Sunf ATV Tire Review

Sunf ATV Tire Review (2023): A033 Tires Testing & Comparison

I have had my fair share of getting bumpy and very uncomfortable rides, so I had to do market research to find the best tires for ATVs.

It took me 2 weeks to sort through various tires till I found the Sunf ATV tire, which I highly recommend.

I have written this article on Sunf ATV tire review to give you first-hand info on this tire, its features, pros, cons, and much more.

Sunf ATV Tire Review

Set of 4 SunF A043 XC Racing ATV UTV Radial Sport Tires 25x8R12 Front & 25x10R12 Rear, 6PR, All-Terrain Off-Road & Track

The Sunf ATV tire is designed with a directional, angled, humped tread design for most terrains that performs well on all terrains. It is designed with Premium rubber in a tough compound to withstand the toughest racing conditions. It is also very affordable.

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Features of the Sunf ATV Tire

These are the top features of the SunF ATV tires:

  1. Non-directional and angle tread design.
  2. Made with premium rubber.
  3. Heavy 6-ply rated construction.
  4. Aggressive shoulder knobs.
  5. Front size of 25 x 8-12.
  6. Front tread depth of 21.
  7. Rear diameter of 25.
  8. Rear size of 12 x 9.0.
  9. Front weight of 20.
  10. Rear weight of 28.6.
  11. Weight of 80 pounds.

Pros & Cons of the Sunf ATV Tires

Below is a list of some pros and cons of the sunf ATV tire:

  • Directional tread pattern offers smoother rides and maintains braking.
  • Suitable for all terrains.
  • Resistant to punctures and abrasions.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Aggressive performance and look.
  • Low-speed traction on rocks is top-notch.
  • Quality fit and great finishing.
  • The ride may appear a little unstable.
  • They feel a little bit squirrely on asphalt.
  • They appear to dig holes very fast on gravel or sand.

I hope the above pros and cons that I have experienced, give you quite an entire Sunf ATV Tire Review for you.

Top-Notch Angle Tread Design

The SunF ATV tire is designed with a non-directional tread pattern which makes it suitable on most terrains with great performance.

The directional tread makes this tire capable of providing maximum traction, smooth rides, and maintaining braking.

Premium Rubber Material

the SunF ATV tire is designed with a tough and high-quality rubber material that withstands the toughest racing competitions.

Heavy 6-Ply Rated Construction

the sunf tire is designed with heavy 6-ply rated construction, which makes it resistant to punctures and abrasions. This tire can travel on rocks and hills without a scratch.

Adaptability To All Terrains

the sunf tire is one of the most adaptable tires on the market. It is suitable for mud, desert, dirt, and rock applications.

Aggressive Shoulder Knobs

the sunf tire has an aggressive shoulder knob that provides exceptional side bite and traction with additional protection to the sidewall and rim.

Sunf A033 ATV Tire Review

Sunf ATV A033 Tires Review
SunF A033 Power.I 26x8-12 ATV UTV Tire All-Terrain Off-Road, 6 Ply Tubeless

The SunF ATV tire has a directional, angled, humped tread design that makes it suitable for any terrain it comes in contact with. Made with premium rubber, the SunF ATV tire can withstand the toughest racing conditions along with being affordable.

What are the Dimensions for Sunf A033 Tires?

The SunF ATV tire has a Front size of 25 x 8-12, Front tread depth of 21, Rear diameter of 25, Rear size of 12 x 9.0, Front weight of 20, and Rear weight of 28.6. It has a total weight of 80 pounds.

Best Models of Sunf ATV Tires

Below is a list of the best SunF models, their features, and buying links.

SunF A043

SunF A043

  • Radial construction.
  • 6-ply-rated carcass.
  • Solid tread blocks.
  • Continuous center tread.
  • It’s perfectly suited for higher tire pressures.
  • Best used for Hardpack, loose-over-hard terrain.
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SunF A027

SunF A027

  • Knobby “X”-block tread pattern.
  • Provides optimal traction in all directions
  • Best used for Cross-country, desert.
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SunF A048

SunF A048

  • Directional “V” angled knobby tread design
  • Formulated with extended-wear rubber compound. 
  • Shoulder knobs.
  • Best used for: Mud and loose terrain.
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SunF A036

SunF A036

  • Paddle-like tread design.
  • LIghtweight 6-ply-rated carcass.
  • Best used for: mud, sand, snow, ice, and cold weather. 
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SunF A011

SunF A011

  • Countless small tread blocks design.
  • multi-directional tread
  • Best used for: Intermediate, hardpack terrains.
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SunF A003

SunF A003

  • Directional “V” angled tread knob design
  • All purpose.
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SunF A003

SunF A003 "power l"

  • Angled knobby tread design.
  • Aggressive shoulder knobs
  • Best used for: Desert, mud, dirt, and rocky terrains.
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Sunf A033 Vs Bighorn

Sunf ATV Tire Vs Bighorn

The Bighorn and SunF ATV tires both have almost the same qualities though the Bighorn is bigger and has more weight. However, the SunF ATV tire offers not just the same qualities as the Bighorn but also a much lower price. Based on customer reviews, sunF ATV tires are more durable and offer better rides than Bighorn tires.

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Are Sunf ATV Tires Any Good?

SunF ATV tires aren’t just great for your vehicles. They can easily pass as the best available in the market today.

They are non-directional, allowing them to offer smoother rides and maintain braking; they are strong and very durable, can travel across even the harshest conditions, and come at a very affordable price.

I am sure after reading this entire Sunf ATV Tire Review article, you will understand that this is a good atv tire brand.

Are SunF ATV Tires Directional?

No, sunF ATV tires are non-directional, making it easy to maintain braking and provide smoother rides while offering maximum traction across all terrains.

Are SunF ATV Tires Radials?

SunF ATV tires are radial, featuring an aggressive tread pattern that provides grip in nearly all conditions.

Features his 6-ply rating for extreme durability and puncture resistance. The tread pattern offers good cleaning in muddy conditions and rides very well on hard ground and asphalt.

Is SunF a Good Brand?

SunF is one of the best brands in terms of tires. They use top-notch methodology and premium materials to manufacture their products to the users’ satisfaction and comfort.

If you’re looking for quality, budget-friendly tires, with 99% of 2329 consumers reviews and 4 or 5 out of 5 stars, customers say these SunF ATV and UTV tubeless tires are a good buy. That is why I decided to write this special article on Sunf ATV Tire Review.

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Where Are SunF ATV Tires Made?

SunF ATV Tires are made in China and exported to the United States of America.


When it comes to the right tires for your ATV, SunF tires should come to mind.

These tires are non-directional and radial, allowing them to offer the best performance across all terrains, maintain braking and offer comfortable rides. They are also very affordable.

I hope you found this article on SunF ATV tire Review very helpful.

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