Best UTV Communication System

Best UTV Communication System | Top 5 Intercom Headsets

As an avid off-road enthusiast, I can confidently say that having a reliable UTV communication system is an absolute must.

Whether you’re hitting the trails with a group of friends or tackling a challenging course solo, being able to stay connected and in constant communication is crucial for safety and coordination.

After trying out several different options, I have written this article on the Best UTV communication system, comparing their features like connectivity, range, battery backup, etc.

5 Best UTV Communication System

Below is a comparison table showing the 5 Best UTV communication system:

Sena SPH10 Outdoor Bluetooth Stereo Headset/intercom

Sena SPH10 Outdoor Bluetooth Stereo Headset/intercom

  • Connectivity: 4 Person.
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Talk time: 10 hours
  • Range: 900m
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Cardo PACKTALK Edge communication system

Cardo PACKTALK Edge communication system

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.1
  • Talk time: 2 hours
  • Range: 1.6 km
  • Connectivity: 15 persons

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Cardo Systems PACKTALK Headphone

Cardo Systems PACKTALK Headphone

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Talk time: 7 hours
  • Range: 98 feet
  • Connectivity: 4 persons 
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Cardo PTB00001 - PACKTALK communication system

Cardo PTB00001 - PACKTALK communication system

  • Connectivity: 2-15 persons
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Talk time:  12 hours
  • Range: 1.6 km


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Rugged Radio and  communication system

Rugged Radio and communication system

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Talk time: 24 hours
  • Range: 49ft
  • Connectivity: 2-4 persons
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Best UTV communication system

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Let’s check out my reviews on the top 5 Best UTV Communication System:

Sena SPH10 Outdoor Bluetooth Stereo Headset/ Intercom Review

Sena SPH10 outdoor bluetooth stereo headset/intercom

The sena bluetooth stereo intercom is designed to support up to 4 riders with individual adjustable volumes. It allows you to call hands free on your bluetooth mobile phone, listen to voice instruction or music, advanced voice control, and full conversation switch your company. It is also sweat and water resistant, a 10 hours talk time, intercom distance of 900m, charging hour of 2.5hours, and lithium polymer battery type.

Cardo Packtalk Edge Communication System

Cardo PACKTALK Edge communication system

The Cardo PACKTALK Edge is a state of the art Bluetooth UTV communication system designed with air mount, Waterproof design, new and powerful 40mm high definition speakers with an improved audio profile and music processors. It is operated by a natural voice with a range of 1.6km, talk time of 2 hours, and can connect about 15 persons at a time.

Cardo Systems PACKTALK Headphone

Cardo Systems PACKTALK Headphone

The Cardo Systems PACKTALK Headphone comes with an ultra clear bluetooth connection which allows you to move freely up to 98ft/30 meters. It allows 4 persons or more to stay connected at the same time, with loud and clear Noise filtering mics to promote effective communication as you ride. It also features a rugged industrial design and noise reduction muffs.

Cardo PTB00001 – PACKTALK Communication System

Cardo PTB00001 - PACKTALK communication system

The Cardo PTB00001 - PACKTALK communication system is one of the best utv communication systems designed with a natural voice operation feature that allows you to connect directly to Siri and Ok Google. This 40mm-wide, high-definition speaker by JBL and its specially-tuned audio processor delivers a spectacular sound experience like no other. 

Rugged Radios H41-CF Communication System

Rugged Radios H41-CF communication system

The Rugged communication system comes integrated with a high noise dynamic micr.The carbon fiber designed cups installed with 24 Decibel NRR hearing protection offers very clear communication in addition to an easy to access control knob to help keep you flawlessly connected to your crew.


How to Select the Best UTV Communication System?

How to select the best YTV communication system

To select a good UTV communication system, you should be on the lookout for the following.

  1. Type: UTV communication systems come in two types, namely, Bluetooth and radio. Decide which you would prefer.
  2. Range: You should also consider the range of the communication system. How far the UTV communication can transmit depends on the watt and the antenna and line of sight in the case of a radio. While radios are great for communication, they don’t do well with obstacles, which might be a problem since you will mostly ride off-road and face many obstacles.
  3. Operation: The mode of operation is another option to consider. Do you want a UTV communication with private in-UTV communication or a cordless one? Have individual volumes, allow connection to a phone, require or exclude helmets? You have to put all these into consideration.
  4. Sound Quality: You should also consider the sound quality of the communication system you go for. Choose a communication system that has a sound filter and noise-canceling mics.
  5. Installation: It is better to go for a UTV communication system that doesn’t require tearing your UTV into pieces to install. Bluetooth communication systems are trending lately and are very easy to use.
  6. Maintenance: It’s essential to go for UTV communication systems with long-lasting battery life, and if it requires charging, they should have a shortened recharging time.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a UTV Communication System?

A UTV communication system should cost you from $35 to $300+, depending on the brand and features you are looking out for.

How to Install a UTV Communication System?

Some UTV communication systems don’t require installation, especially the Bluetooth type. However, if you are going for a radio intercom, here’s how to install one on your UTV:

  1. Find a location where it will be easy to reach by both the driver and the passenger.
  2. Ensure the location keeps it safe from water too.
  3. Mount the antenna as high as possible. Generally, the root of a vehicle is the best location.
  4. Mount on the metal surface, such as the roof, to help promote good transmission.
  5. Mount the antenna vertically.
  6. Ensure the antenna’s coaxial cable is routed away from the power and ground cable.

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What Are the Different Types of Communication Systems?

We have two major types of communication systems, and they are Bluetooth and radio intercom systems.


With the rise in the use of UTVs, it has become necessary to have the means to keep in touch with your fellow riders out there on the trail.

Moreso, Hands-free devices are better options to enable you to keep your eyes on the road while driving and still enjoy those rides. I have given you details of the best 5 UTV communication systems available today to help you make the right choices.

I hope you found this article on the best UTV communication system useful.

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