eNVy Golf Cart Reviews

eNVy Golf Cart Reviews: Is it Any Good? Pros, Cons

I had the pleasure of cruising my buddy’s eNVy golf cart during one of my visits to him.

I was totally impressed with its performance and undeniable uniqueness.

In this article, I share my eNVy Golf Cart Reviews and my opinion on its performance, specs, pros, cons, and more.

eNVy Golf Cart Reviews

eNVy Golf Cart Reviews

The eNVy golf cart is an all-electric neighborhood vehicle that combines the smooth ride of a high-end golf cart with the rugged durability of a UTV. It is an ultra-quiet, brushless A/C electric vehicle that can reach up to 20 mph speeds.

This golf cart has special features such as 2 guns above the head rack, under-hood storage, rotomolded plastics, an intuitive dash, power steering, keyless ignition, and turn signals.

All these make it a perfect choice for cruising the neighborhood with the family or putting it to work.

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eNVy Golf Cart Reviews: Features

eNVy Golf Cart Reviews Features

These are the top features of the eNVy Golf cart:

  1. Frame: Powder Coated Fusion-Bonded Solid American Steel Bridge Frame
  2. Front tire: 250/50 R15 4 ply
  3. Rear tire: 250/50 R15 4 ply
  4. Wheels: 15″ Aluminum
  5. Front & Rear Suspension: Dual A-Arm/Trailing Arm
  6. Braking System: Front Disc & Rear Drum
  7. Parking System: Automatically Engaging Electric Brake
  8. Seating: 2 Forward Facing & 2 Rear Facing
  9. Cargo Bed space: 37″ x 44″
  10. Auxiliary Power: 12V Auxiliary & Double USB Port
  11. Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  12. Display: 7″ Touchscreen Color Display
  13. Ignition: Keyless Ignition w/Security System
  14. Engine: Brushless AC Motor Driven System
  15. Speed: 20 MPH
  16. Battery System: 4-12 V Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery w/Watering Kit
  17. Charging System: Integrated On-Board Charging System
  18. Torque: 52.2 ft lb
  19. Length: 124″
  20. Width: 55″
  21. Height: 77.25″
  22. Wheelbase: 69″
  23. Frame Clearance: 8″ from Trailing Arm Bracket/14″ from Frame
  24. Curb Weight: 1,389 lbs
  25. Cargo Bed Capacity: 450 lb Properly Loaded
  26. Vehicle Payload: 1,000 lb Passengers + Cargo
  27. Towing Capacity: 400 lb w/50 lb tongue weight cap
  28. Turning Radius: 115″
  29. Protection: 1.75” Diameter Tubing Five Piece ROPS
  30. Shift Indicator: 3 Position Gear Indicator Switch
  31. Headlight: High and Low Beam LED Headlights.

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eNVy Golf Cart Reviews: Pros & Cons

These are the pros and cons of the eNVy Golf cart:

They come equipped with powerful electric motors.The eNVy Golf Cart’s range is limited by its battery life.
eNVy golf carts prioritize safety with features like 4 wheel disc brakes.It may not be suitable for extremely rough or steep terrain
Their compact design allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces.It is not designed for high speed travel.
eNVy Golf Cart is an ultra-quiet, brushless A/C electric vehicle that provides a comfortable rideSeating capacity is limited
It is built from heavy-duty American steel and roto molded plastics, which ensures its durability.
This Golf Cart can reach speeds up to 20 mph, making it suitable for neighborhood cruising.
The rear seats fold flat for an easy-to-use cargo bed.
It is built from heavy-duty American steel and roto-molded plastics, which ensures its durability.
It comes With a storage compartment under the hood.


The eNVyGolf Cart prioritizes safety with features such as 1.75” Diameter Tubing Five Piece ROPS, 3 Position Gear Indicator Switch, and High and Low Beam LED Headlights, ensuring safe and controlled braking and visibility in various conditions.

Seat Capacity

The eNVy Golf Cart is designed as a 4-seater vehicle.

It has two seats facing forward and two facing the opposite direction on the back, allowing versatile seating options and accommodating 3 to 4 passengers comfortably.

