ODES UTV Reviews

ODES UTV Reviews 2023: Side by Side Price, Speed, Complaints

ODES UTVs are manufactured by one of the leading utility vehicle producing companies in the world today. I have heard a lot about their UTVs but didn’t think it would compare with Polaris Ranger and Intimidator UTVs topping the market,

However, I was convinced otherwise after testing out this vehicle last week.

I have written this ODES UTV Review with detailed information after testing the features, pros, cons, and more of this vehicle.

ODES UTV Reviews

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The ODES UTV is designed with a steel chassis frame giving it a clean finish. It comes with a powerful 800cc SOHC liquid-cooled engine which produces a horsepower of 60 hp and power of 44kw. It has a ground clearance of 16 inches and offers a fuel capacity of 39 gallons.

The ODES UTV also comes with some extras like a standard windshield, light bar, and winches.

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ODES Dominator 1000 Review

The Dominator 1000 is designed with a 1000cc, V-twin, fuel-injected four-stroke engine that generates 86 horsepower and 73 ft lbs of torque. It also has a CVT automatic transmission with a gear selection of low, high, neutral, reverse, and park plus a ground clearance of 16 inches to help you maneuver through all terrains.

ODES 1000 uses a Royal Purple 10W40 synthetic oil to keep crucial engine parts oiled and working correctly.

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ODES UTV Reviews: Features

This aspect of the ODES UTV Review is a list of some features of this vehicle:

  • 800cc SOHC liquid cooled V twin cylinder with EFI
  • Horsepower of 60 hp
  • Maximum torque of 73Nm
  • Maximum speed of 63mph.
  • Fuel capacity of 39 gallons
  • Wheelbase of 110 inches.
  • Ground clearance of 16 inches.
  • A Bed weight of 800ib.
  • Towing capacity of 2200ib.
  • Steel tube suspension frame.
  • Dry weight of 1792 inches.

Pros and Cons


  • A powerful engine that offers excellent power.
  • Offers an amazing speed level
  • Adjustable gas racing shocks offer exceptionally smooth rides.
  • Four wheels hydraulic brakes for added safety.
  • Great towing capacity.
  • Great ground clearance which allows it to move through various terrains.
  • Strong and durable body frame.


  • You may notice the transmission is too difficult to shift.
  • The engine access could be better
  • There is an absence of engine braking.
  • It is not one of the cheapest UTVs in the market.

ODES UTV Parts and Accessories

This section of the ODES UTV Reviews is a list of possible problems you can experience with this vehicle

  • Two brothers racing exhaust.
  • Power steerings.
  • Gun racks.
  • EPI severe duty belt.
  • Dnm Shocks Kit.
  • 72 inches snow plow.
  • Radio kit.
  • ODES cover.
  • Universal winch.

ODES UTV Complaints & Problems

ODES Complaints

This aspect of the ODES UTV Reviews is a list of the possible problems you can experience with this vehicle

  • Inadequate Cooling.
  • Tire Leakage.
  • Overheating.
  • Wheel Bearing Failure.
  • Squealing Brakes.
  • Front and Rear Wheels Shaking During Use.

ODES UTV Top Speed

The top speed of ODES UTV is 63mph.

ODES UTV vs Polaris Ranger

Next on this ODES UTV Reviews is A BRIEF COMPARISON OF this vehicle with the Polaris Ranger.

Features ODES UTV Polaris Ranger
EngineLiquid cooled v twin cylinderLiquid cooled single cylinder engine
Torque73Nm62 pounds feet
Ground clearance16 inches12.5 inches
Full tank capacity39 inches43 liters
Towing capacity2200 ib2500ibs
DriveSelectable 2×2/4×4Selectable 4×2/AWD
Wheelbase110 inches2060mm

ODES UTV vs Can Am Defender

Next on this ODES UTV Review is another brief comparison between this vehicle and the Can Am Defender

Features ODES UTV Can Am Defender
EngineLiquid cooled v twin cylinderRotax v twin 4 stroke engine
Torque53 ft lbs69 ft lbs
Horsepower60hp82 hp
Ground clearance16 inches13 inches
Full tank capacity39 inches10.6 gallons
Towing capacity2200 lbs2500 lbs
DriveSelectable 2×2/4×4Selectable 4×2, 4×4
Wheelbase110 inches83 inches

Where can you find ODES UTV for Sale?

You can find ODES UTV for sale from ODES dealers located across America. To locate an ODES dealer, you can check out their website @odespowersports.com you will find an option for finding a dealer which would help you locate the closest dealer in your area.

How much Horsepower does ODES UTV have?

The ODES UTV offers a horsepower of 60hp with a torque of 73Nm.

Who makes the ODES UTV?

The Asian ODFES brand manufactures the ODES UTV. They partners with SC worldwide in the USA.


The ODES UTV comes at a price of $16,395. While it is not the cheapest UTV in the market today, it comes with amazing features which makes it worth the price.

No. the ODES UTV is not a street legal vehicle since it is designed as an off road side by side. However, you can make your ODES UTV street legal by simply following the stipulated laid down rules of your state and making the necessary additions to your vehicle.

What Engine does the ODES side by side have?

The ODES UTV uses an 800cc SOHC v twin liquid cooled cylinder engine with EFI which offers a maximum speed of 63mph and a torque of 73Nm.

Is the ODES side by side 4 Wheel Drive?

Yes. The ODES side by side has a 4 wheel drive system. This vehicle has a CVT transmission which allows you to switch between 2wd and 4wd easily as the terrain requires.

Ground Clearance

The ODES UTV comes with a ground clearance of 16 inches which allows it to easily get through tough terrains.


The ODES is one of the top growing automobile companies today producing the best UTVS. ODES UTV offers unique features like a towing capacity of 2200ibs, 16 inches ground clearance, 4 mounted LED lights, Half doors, and much more. There are also so many accessories available for the UTV. While this vehicle is not the cheapest in the market, it offers great value for money. I highly recommend this vehicle, it’s one of the best I have tested.

I hope this article on ODES UTV Reviews has been insightful to you.

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