John Deere Gator 835M Problems

John Deere Gator 835M Problems | Troubleshooting & Fixes

It can be very frustrating when your John Deere Gator 835M UTV suddenly has a problem and interferes with your work. It’s incredibly annoying if you don’t know what the issue could be.

Luckily, I have written this article on the most common John Deere Gator 835M Problems and how to fix them.

John Deere Gator 835M Problems

John Deere Gator 835M Problems

These are the 10 most common John Deere Gator 835M Problems:

  1. Overheating Problems
  2. Fluid Leaks.
  3. Start Problems.
  4. Clutch and 4WD System Problems.
  5. Lift Mechanism Issues.
  6. Front Axle Issues.
  7. Windows and Doors Problems.
  8. Throttle Problems.
  9. Windshield Problems.
  10. Starter Motor Not Turning on The Engine.

1. Overheating Problems with John Deere Gator 835M

There’s no chance your John UTV isn’t putting in a lot of effort to mow your lawn correctly despite the sweltering heat. During the hot summer months, the engine can overheat, which can be a problem during long shifts.

Before the Gator 835M’s engine gets dangerously hot, several conditions must be met. Engine components can ignite, swell, or burn out if excessive temperatures are routinely applied.

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How to Fix Overheating Issues

Below is a list of solutions to problems caused by excessive heat:

  1. Clean the motor properly to avoid overheating. Using a soft bristle brush to clean the engine will make flying easier.
  2. Use the brush with your UTV to correctly clean your engine’s inside.
  3. Check the oil level to ensure the tank is neither complete nor empty. It is best to wait until the engine cools down before applying oil.
  4. You should also check your UTV’s fuel filter and hose to ensure they are in good condition.
  5. A clogged filter can damage the fuel system. If this happens, clean the filter and replace it if it cannot be cleaned.

2. Fluid Leaks with the 835M UTV

Fluid leaks in the tractor gaiter seem a big problem because it is often difficult to rely on yourself to determine the cause. If you find fluid dripping from your UTV, thoroughly inspect a few key areas.
Check the radiator and fuel tank first. Check for liquids or water leaking from parts. Leakage can also occur if the tractor is damaged while driving on rough terrain. Leakage should be monitored.

How to Fix Fluid Leaks

  1. Determining the location and size of the drop is primarily your responsibility. Leaks often occur when seals are entirely separated.
  2. Install the seal firmly.
  3. If it’s leaking from a radiator, pump, or other internal components, use an antiseptic to stop the leak. Leak prevention additives are easy to apply because they repair leaks.
  4. After repairing the leak, fill the radiator with fluid.

3. John Deere Gator 835M Problems with Starting

Some electrical problems are usually easy to find and fix when a start fails. Here are possible causes for Gator not starting correctly and solutions to get your device up and running as soon as possible:

  • Improper Ignition Switch: A faulty ignition switch may be related to a failed starter motor. Turn the ignition on and see if the button is the problem.
  • Bad Battery: A bad starter should be the first to investigate when diagnosing a problem. A damaged starter cannot be identified if the current is insufficient. While mowing the lawn, a malfunctioning battery can be annoying and cause the starter to fail. Button. 3 or 4 threaded electrical connectors are connected to the battery, engine starter, ground wire, and ignition switch. If the battery has a problem, the starter will not operate.
  • Starter failure: The starter motor is most likely defective if the Gator 835M does not start after checking the battery, solenoid, ignition switch, wiring, and electrical connections. A bad starter is one of the most common reasons a tractor will not start.

How to Fix

  1. First, check the charge level of the battery. You can use an ammeter to measure and determine the answer. If the charge is insufficient, the battery should be fully charged.
  2. UTVs can be started with code. You can remove the battery and use a charger if you have time. Check the charge level to make sure it is sufficient.
  3. Dealing with loose connections is also a possible solution. Make sure each cable is placed correctly. The ground wire occasionally comes loose from the connector and must be manually repositioned.
  4. If the ignition switch is causing the problem, replace it.