This flexibility makes it suitable for group outings, family trips, and other conventional uses.


The eNVy golf cart comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a 1-year battery warranty that is transferable to a 2nd party if communicated and recorded by intimidation.


The eNVy Golf Cart excels in performance. It has a top speed of 20 mph and regenerative electromagnetic braking. This provides thrilling rides and seamless deceleration, enhancing overall performance.

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Crafted for durability, the eNVy Golf Cart is constructed with heavy-duty American steel and fortified with rotomolded plastic, ensuring robust longevity.

Its premium tires and wheels are designed to withstand the rigors of wear and tear, adding to its resilience.


The eNVy Golf Cart is meticulously designed for versatile maneuverability, measuring 124 inches in length, 55 inches in width, and 78 inches in height.

With a wheelbase of 69 inches ensuring stability and a minimum ground clearance of 114.3mm ground clearance, it adeptly navigates diverse terrains with ease.

eNVy Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

These are some of the parts and accessories of the eNVy Golf Cart:

  1. Grab Handles
  2. Front Bumper
  3. Folding Windshield
  4. 14″ LED Light Bar
  5. DOT Windshield
  6. Plastic roof
  7. 2 Gun above the head rack

eNVy Golf Cart Problems

These are the top 8 eNVy Golf Cart problems:

  1. Battery Issues
  2. Motor Problems
  3. Braking issues
  4. Electrical Problems
  5. Tire and Wheel Damage
  6. Steering issues
  7. Charging Problems
  8. Suspension Issues

eNVy Golf Cart Top Speed

The top speed of the eNVy Golf Cart is 20 mph.

Club car Tempo vs eNVy Golf Cart

This table compares the eNVy Golf Cart vs the Club car tempo golf cart:

FeatureeNVy Golf CartClub car Tempo Golf Cart
Top Speed (MPH)20km/h 15mph
EngineFour 12-volt deep cycle lead acid batteries and three 48v Lithium Ion batteries based on the model. 3.3hp/ 4.7hp A.C drive
Seating capacity      4      2
Ground Clearance 114.3mm4.5 inches
Weight (lbs)639745
Model TypeElectricElectric/Gas

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Envy Golf Cart Price

Envy Golf cart prices vary based on cart models, ranging from $11,999 to $12,499.

Where Can You Find an eNVy Golf Cart for Sale?

The eNVy Golf Cart is manufactured in Batesville, Arkansas, United States.

The eNVy Golf cart isn’t street legal.

However, seeing that this cart has most features that qualify it as a street-legal cart, you can register your golf cart with the state or local authority.

At this point, you can install any additional accessories required based on your location state’s rules and regulations.

What Engine Does the eNVy Golf Cart Use?

Based on the model, the eNVy Golf Cart uses a brushless AC motor-driven system with four 12-volt deep cycle lead acid batteries or three 48v Lithium Ion batteries.

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Ground Clearance

The eNVy Golf cart has a ground clearance of 114.3 millimeters.

FAQs on eNVy Golf Cart Reviews

These are the frequently asked questions in eNVy Golf Cart Reviews:

What makes the eNVy Golf Cart different from traditional gas-powered carts?

The eNVy Golf Cart stands out due to its electric motor, which offers a quieter and more eco-friendly ride compared to gas-powered alternatives. It also features advanced technology, such as touchscreen dashboards and GPS navigation, enhancing the overall experience.

How long does the eNVy Golf Cart battery last on a single charge?

The battery life of the eNVY Golf Cart varies depending on usage and terrain. However, you can get up to 20 miles after properly charging it.


I hope from this eNVy Golf Cart Reviews, you can learn that it is a versatile and efficient electric vehicle designed for neighborhood cruising and offers a variety of features such as regenerative braking, adjustable seating, premium tires & wheels, and more.

It’s built with heavy-duty American steel and rotomolded plastics for durability. The eNVy Golf Cart has a top speed of 20 mph and a transferable 2nd party warranty.

However, like all vehicles, it may have some potential issues that can be addressed through regular maintenance and troubleshooting.

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