Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews

Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews: Specs, Pros, Problems, Good?

A few weeks ago, I put the Bighorn 550 UTV through its paces, analyzing its power, handling, and durability.

So, if you’re searching for insights into the 550 side-by-side by Bighorn, you’re in luck!

In this post, I share my Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews, giving you the inside scoop on its pros and cons.

Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews

Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews

The Bighorn 550 DX offers a robust 498.6 cc engine, outputting 34 horsepower, making it a powerful option for both utility and recreational use. Equipped with advanced features such as automatic transmission, on-demand 2WD/4WD, locking differential, power steering, and a 3500 lb winch, it ensures reliability and performance. Its design emphasizes capability and convenience, highlighted by a generous 8-gallon fuel capacity and significant towing capability, underscoring its versatility for diverse tasks and terrains.

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Bighorn 550 UTV Specs

These are the Bighorn 550 UTV specs:

  1. The spacious cab provides ample legroom, the largest in its class.
  2. Electric fuel injection (EFI) ensures easy starting in all weather conditions.
  3. Front and rear independent suspension with Nitrogen assisted adjustable shocks for a smooth ride.
  4. Capability to navigate challenging terrains with features like 9 inches of ground clearance, 4WD, and front and rear differential lock on demand.
  5. Enhanced durability with a full coverage front steel bumper for added protection in tough terrain.
  6. CVT shaft drive transmission (H-L-N-R) for seamless gear shifting.
  7. Equipped with a 3500 lb winch and two rear hitch receivers for towing up to 1200 lb.
  8. Largest dump bed in its class, measuring 36 inches by 48 inches.
  9. Safety features include LED headlights, a hard top roof, roll over protection, and 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes.
  10. Additional features for convenience and safety include a windshield, turn signals, side mirrors, and 3 point seat belts.

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Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews: Pros and Cons

These are the pros and cons of the Bighorn 550 UTV:


  • Easy to service
  • It is easy to disconnect the horn
  • Comfortable
  • Quiet
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Dump bed
  • Big seats
  • Lots of space


  • No two-inch receiver

Bighorn 550 UTV Problems

These are the most common Bighorn 550 UTV Problems:

  1. Difficulty with Turning Radius: A user reported that the turning radius on their Bighorn 550 is very difficult, even in unlock mode and 2-wheel drive, suggesting it feels like fighting every turn, indicating a potential issue with the steering mechanism or absence of power steering.
  2. Heat Transfer to Passenger Compartment: A concern about the engine’s position being set forward and its potential for heat transfer to the passenger compartment was raised.
  3. Concerns About Guards and Accessories: A user expressed satisfaction with their Bighorn 550 but mentioned concerns about the need for better CV guards and a bigger brush guard. They also mentioned having warranty work done on the brakes.
  4. Comparisons with Other Brands: One comment compared the Bighorn 550 unfavorably with a Can-Am model, mentioning that the Bighorn felt cheap and rode like a tank, suggesting a difference in quality and ride comfort.
  5. Interest in Accessories: Users inquired about available accessories for the Bighorn 550, such as doors, racks, etc., and where to purchase them, indicating a need for more information on customization options.
  6. Performance on Hills and in Mud: An update from a user detailed their experience taking the Bighorn 550 through steep hill climbs and light mud bogs. They noted that the vehicle performed best in low range, with or without 4×4 engaged, and mentioned a situation where the belt wanted to slip while backing out of a mud bog, which was resolved by reducing the weight in the vehicle.
  7. Questions About Specific Parts: There were questions about specific parts like the oil filter for maintenance purposes, indicating a desire for more detailed information on upkeep.
  8. Windshield Compatibility: A user inquired about finding a windshield for the Bighorn 550, asking if they are comparable to any other models, which suggests a question about aftermarket part compatibility.

