera is Integrated into the rearview mirror.
  • Price tag of  $32,081.00
  • Spacious Ergonomics with 43 inches of Legroom.
  • 48V Battery System with On-Board Charger.

The Polaris GEM EL XD Electric LSV Golf Cart stands out from the typical golf cart with 3-point seatbelts, 43 inches of legroom, a backup camera, and a certified roof crush occupant protection system. This New Electric Golf Cart is street legal and can run on any road with a speed limit of 35mph.

New Electric Golf Cart

6. Bintelli Electric Vehicles Beyond 4PR

  • Motor Power of 5kW (6.7HP).
  • Top Speed of 20-25 mph.
  • Range of 30-35 miles.
  • Bluetooth sound system.
  • Dual USB plugs.
  • Spring Hydraulic Shock Rear Suspension.
  • A 4-wheel hydraulic disc Brake System Type.
  • On-board smart charger.
  • 17 digit VIN.
  • Two-tone premium seats.
  • AC 400A Motor Controller.
  • Reverse camera.
  • Ground Clearance of 4.5 inches.
  • Wheelbase of 5.5 inches.
  • Price tag of  $10,795
  • US Battery or Trojan and an On-Board Smart Battery Charger Type.

The Bintelli Electric Vehicles Beyond 4PR street legal golf cart is the newest addition to the Bintelli fleet and it is complete with an aluminum frame and roof supports, AC motor, LED lighting, 14-inch wheels, a Bluetooth sound system, reverse camera, hydraulic disc brakes, two-tone premium seats, on-board smart charger, dual USB plugs, extended roof, rear flip seat, DOT tires, 3 point seatbelts and windshield with wiper, DOT tires, DOT 3-point seat belts to give you the best rides.

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7. Star EV Capella 2 Pro Electric Fleet Golf Cart

  • 48-Volt Trojan Batteries with On-Board Charging System.
  • 4KW QDS AC Controller.
  • Canopy Suntop.
  • Top speed of 19.5 MPH.
  • 10 inches Aluminum Wheels.
  • Tinted Fold Down Windshield.
  • Golf Bag Holder.
  • Canopy Suntop.
  • 4-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Dash with Cupholders & Storage.
  • Price tag of $9,995.

The Star EV Capella 2 Pro Electric Fleet Golf Cart comes with a 4kw AC controller and a top speed of 19.5mph. It also comes with a dashboard with enough storage space, a golf bag holder, a tinted fold-down windshield, a canopy Suntop, a 4-year warranty, and more.

8. Tomberlin™ E-Merge SS Saloon 4+2 golf cart

  • 5 KW AC drive motor.
  • 450 AMP Sevcon AC controller.
  • Electric power steering.
  • 1050w onboard smart charger.
  • 4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes with Front Disk & Rear Drum.
  • Dual backlit side mirrors with illuminated turn signals.
  • 3-Point Seat Belts.
  • Smart Park electric parking brake.
  • Fully-integrated rearview camera.
  • Backlit headliner with Bluetooth stereo and dome lights.
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Range of 40+ Miles.
  • Price tag of $31,050.

The Tomberlin™ E-Merge SS Saloon 4+2 is a New Electric Golf Cart that is designed to offer excellent performance and styling. It offers a wide range of unique features such as a fully integrated rearview camera, electric parking brakes, side mirrors with illuminated turn signals, electric power steering, and so much more.

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9. Cushman® Shuttle™ 2+2 48V DC Electric golf cart

  • 48V DC (2.2 kW) motor.
  • Welded Steel with DuraShield Powder Coat body frame
  • Top speed of 14 mph +
  • Turning Radius19 ft. ( 5.8 m)
  • 4-Person seat capacity.
  • Rear Wheel Mechanical, Self-Adjusting Drum brakes.
  • Ground Clearance of 4.5 in. (11 cm)
  • Wheelbase of 65.5 in. (166 cm)
  • Price tag of $10,949.

The Cushman® Shuttle™ 2+2 48V DC Electric golf cart is designed with a 48v DC electric drivetrain for increased performance, 800ib load capacity which allows you to carry more, a top speed of 14+, and ground clearance of 4.5 inches to offer you a comfortable ride. It also provides added protection to its users with a canopy and windshield.

10. Evolution Electric Classic 4 Plus golf cart

  • 48V AC Induction motor drive system.
  • 400A evolution controller.
  • Extended roof and flip-flop rear seat kits.
  • USB Charging Ports.
  • Plastic rear seat kit.
  • A 9-inch touchscreen with a Stereo system, Speedometer display, Bluetooth, and backup camera.
  • Price tag of $11,249.
  • Street Legal 17 digit VIN.
  • Top speed of 25mph.

The Evolution Electric Classic 4 Plus is designed to offer great speed and comfort at an affordable price. It is a street-legal golf cart with many unique perks like a backup camera, USB charging port, extended roof and flip-flop rear seat kits, and more.

FAQs on New Electric Golf Cart 2024

These are the most frequently asked questions on New Electric Golf Cart:

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With more technological advancements made in the world of electric carts, it has become a little difficult to keep up to date with all the new models coming into the market. I have written to give you detailed information on the New Electric Golf Cart 2024.

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