Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews

Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews 2023: Parts, Problems, Prices

Tomberlin Golf Carts changed the game by offering low speed vehicles that lead the market in terms of safety and performance.

This article on Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews is written with well-researched information about its features, pros, and cons.

Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews

Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews

Tomberlin Golf Carts are one of the best electric carts that are designed to be used on the golf course and on roads with a top speed of 19.9 mph and an LSV speed limit of 25 mph. They come with features like a full display backup camera, e-brake parking, horns, and much more.

Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews: Top Features

Below in this article on Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews is a list of its unique features:

1. Motor

Tomberlin golf carts have a 5 kW AC drive 17HP peak regenerative braking motor.

2. Battery

Tomberlin 48v golf cart has eight 6 volt batteries.

3. Wheels

These LSVs are equipped with 14-inch aluminum wheels and steel belted radial tires.

4. Controller

Tomberlin uses a 450 amp Sevcon AC controller.

5. Looks

The looks are one of the best things about this cart as they have an E-coated and painted tubular steel frame.

6. Transaxle

Anti-Roll sway bar with 12.25:1 ratio all aluminum transaxle.

7. Seats

Tomberlin only makes 4 and 6 seater golf carts.

8. Brake

The braking system of these carts is a 4-Wheel hydraulic brake system with E-Brake parking.

9. Charger

It comes with a DPI GEN IV 48 volt 17 Amp Golf cart Charger with Crowfoot Connector.

10. Control Switch

It has a 2 forward speed, and a reverse control switch.

11. Extras

7 inches Illuminated dash display with speedometer, odometer, integrated and full display backup camera.

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Tomberlin Golf Cart Parts & Accessories

tomberlin golf cart parts

Next on this Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews is a list of parts and  accessories for this golf cart

  • Tomberlin clamping ring rear seat.
  • Tomberlin nut.
  • Tomberlin wire clamp holder 
  • Tomberlin crystal sticker steering
  • 3rd LED brake lights cable.
  • Tomberlin no carte windshield
  • Tomberlin Emerge Steering box assemble kit.
  • Kuveralls heavy duty 4 seat golf cart cover.
  • 2x golf cart armrest cup Holder.
  • Rear panoramic mirror 16.5 inches.

Pros & Cons

While writing this Tomberlin golf cart review, these were the things I liked and disliked:


  • They are designed for road users.
  • Can be used for both road and golf course purposes.
  • Has an electric power steering.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • Offers a good top speed.
  • Has a classic look.
  • Comes in varieties of colors to meet the taste of various users.
  • Produces less noise.
  • Requires less maintenance.


  • It doesn’t offer as much power.
  • In cases of lack of power, you may not be able to charge or use this golf cart.

Tomberlin Golf Carts Problems

Below is a list of some reported problems with this golf cart:

  • Battery Issues.
  • Brake Issues.
  • Lights Issues.
  • Steering Problems.
  • Motor Problems.
  • Defective Parts.

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Tomberlin Golf Cart Models

These are all the Tomberlin golf cart models:

  • Tomberlin E-merge E6 W/rear golf cart.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E4 ghosthawk.
  • Tomberlin E merge E2 GT.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E4 GT golf cart.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E2 LE plus.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E2 revenge.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E4 revenge.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E2 SS.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E4 SS golf cart.

Are Tomberlin Carts 4 wheel drive?

The Tomberlin golf carts have 4 wheel drive system.

Where are Tomberlin Golf Carts Manufactured?

Tomberlin golf carts are manufactured in Leesburg Florida.

Tomberlin Golf Cart Cost & Price

Below is a list of Tomberlin golf cart models and their prices:

  • Tomberlin E-merge E6 W/rear golf cart sells at $20,795.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E4 ghosthawk sells at $23,995.
  • Tomberlin E merge E2 GT sells at $22,251.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E4 GT golf cart sells at $23,995
  • Tomberlin E2 LE plus sells at $15,995.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E2 revenge sells at $14,317.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E4 revenge sells at $18.995.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E2 SS sells at $17,992.
  • Tomberlin E-merge E4 SS golf cart sells at $20,995.

What is the Range of Tomberlin Golf Cart?

Tomberlin golf carts have a range of 40+ miles and an acceleration of 25mph for only LSV.

What Is the Top Speed of Tomberlin Carts?

The Tomberlin golf cart has a two-key speed key switch. For PTV, the maximum speed is 19.9mph. For LSV the maximum speed is 25mph. This makes this cart suitable for both leisure drives and errand runs.

What is the Warranty of the Tomberlin Golf Carts?

The Tomberlin golf cart comes with a limited 5-year warranty. However, the battery is not covered in this warranty.

Yes. Tomberlin golf carts are designed for road use. They come with all street legal requirements and can even have a vehicle registration number.

Where can you buy Tomberlin Golf Carts?

Tomberlin golf carts can be gotten from their dealers scattered across the nation. To locate their dealers visit their official site or give them a call at 1-844-EMERGE2 (363-7432). Click on get started on the dealer caps you see on the page and locate the closest timberland store near.

Does Tomberlin Make a Good Golf Cart?

The Tomberlin is an excellent option for anyone looking to get a top quality and high performing LSV electric golf cart. This golf cart is eco-friendly and offers a satisfactory top speed limit.

Who Makes the Tomberlin Golf Cart?

The Columbia Vehicle Group, INC, makes the Tomberlin golf cart. Columbia vehicle Group is a part of the Nordic group of companies, Ltd with their headquarters in Baraboo.

How Many Miles Can a Tomberlin Golf Cart Go?

A Tomberlin golf cart can go for 40 miles on one charge.

Where Are They Made/manufactured?

Tomberlin golf carts are made in Leesburg Florida. Here all Tomberlin vehicles are assembled by their skilled workers.

Does Tomberlin Make Gas Golf Carts?

No, Tomberlin is known for making low speed electric vehicles.

What Colors Do Tomberlin Golf Carts Come In?

Tomberlin golf carts come in: Black, Pristine white, Blaze red, Midnight blue, Gunsmoke grey, Silver streak, Sterling grey, Viridian green, Designer bronze, and Root beer brown.

Do Tomberlin Golf Carts Have Lithium Batteries?

Yes, Tomberlin golf carts have lithium batteries. Their lithium battery pack ensures longer range and much quicker charging.

Do Tomberlin golf carts have VIN numbers?

Tomberlin golf carts have VIN numbers because they are designed as low speed electric vehicles that can ply the roads and streets. They are equipped with all necessary safety requirements of a street legal cart such as headlights, mirrors, taillights, and even horns.


Tomberlin Golf Carts are multi-purpose carts designed to suit the road and golf course. In most cases, the Tomberlin golf carts come with VIN numbers since they are designed to meet the standards of most automobiles.

I hope this article on Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews was helpful to you.

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