Kymco ATV Reviews

Kymco ATV Reviews |Price, Problems, Top Speed, Specs, Parts

Many great ATVs available today aren’t as popular but worth every penny. These vehicles have power and durability, including the Kymco ATV.

I had heard about this vehicle once from a friend but had just been able to review it till last week when I was contacted to write a review on this ATV. This vehicle showed many amazing features that made me wonder where it had been all my life.

This Kymco ATV Reviews article contains my findings on this vehicle, its pros, cons, and more. You get to see for yourself why this ATV is so special.

Kymco ATV Reviews

The Kymco ATV offers excellent power and handling, featuring a 695cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine and suspension. Its digital display and customizable controls add a level of modern convenience. This ATV has proven itself to be durable and reliable, making it a top choice for off-road enthusiasts.

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Kymco ATV Reviews: Features

Kymco ATV Reviews

Below is a list of the Kymco ATV features:

  • Below is a list of the Kymco ATV features.
  • Single cylinder, 4 strokes, DOHC liquid-cooled, 4 valve engine.
  • 695cc displacement.
  • Electric fuel injection.
  • 548 kg towing capacity.
  • A top speed of 108 km/hr.
  • Horsepower of 44 HP.
  • CVT system with neutral, reverse, high and low gears.
  • Maximum torque of 55Nm
  • Preload adjustable shock absorber.
  • Fuel capacity of 25 liters.
  • Winch capacity of 2500 lb.
  • A dry weight of 363kg.

Pros & Cons

Below is a brief overview of the pros and cons of Kymco ATV:

  • Strong and flexible engine.
  • Good acceleration.
  • Amazing driveline design.
  • Great fuel capacity.
  • Great towing capacity.
  • Strong body frame.
  • Parts and accessories are readily available.
  • It is expensive.
  • The suspension isn't that resistant to pressure.

Kymco ATV Problems

Next, in this Kymco ATV Reviews, I have included some of the most common problems you can encounter on this vehicle. They are:

  1. Spark plug issues 
  2. Battery issues.
  3. Ignition issues.
  4. Suspension issues.
  5. Engine problems.
  6. Transmission issues.
  7. Clutch replacement issues.

Kymco ATV Parts & Accessories

Kymco ATV Parts & Accessories

Below is a list of some Kymco ATV parts and accessories:

  • Nelson Rigg Sahara dry duffle bag.
  • Kolpin XL with handlebar mount rhino.
  • Koplin rhino grip
  • Quadboss ATV mesh rack.
  • Koplin matrix seat bag.
  • Koplin cargo carrier.
  • Koplin lockable rear lounger.
  • Koplin gun boot.
  • Koplin convertible rear drop basket. 
  • Budge trailerable ATV cover.
  • Covercraft ready-fit ATV cover.
  • Outlaw utility ATV padded seat protector.
  • Quadgear ATV seat cover.
  • Viper winches ATV midnight winch.
  • KFI pro S straight ATV plow blade.
  • Gates G-force CVT belt.
  • Fly Racing Aero tapered handlebar.
  • K&L supply push rivet.
  • L.A sleeve cylinder sleeve.
  • SP1 cylinder.
  • Dynatek Dyna spark plug wires.

Kymco ATV vs Hisun ATV

Below is a table comparing the Kymco ATV with the Hisun ATV.

Features Kymco ATV Hisun ATV 
Wheelbase 1289mm58.5 inches
Ground clearance 272mm12 inches
Engine type695cc single-cylinder, DOHC four-stroke, liquid-cooled, 4-valve engine4-stroke OHV V twin, 2 cylinders liquid-cooled 976cc engine 
Transmission CVTCVT transmission 
Horsepower 44 Hp65 Hp
Speed108 km/hr60 mph
Towing capacity 548 kg1,200 lbs


Below in this Kymco ATV Reviews is a list of Kymco models and their prices:

  • Kymco MXU 700i LE EPS $15,490
  • KYMCO 500i EPA $12,990
  • KYMCI MXU 400 $9,490
  • KYMCO 300R $7,490
  • KYMCO MONGOOSE 90 $3,690
  • KYMCO MAXXER 50 $3,090

Who Makes the Kymco ATV?

The Kymco brand, a Taiwanese manufacturing company, manufactures the Kymco ATV. This company was established in 1963 to produce Honda; however, in 1992, they started producing ATVs.

Kymco ATV Dealers

You can easily locate Kymco ATV dealers across the United States. However, to readily locate a Kymco ATV dealer nearest to you, visit their official website You will find a locate dealers option to help you find dealers closest to you.

Kymco ATV Top Speed

The Kymco ATV offers a top speed of 109 km/hr with a horsepower of 44 hp.

Kymco ATV Reviews Reliability

Kymco ATVs are generally known for their reliability and durability. Many owners of Kymco ATVs report that their vehicles have required minimal maintenance and have held up well over time, even with regular use.

Kymco ATV Models

Below is a list of all the Kymco ATV models:

  • Kymco MXU 700i LE EPS
  • KYMCO 500i EPA
  • KYMCO MXU 400
  • KYMCO 300R

Just like most off-road vehicles, the Kymco ATV is not street-legal. However, you can make your Kymco ATV street legal based on the laid-down vehicle regulation of your state. In most cases, registering or getting a VIN and adding stipulated safety features like horns can do the trick.

What Engine Does the Kymco ATV Have?

The Kymco ATV uses a 695cc single-cylinder, DOHC four-stroke, liquid-cooled, 4-valve engine, which offers a maximum speed of 108 km/hr and a torque of 55Nm.

Your Kymco won’t start? Check out this ATV Starter Solenoid Wiring Diagram to fix it yourself.

Is the Kymco ATV 4 Wheel Drive?

The Kymco ATV has a 4-wheel drive with Continuous Variable Transmission, which allows you to reverse gears easily and switch from a 2WD system to 4WD depending on the terrain you are riding on.

Ground Clearance

The Kymco ATV offers a ground clearance of 272mm with a 1298mm wheelbase which is an amazing height for an ATV of its spec.


The Kymco ATV series is, without a doubt, one of the best you can find today regarding power and durability. This ATV is suitable for teens and young adults and can perform excellently for work and play. This ATV also offers amazing features, as stated above in this Kymco ATV Reviews. I recommend this ATV for individuals looking for speed, power, fun, and durability.

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