Renegade Golf Cart Reviews

Renegade Golf Cart Reviews: Specs, Pros, Problems

I just cruised around in my friend’s Renegade golf cart, and let me tell you, this golf cart felt good.

It has power, style, and build quality, making you want to tackle off-road adventures.

I share my Renegade Golf Cart Reviews in this article and list its specs, pros, and problems.

Renegade Golf Cart Reviews

The Renegade Golf Cart, known for its AC electric motor and 25 MPH top speed, impresses with its off-road capability and advanced tech features. It offers efficient charging, comfortable seating with safety features, and a versatile design, providing strong value at its sale price.

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Renegade Golf Cart Reviews

Renegade Golf Cart Reviews: Video Overview

This is the video overview of the Renegade Golf Cart:

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Renegade Golf Cart Features

Renegade Golf Cart Reviews: Features

These are the top 18 features of the Renegade golf cart:

  1. Frame: Aluminium structure
  2. Charger: 24V 5 AMP smart charger
  3. Electrical System: AC electric control
  4. Battery: 48V-100AH / 72V-150AH lithium battery
  5. Charging Time: 6.5 hours
  6. Motor: KDS 48V AC
  7. Lighting: LED Lamp, Turn Signal, Daytime Running Light, Rear Tail Light
  8. Tires: 23 x 10.5-14 aluminum rim
  9. Braking System: Double circuit hydraulic brake
  10. Rated Power: 5KW
  11. Maximum Travel Speed: 70Km/h 25mph
  12. Wheelbase: 1669mm
  13. Dry Weight: 1,455lbs
  14. Engine Type: AC electric motor
  15. Driving Mileage (Full Load): 150Km
  16. Charging Input Voltage: 120V
  17. Vehicle Load: 660kg
  18. Drive: RWD.

Renegade Golf Cart Reviews: Pros & Cons

This table shows the pros and cons of the Renegade golf cart:

They come with a durable aluminum frame for long-lasting usage.Cons
Renegade golf carts are comfortable and come in a portable frame.Unavailability of spare parts.
It has enhanced safety features like a hydraulic braking system and effective front and rear suspension.It comes with enhanced safety features like a hydraulic braking system and effective front and rear suspension.
It comes with enhanced safety features like hydraulic braking system and effective front and rear suspension.
It has a decent seating capacity.


The Renegade golf cart features a double circuit hydraulic braking system with an LED lamp, turn signal, daytime running light, and rear taillights to guarantee a safe driving experience.

The independent strut front suspension and the swing arm straight axle back suspension pair together to ensure safety and protection.

Seat capacity

With a seat height of 32 inches, a ground clearance of 7.8 inches, and a 6-seater capacity, the Renegade golf cart can carry enough people. It is also suitable for both home and commercial usage.


The Renegade golf cart also comes with a 12 months limited warranty from the manufacturer to guarantee its quality.


The Renegade golf cart is a high performance cart. With a KDS 48V motor, an AC electric motor engine and a 7.8″ ground clearance, it proves to be a very good choice.

It can also go as fast as 70km/h and has an efficient braking system to enhance speed and security.

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The Renegade golf cart is a nice blend of durability and aesthetics.

It comes with a beautiful and powerful aluminium frame to reduce the chances of rusting and wear and tear.

Overall, it is built to withstand extended usage and harsh weather conditions and has a long lifespan.


Having an overall length of 120″, a width of 53″, and a height of 80″ with a seat height of 32″, it is crafted to navigate different environments.

It boasts a 1669mm wheelbase for operational stability and a minimum ground clearance of 180mm, ensuring comfortable traversal across various terrains.

Overall, the Renegade golf cart has a portable and comfortable frame to offer both comfort and safety.

Renegade Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

These are the top 9 parts and accessories of the Renegade golf cart:

  1. MODZ RC3 Rear Seat Cover
  2. Golf Cart Front Wheel Hub Assembly
  3. Portable Speaker Mount
  4. Golf Cart Seat Covers
  5. RGB red whip lights
  6. Golf Cart Phone Mount Holder
  7. Universal lighted license plate holder
  8. Golf Cart Steering Wheel
  9. HD Shatterproof Golf Cart Side Mirror.

Renegade Golf Cart Problems

These are the top 10 Renegade Golf Cart Problems:

  1. Faulty battery
  2. Faulty brake system
  3. Brake difficulties
  4. Faulty wiring
  5. Damaged or worn-out tires
  6. Electrical faults
  7. Suspension issues
  8. Motor issues
  9. Steering system problems
  10. Charging issues.

Renegade Golf Cart Top Speed

The Renegade golf cart has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

Renegade Golf Cart vs the EZGO Golf Cart

This table compares the Renegade golf cart with the Ezgo golf cart:

SpecsRenegade EZGO 
Engine AC electric motor 150cc gas/electric motor 
Ground Clearance 7.8″4.5″
Weight (lbs)1,455577
Top Speed25 mph 29 mph

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Renegade Golf Cart Price

The price of the Renegade golf cart ranges from $€7,995 to $4,489.

Where Can You Find a Renegade Golf Cart for Sale?

Renegade golf carts are available for purchase through authorized distributors across the US. To find dealers near you, visit the official Termite website.

Generally, the Renegade golf cart isn’t approved for street usage. However, it comes with essential accessories such as lights, turn signals, and a parking brake, which are typically needed for a street-legal golf cart.

What Engine Does the Renegade Golf Cart Use?

The Renegade golf cart comes with a 48V AC electric motor engine.

FAQs on Renegade Golf Cart Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on Renegade Golf Cart Reviews:

What is the Ground Clearance of the Renegade Golf Cart?

The Renegade golf cart has a ground clearance of 7. 8 inches.

Where Are Renegade Golf Carts Made?

Renegade golf carts are made in China.


So, from this Renegade Golf Cart Reviews, I can conclude that it is a great golf cart known for its durability and aesthetics. With its powerful and portable frame, it is highly suitable for residential and commercial usage.

It is powered by a powerful 48V AC electric motor engine and can go up to 25 miles per hour. It makes use of an eco-friendly electric engine to reduce air pollution.

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