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Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews: Performance and Engine Specifications

These are the Engine Specifications and performance overview of the Bighorn 550 UTV:

Braking MechanismDisc
Cargo Bed Capacity550 lb.
DrivetrainShaft Drive
Engine CoolingLiquid cooled
Engine Displacement498.6cc
Engine MakeNebula
Engine Type1 cylinder
FeaturesCanopy, Cup Holders, Headlights, Tilting Cargo Bed, Windshield, Nitrogen Assist Shocks
Front SuspensionIndependent Double A Arm
Front Tire Size26×9-14
Fuel Capacity8 gal.
Fuel SystemFuel injected
Ground Clearance9 in.
Horsepower34 HP
Maximum Speed47 MPH
Maximum Weight Capacity800 lb.
Occupant Capacity2
Power TypeGas
Primary ColorCamo
Rear SuspensionIndependent Double A Arm
Rear Tire Size26×11-14
Recommended Age Range18 years old
Seat Belt TypeLap and shoulder
Seat Height18 in.
Start TypeElectric
Towing Capacity1200 lb.
Transmission TypeAutomatic CVT
Warranty1 year limited
Wheel Base76 in.
Manufacturer Part NumberTSC-CUV-550-B-CAMO

Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews: Design and Build Features

  1. Engine: 34 horsepower liquid cooled engine
  2. Power: 4 wheel drive
  3. Suspension: High performance MacPherson suspension
  4. Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
  5. Seating: Spacious cabin with comfortable seating for two
  6. Towing: 1000 lb towing capacity
  7. Other features: LED headlights, dump box, integrated high power winch, windshield, side nets, and LED lights.

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Bighorn 550 Handling and Suspension

The Bighorn 550 UTV has a four wheel independent suspension for handling and ride quality. It has a soft suspension that can handle bumps.

Safety Features of the Bighorn 550 UTV

Safety Features of the Bighorn 550 UTV

These are the safety features of the Bighorn 550 UTV:

  1. 3 Point Seat Belts: Ensuring occupants are securely restrained during operation.
  2. Windshield: Protects from wind, debris, and other elements, enhancing driver visibility.
  3. Hard Top Roof: Adds an extra layer of protection for occupants.
  4. Mirrors: Enhance driver awareness of surroundings, reducing blind spots.
  5. Aluminum Alloy Wheels: Offer durability and reliability on various terrains.
  6. 3,500 lb. Winch: Assists in challenging situations, enhancing safety during recovery operations.

Bighorn 550 UTV Durability

The Bighorn Explorer 550 UTV is designed for farms, ranches, trails, and backwoods. It has extended legroom, best in class features, and power.

What is the warranty on the Bighorn 550 UTV?

Bighorn UTVs come with a one year warranty on the engine, and the original purchaser is guaranteed that the materials and components will be free from defects.

Bighorn 550 UTV Parts and Accessories

These are the Bighorn 550 UTV parts and accessories:

  1. Spare Parts:
    • Engine components
    • Suspension parts
    • Brake pads and rotors
    • Filters (air, oil, fuel)
    • Belts and chains
    • Electrical components (spark plugs, batteries)
  2. Exterior Accessories:
    • Windshield options (full, half)
    • Roof racks
    • Bumpers and brush guards
    • Winch kits
    • Lighting upgrades (LED light bars, auxiliary lights)
    • Mirrors (side and rear view)
    • Hitch receivers
  3. Interior Accessories:
    • Seat covers
    • Floor mats
    • Dash kits
    • Storage solutions (center consoles, overhead storage)
    • Sound systems (speakers, stereos)
  4. Utility Accessories:
    • Cargo boxes and racks
    • Bed extenders
    • Tool mounts and holders
    • Gun racks and holders
    • Tow hitches
  5. Performance Upgrades:
    • Exhaust systems
    • Air intake kits
    • Engine tuners and programmers
    • Suspension lift kits
    • Performance tires and wheels
  6. Safety Equipment:
    • Roll cages and roll bars
    • Harnesses and seat belts
    • Fire extinguisher mounts
    • First aid kits
    • GPS navigation systems
  7. Maintenance and Care Products:
    • Cleaning and detailing supplies
    • Lubricants and fluids
    • Maintenance kits
    • Protective covers (for storage)
    • Battery chargers and maintainers

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What is the Top Speed of the Bighorn 550 UTV?