4. John Deere Gator 835M UTV Clutch and 4WD System Problems

Tractor clutches do not fully open at idle and can cause shifting problems. Otherwise, the car’s 4WD system will not intervene properly. Rough terrain, excessive heating or cooling, and poor connections can all be culprits. The system may also fail if two tires are pinched simultaneously.

How to Fix

  1. If there is a problem, the clutch should be replaced. The only practical action to take when the clutch fails is to replace it.
  2. Your local technician may provide a replacement coupler. If the problem is related to that, you should wait until the 4WD system cools down.
  3. Consider cleaning the circuit fuse block thoroughly.
  4. After that, restart the vehicle and check the operation.

5. Lift Mechanism Issues

John Deere Gator 835M Problems Troubleshooting

The Gator 835M has a cargo box that can be hoisted regularly; however, you can notice some difficulty lifting the rear box. The lifting capacity of the rear box reduces to zero with any weight on it and sometimes even when there is no weight on it at all.

How to Fix:

  1. Try replacing the motor clutch or fixing any loose connection.
  2. If the clutch is the problem, check your seals to know if they are reusable before replacing them.
  3. Make sure to disassemble it correctly. If you are not sure about how to make this fix, meet a professional to help you do this.

6. John Deere Gator 835M Front Axle Issues

You can notice the leaking problem when your gator is parked or when you reach a certain speed level. In cases where the leaking isn’t much, you can continue driving on your gator as long as the transmission fluid level is properly maintained.

Leaking Happens for Two Major Reasons

  • The axle was not properly installed or reinstalled.
  • It has become worn out over time.
  • Make sure to fix your front axle immediately if it starts leaking, as it is very dangerous to drive around in your John Deere gator in this condition.

How to Fix:

  1. Replace the leaking component as soon as possible.

7. Windows and Doors Problems

Many gator 835M users have reported this problem. A creaking sound is noticed when the vehicle is running. This sound can be discomforting and might also be pointing to another fault in the vehicle’s design.

You may also notice that the doors aren’t as tightly sealed as they should be. You might notice a level of air entering through the location of the hinge, which isn’t supposed to be the case.

How to Fix:

  1. Use a rubber seal cream and report the issue to your gator 835M dealers, as this fault is likely on the company’s part.

8. Throttle Problems

Some gator 835M users have reported that their vehicle didn’t start running until they had pushed the throttle as low as 1700 to 1800 rpm. Below the rpm level, it is noted that there isn’t any movement in the vehicle, even in a reverse state.

While this appears unsettling to new gator users, it is important to note that this problem is no problem at all.

The John Deere 835M starts earlier than other gas vehicles, which begin at 2000 rpm. You have to get accustomed to this after the first few rides.

9. John Deere Gator 835M Windshield Problems

If you have installed a glass windshield on your gator UTC, you are most likely to experience this problem. It has been reported that when the windshield is closed, the glass doesn’t close properly and doesn’t seal against the ropes. This is usually a result of poor installation.

How to Fix:

  1. To properly install the windshield, open the latch and pull it further, leaving the tang over the outer piece.
  2. Ensure it is placed in a forward position during the warmer seasons so you can let air through.

10. John Deere Gator 835M Problems: Starter Motor Not Turning on The Engine

A blown fuse may cause this problem. If this is a problem, also check the battery posts for rust. The John Deere Gator 835m UTV also has this issue when the battery is fully discharged.

A bad ignition switch or a failed starter motor may cause problems. Both possibilities are possible. Cables should be checked even if there is no obvious damage.

How to Fix:

  1. First, check for the blown fuse and replace it. If the fuse appears to be working properly, proceed to the next step.
  2. It is important to inspect the battery terminals for any abnormalities.
  3. A good scrubbing of the rusted components should fix the problem.

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The John Deere Gator 835M is one of the best Utility vehicles available in the market; however, it’s not exempted from having some issues as other vehicles.

Knowing these issues can how to readily solve them will help you enjoy your vehicle better.

I hope you found this article on John Deere Gator 835M problems helpful.

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