CFMoto 500 Reviews

CF Moto 500 Reviews | ATV Top Speed, Features, Price, Sale

A friend recently purchased the CF Moto 500 ATV and he has been blown away by its performance. The 495cc engine provides ample power and the 10.8 ground clearance is a lifesaver when navigating rough trails.

In this article on CF Moto 500 Reviews, I discuss the key features of the ATV, its performance, durability, and overall value. I also provide insights on my friend’s personal experience with the ATV and why I would recommend it to others.

CF Moto 500 Reviews

cf moto 500 reviews

The CF Moto 500 ATV offers great value for the price and is perfect for both seasoned riders and beginners. It has a sturdy 495cc engine, maximum output of 6800 RPM, 5800 RPM torque, 10.8 ground clearance, a speed limit of 97 km/h, and many other amazing features.


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CF Moto 500 Reviews: Features

CFMoto 500 Reviews: Features

The features of the CF Moto 500 ATV are listed below:

  • 495cc single cylinder liquid cooled 4 stroke FI engine mated to a CVT gearbox.
  • EFI engine.
  • Torque of 5800 RPM.
  • Horsepower of 6800 rpm.
  • Maximum speed level of 97 km/h.
  • Ground clearance of 10.8 inches.
  • High-performance CV tech drive system.
  • Multiple storage options.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • A Wheelbase of 50.7 inches.
  • Fuel tank capacity of 3.7 gallons.
  • Tilt adjust steering system.
  • 2WD/4WD selectable drive train.
  • Electric power steering.
  • Lateral mirrors.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • LED headlight with integrated turn signals.
  • Towing capacity of 873 lbs.

Pros and Cons of CF Moto 500 ATV

While writing these CF Moto 500 reviews, I found out that the ATV has some pros & cons:

  • Strong alloy frame.
  • Sturdy and firm engine.
  • Exceptional ground clearance.
  • Easy to start.
  • Amazing safety features.
  • Great towing and bed capacity.
  • You may experience difficulty in starting the engine sometimes.
  • There might be a loss of power steering.

CF Moto 500 Problems

These are the top 8 CF Moto 500 Problems:

  1. Poor braking performance.
  2. The engine is difficult to start.
  3. Insufficient power.
  4. Abnormal acceleration.
  5. The engine noise is loud.
  6. Overheated engine.
  7. Power problem.
  8. Loss of power steering.

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CF Moto 500 Top Speed

The CF Moto 500 comes with a top speed of 97 km/h.

CF Moto 500 ATV Parts and Accessories

CFMoto 500 side by side parts and accessories

Below are some of the parts and accessories of the CF Moto 500 ATV:

  • CFMoto oil change kit.
  • CFMoto reusable air filter.
  • Front bumper CFMoto 500
  • Front bumper and rack CFMoto 500
  • Rear bumpers zforce 500.
  • HDPE skid plate CFMoto 500.
  • A-Arm guard CFMoto 500.
  • Complete fender extension kit for CFMoto 500.
  • CFMoto 500 front fender extension kit.
  • Rock slider.
  • Side bumper.
  • Aluminum guard winch.
  • Handguard CFMoto.
  • CVT belt storage box.
  • Front cargo box CFMoto 500.
  • Rear cargo box locket latch 500.
  • Plastic cargo basket assy for cf moto.
  • Side door soft bag.
  • Rooftop cargo box.
  • CFMoto cover.
  • PRP seats have flat steering wheels.
  • Quadx utility fenders protector footrest replacement kit.
  • Quadboss fender protector.
  • Universal UTV luggage systems and saddlebags.

CF Moto 500 vs Tracker 570 ATV

Below is a comparison of the CF Moto 500 and the Tracker 570 ATV:

Features CF Moto 500 Tracker 570 ATV 
Engine displacement 495cc 545cc
Torque 5800 RPM  40 ft-lb
Horsepower 6800 rpm 39HP
Speed 97 km/h 42-52 MPH
Ground clearance 10.8 inches 11 inches
Fuel capacity 3.7 gallons 5.7 gallons
Wheelbase 50.7 inches 52 inches

CF Moto 500 vs Polaris 570

Below is a comparison table of the CF Moto 500 and the Polaris ranger 570:

Features CF Moto 500 Polaris ranger 570
Engine displacement 495cc 567cc
Torque 43 Nm 35.4 lb-ft
Horsepower 6000 rpm 44hp
Speed 97 km/h 63mph
Ground clearance 11.2 inches 11.5 inches
Fuel capacity 6.5 gallons 4.5 gallons
wheelbase 80 inches 50.5 inches

CF Moto 500 Price

The CF Moto 500 2022 starts at $5,999, making it one of the most affordable vehicles in its spec.

Where Can You Find CF Moto 500 for Sale?

You can find CF Moto 500 for sale from various CF Moto dealers across the state. However, visit their website to locate a dealer close to you.

How Much Horsepower Does a CF Moto 500 have?

The CF Moto 500 comes with a horsepower of 6000 rpm with a torque of 43Nm.

Who Makes the CF Moto 500 ATV?

The CF Moto 500 is manufactured by the Chinese CF moto company popular for producing ATVs and motorcycles. The CF Moto USA headquarters was built in 2007 and is located in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Is the CF Moto 500 side-by-side Street Legal?

Unfortunately, it isn’t street-legal. The CF Moto 500, like every other CF Moto series, is designed as an offroad vehicle. However, you can make your CF Moto 500 street legal by following the street legal rules laid down by your state, registering your vehicle, and adding other required accessories like horns to your vehicle.

What Engine Does the CF Moto 500 side-by-side Have?

The CF Moto 500 side by side uses a 495cc liquid cooled 4 stroke cylinder engine that generates a torque of 43Nm, speed of 97 km/h, and horsepower of 6000 rpm.

Is the CF Moto 500 side-by-side a 4-Wheel Drive?

Yes. The CF Moto 500 is designed with a 4-wheel drive system. This vehicle comes with a CVT transmission and selectable switch, which allows you to easily interchange from 2WD and 4WD as the terrain requires without losing torque or power in the vehicle.

Ground Clearance

The CF Moto 500 has a ground clearance of 11.2 inches, giving it ample height to easily travel through hilly and tougher terrains.

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The CF Moto is recommended in this article as worth buying for various reasons.

First, about affordability, this vehicle is one of the cheapest you will find. Regarding its features, the CF Moto 500 comes with so many amazing specs ranging from a strong and reliable engine to a speed level of 97 km/h, a horsepower of 6000 rpm, safety features, and much more.

I hope you find this article on CF Moto 500 Reviews helpful.

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