The Bighorn Explorer 550 4×4 EFI UTV has a maximum speed of 47 miles per hour. It has a 4 stroke 34 horsepower, 499cc EFI engine, and a 550 lb bed capacity.

Comparison of Bighorn 550 UTV With Their Other Models

This table compares the Bighorn 550 UTV With Their Other Models:

FeatureBighorn Explorer 550 UTVBighorn Outrider 200 2 Speed EFI Compact UTVBighorn Explorer 400 EFI UTVColeman Outfitter 400 UTVBighorn Homestead 200 Gas Golf Cart / UTV
SuspensionFront and rear independentFront and rear independentFully independent front and rearAdjustable independent suspensionFront and rear independent
Ground Clearance9 inches10 inches10 inches11 inches10 inches
TransmissionCVT shaft drive (H L N R)CVT shaft drive (H L N R)CVT shaft drive (H L N R P)CVT Transmission with forward and reverseCVT shaft drive (H L N R)
4WDOn demand 4 wheel driveNoYesPush button 4WD with limited slipNo
Rear Locking DifferentialFront and rear differential lock on demandNoYesComplete differential lock modesNo
Safety FeaturesLED headlights, full coverage front steel bumper, roll over protection, 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakesLED headlights, hard top roof, plastic hip protectors, roll over protection, 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakesLED headlights, full coverage front steel bumper, roll over protection, 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakesHorn, mirrors, blinkers, headlights, brake lights, hydraulic disc brakesLED headlights, hard top roof, roll over protection, 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes
Engine34 HP EFI liquid cooled8.5 HP air cooled26 HP EFI liquid cooled392cc water cooled8.5 HP air cooled
Towing CapacityUp to 1200 lbUp to 450 lbUp to 1,000 lbUp to 1200 lbUp to 450 lb
Dump Bed Capacity36 in x 48 inCargo bed capacity of 220 lbs12.5 cu ftYes (on Outfitter 400 UTV)Convertible rear seat for seating up to 4 or flatbed for cargo
Additional FeaturesLED headlights, windshield, aluminum alloy wheelsFold down windshield, turn signals, side mirrorsFold down windshield, turn signals, side mirrors, high and low gear optionsDump bed, push button 4WD modes, quick detach windshieldFold down windshield, turn signals, side mirrors, convertible rear seat

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FAQs on Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews

These are frequently asked questions on Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews:

Is the Bighorn 550 UTV Suitable for Beginners or Experienced Riders?

The Bighorn 550 UTV is suitable for beginners and experienced riders. It is a comfortable machine with good steering and a soft suspension.

What is the Recommended Age Group for Riders?

The recommended age group for Bighorn Explorer 550 UTV riders is 18.

Can the Bighorn 550 UTV Accommodate Multiple Riders Comfortably?

The Bighorn 550L 4×4 ATV has an extended length that can accommodate two people comfortably.

Are There Any Specific Restrictions or Regulations for Using This UTV in Certain Areas?

There are specific restrictions and regulations for using UTVs in certain areas. However, these regulations vary depending on the location.

Can the Bighorn 550 UTV Be Modified or Customized Easily?

The Bighorn Explorer 550 UTV can be easily modified and customized. This is made possible by its several parts and accessories.


From my Bighorn 550 UTV Reviews, we can conclude that it stands out as a versatile and dependable utility terrain vehicle, offering robust performance and advanced features. It has a powerful 550cc EFI liquid cooled engine and a high performance suspension system.

In addition, it offers an array of safety features. The Bighorn 550 UTV is well equipped to tackle various terrains and tasks easily. Whether on the farm, ranch, trails, or backwoods, this UTV delivers a superior riding experience, making it a top choice for outdoor activities.

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