Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews

Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews 2023: American Carts & Great Price

To provide accurate Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews, I tested this vehicle in a variety of scenarios including riding down the fairway, over obstacles, and taking it to my regular golf course. I also take a close look at the features and amenities to see how they perform.

In this article, I’ll share with you my personal Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews that include the things I like about this cart and also the things I dislike.

Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews

Bintelli carts are American-made golf carts that offer all the features at a great price. While testing the LSV for Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews, I found out that they are comfortable, innovative design, and necessary accessories like a power windshield, 2-tone seats, and a back camera.

Bintelli Beyond Golf Cart Reviews

bintelli beyond golf cart reviews

With prices starting at around $6,295, Bintelli Beyond golf carts are an affordable alternative to some of the most expensive models on the market. According to Bintelli Beyond reviews, these carts offer everything, from cozy features to modern design options. Some of its features include 23-inch tires, a power windshield wiper, and 2-tone seats.

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Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews: Top Features

bintelli electric vehicle reviews

Bintelli golf cart reviews highlight some of its significant features including

  • Wheelbase: 5.5’
  • US-made controller
  •  Motor: 5kW (6.7HP)
  • Brakes: 4-wheel hydraulic disc
  • Tires: 215/35-14
  • Suspension: Front – Independent, Rear – Coil Spring Hydraulic Shock
  • Max. load capacity: 800lbs
  • Turning radius: 9’
  • AC motor is supported by an aluminum roof frame
  • 14″ wheels with DOT tires and LED illumination
  • Inbuilt Sound system with Bluetooth
  • Windscreen with a wiper for DOT
  • DOT three-point seatbelts
  • Smart charger built-in

Apart from these features, these carts also have a beverage cooler and a handbrake.

Are Bintelli Golf Carts Any Good?

Prior to being sold online and to other wholesale outlets across the nation, all Bintelli carts go through a quality check there. Bintelli golf carts are an excellent option to think about because they have a number of amazing features, like an AC motor, dot windshield, power windshield wiper, LED Lighting, and aluminum chassis.

Who Makes Bintelli Golf Carts?

Bintelli Electric Vehicles, a North Carolina-based American business, is the producer of Bintelli golf carts. This company is in charge of producing a variety of electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, motorbikes, and golf carts.

The golf carts made by Bintelli electric cars are no exception to their outstanding reputation for high quality and amazing value.

Are Bintelli Golf Carts Made in China?

In order to guarantee high-quality golf carts, Bintelli does not manufacture any of its products in China. All Bintelli Electric Vehicles are American-made, manufactured in a factory in Charleston, South Carolina, and then thoroughly inspected by highly qualified American workers.

How Fast Do Bintelli Golf Carts Go?

Depending on the model, Bintelli golf carts can run between 20 and 25 mph being low-speed vehicles. In my Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews, I found that this speed is more than enough if you plan to utilize your golf cart completely on the golf course.

List of all the Bintelli Golf Cart Models

  1. 2022 Bintelli Beyond TITANIUM 4pr LSV Golf Cart.
  2. 2022 Bintelli Beyond HYDRO 4pr Lifted Golf Cart.
  3. 2022 Bintelli Beyond WHITE 4pr Lifted Golf Cart.
  4. 2022 Bintelli Beyond 6pr CANDY RED Lifted Golf Cart.
  5. 2022 Bintelli Beyond BURGUNDY 4pr Golf Cart.
  6. Bintelli Nemesis 4pr Golf Cart

With safety features including taillights, VIN numbers, AS-1 windshields & windshield wipers, roof grab handles, and mirrors, Bintelli golf carts are low-speed vehicles that follow state and federal laws and are allowed to travel on public roads.

Bintelli Beyond Golf Cart Accessories

  1.     Rear Seat Kit
  2.     Golf Bag Holder
  3.     Rain Enclosure
  4.     Hydro-link Battery Watering System
  5.     Roof Mounted Sound System
  6.     4.3” LCD Display Screen
  7.     Waterproof HD Camera with Night Vision
  8.     Screen and Camera Mounting Gear
  9.     Backup Camera
  10.   Mirrors

What Type of Battery Do Bintelli Golf Carts Use?

Trojan T-105 batteries, which have a range above 40 kilometers on a single charge, are used in Bintelli golf carts. These are extremely lightweight batteries that require minimal maintenance.

Bintelli Golf Cart Price

Golf carts by Bintelli range in price from $6,295 for a two-seater to over $14,000 for a six-seater that is street legal. The type and style that best suit your needs and budget will determine the price in a significant way.

Considering that all carts purchased through the Bintelli website can be customized, the price may increase somewhat based on the additions you make.

Bintelli Golf Cart Warranty

A three-year limited parts guarantee is the standard warranty offered with all Bintelli Golf Carts, and the whole warranty details are included in your dealer packet.

Bintelli vs ICON Golf Carts

                Bintelli Golf Carts              ICON Golf Carts
Its dimensions(in inches) are 3.7’X1.46’X2.6’. Its dimensions(in inches) are  2’ X1.21’ X1.98’.
It has a 5kW (6.7HP) motor.It has a 48 Volt AC 4kw motor.
It has a maximum load capacity of 800 lbs.It has a maximum load capacity of 639 lbs.

Things I don’t Like about the Bintelli Carts

  • It’s not good when the serial number plate only states “Electric Vehicle” and not a brand name.
  • The engine of these carts is quite small.
  • These are not designed to be driven on incline roads

Bintelli Golf Cart Dimensions

The dimensions of the Bintelli golf carts are 113” x 44.5″ x 79″ inches, where the length is 113 inches and the width is 44.5 inches. The height of the golf cart is 79 inches with a ground clearance of 4.5 inches.


Size (in inches)3.7″ x 1.46″ x 2.6″
Wheel Base5.5′
Ground Clearance (in inches)                    4.5″
Max. Load Capacity800 lbs
Turning Radius (in meters) 9′

Bintelli Golf Cart Reviews: Where to Buy New or Used ones?

Customers can buy Bintelli carts directly from the South Carolina facility where they are made, through the company’s website, or from one of its wholesale partners.

They can also buy these carts from the manufacturer’s participating dealers or your local second-hand golf cart dealer.

Searching various internet markets, such as Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook is another approach to finding used Bintelli golf carts for sale.


Who Owns Bintelli Golf Carts?

Justin Jackrel is the founder, president, and owner of Bintelli Golf Cart company that manufactures American-based, high-quality, low-speed golf carts in South Carolina.

Where Are Bintelli Golf Carts Manufactured?

The Bintelli company’s factory is located in Charleston, South Carolina, where golf carts are produced. 


The bottom line is that Bintelli is a company you should give serious consideration to if you’re searching for an affordable, all-American golf cart. We have emphasized the reasons why Bintelli golf carts are a wise choice for a range of uses in our guide to Bintelli golf cart reviews.

This golf cart offers an amazing experience when compared to other brands and enables you to own a street-legal golf cart at a moderate cost.

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