Intimidator UTV Reviews

Intimidator UTV Reviews 2023: GC1K Parts, Price, Reliability

In our quest for the best Utility vehicle in the market, we test all the latest UTVs on the market. Read up on how we rate the performance and reliability of the Intimidator UTV.

In this Intimidator UTV Reviews article, after testing it last week, I explain its features, pros, cons, reliability, parts availability, and more to help you choose better.

Intimidator UTV Reviews

The Intimidator UTVs are designed with durable oversized components which makes them easy to maintain and customize. These UTVs have a top speed of 65mph with a towing capacity of 2500 Ibs. They also come with safety features and an easy-to-switch drive system making them suitable for work and play.

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Intimidator UTV Reviews: Features

intimidator utv review

These are the top features of the Intimidator UTV:

  • A V twin cylinder 4 stroke engine.
  • 2500 lbs towing capacity.
  • A maximum speed of 65mph, 85 HP, and 67ib/ft torque.
  • Electric starting.
  • ECU ignition.
  • Utilizes 87 Octane Gasoline (10% Ethanol Max) 91+ fuel type.
  • Safety accessories like headlights, half doors, tail lights, and three-point seat belts.
  • ROHVA roll cage.
  • Heavy duty disk brakes.
  • 2WD and electronic 4WD drive system.

Pros & Cons

In this section of the Intimidator UTV Review, I talk about the pros and cons of this utility vehicle:


  • Offers a quick start.
  • Great acceleration.
  • It comes with an aluminum box, unlike most UTVs which come with a plastic box.
  • Offers great speed and torque.
  • Increased mileage.
  • Awesome fuel capacity.
  • Great towing capacity.
  • Strong and durable body frame.
  • Comes with a lot of safety features.


  • Changing the oil filter may be a little tedious since you have to remove the exhaust manifold and alternator.
  • Since it is produced only in the USA and isn’t very popular, locating a dealer may be a little difficult.
  • You may experience some transmission issues with this vehicle.

Intimidator UTV Problems

These are some of the most common Intimidator UTV Problems:

  • Transmission Failure when Shifting Between Gears.
  • Battery Issues.
  • Headlight Issues.
  • Tire Problems.
  • Locating Intimidator Dealers.
  • Leaking Coolant.

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Intimidator UTV Reliability

The Intimidator UTV is a very reliable utility vehicle because of its durability and the power of the TGB 1000cc engine.

Intimidator UTV Parts & Accessories

intimidator gc1k reviews

Next on this Intimidator UTV Reviews, is a list of different parts and accessories for this utility vehicle.

  • Groundhog Max without Kit.
  • Quick Connect Plastic Top.
  • Lexan Back Panel.
  • Can Heater 
  • Side Step
  • Aluminum Front.
  • Cv Joint Protectors
  • 1.75 Inch Breakaway Mirrors.
  • Rear/side View Mirrors.
  • Universal Roof Cargo Rack 
  • Rear Cargo Rack.
  • Winch Dash Mount Rocker Switch.
  • Warn Vr X 45 Synthetic Rope Winch.
  • Warn Vr X 45 Wire Rope.
  • Light Bar Wire Harness.
  • Winch Bad Dawg Led Light Bar 
  • Universal Floor Mounted 4 Gun Rack.
  • Power Ride Gun Rack.
  • Bad Dawg Grab Handles.
  • 1.75″ Sound Bar Roll Cage Clamp.
  • Snow Plow.
  • Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Speaker Bar with Bluetooth.
  • Underseat Storage Compartment.
  • Front Windshield Lexan.
  • Armour Tech Crew Cab.
  • Front Bumper.
  • Half Doors 
  • Turn Signal Kits.
  • 2″ Bracket Lifts.

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Intimidator UTV vs Polaris Ranger

When choosing a UTV to buy, there are considerations you have to make in regards to the environment you are to use the vehicle and what purpose it’s to be used for. Based on this, in this Intimidator UTV Review, we will be comparing the intimidator UTV and Polaris ranger below.

  • The intimidator UTV runs on electricity which increases its mileage and gives it better fuel efficiency than the Polaris Ranger. If you have access to electricity in your area, the intimidator UTV is your best option. However, if you don’t, you should go for a Polaris ranger.
  • In regards to engine power, the Polaris ranger has a high engine power which makes it more suitable for hilly and harsh conditions. The intimidator UTV on the other hand is more suitable for less hilly areas and conditions since its engine isn’t as powerful as that of the Polaris ranger.
  • The Intimidator UTV is easier to maintain compared to the Polaris ranger. This is because the Intimidator UTV runs on electricity and therefore misses out on all the greasy moving parts that the Polaris ranger’s gas engine comes with, making maintenance less difficult.
  • The Intimidator UTV is lightweight compared to the Polaris ranger. This makes it possible for the Intimidator UTV to reach very high speeds and spurt.
  • The Intimidator UTV comes with a plush stylized seating which the Polaris ranger lacks.
  • The Intimidator UTV has oversized 10.25 inch automatic style brake rotors absent in the Polaris ranger.
  • The Intimidator UTV comes at a more affordable price range compared to the Polaris ranger.

Intimidator UTV Price

In this section of my Intimidator UTV Reviews, is the price catalog for various intimidator UTV models.

The Intimidator UTV Price ranges from $13.599 to $22,000. 

  • The classic model has a price of $13.599.
  • The GC1K has a price of $17,299.
  • The GC1K crew comes at $18,899.
  • The GC1K truck comes at $21,999.
  • The classic EV comes at $16,999.
  • The Truck 1000cc comes at $18,799.

Who Makes the Intimidator UTV?

The Intimidator UTV is made by Intimidator, Inc. at their headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas was founded by Robert and Becky Foster in the United States.

Intimidator UTV Dealers

Intimidator UTV dealers are located across the US. To locate an intimidator UTV dealer, you can simply check out their website. where you will find an option for locating dealers close to you.

What is the Top Speed of the Intimidator UTV?

The Intimidator UTV offers a maximum speed of 65 mph with 83HP and 67 pound-feet of torque.

List of All the Intimidator Models

Below is a list of all the Intimidator UTV models:

  • Intimidator GC1K model.
  • Intimidator GC1K crew model.
  • Intimidator GC1K truck model.
  • Intimidator Classic model.
  • Intimidator Classic EV model.
  • Intimidator Truck model.

The Intimidator UTV is not street legal. It is designed as an off-road Utility vehicle, however, it comes with a lot of safety features necessary to make a UTV street legal. This means it is very easy and less expensive to make an Intimidator UTV street legal.

What Engine Does the Intimidator Side by Side Have?

The Intimidator side-by-side GCK1 and GCK1 crew series is powered by a TGB 1000 engine. The Intimidator classic on the other hand is powered by the new 1000cc Kohler diesel engine.

Is the Intimidator UTV 4 Wheel Drive?

Yes. The Intimidator UTV has an electronic 4-wheel drive and 2 wheel drive system that you can easily switch between depending on the terrains you are riding on.

What is the Ground Clearance Of the Intimidator Utility Vehicle?

The Intimidator UTV offers about 12 inches of ground clearance with 27 inches tires and about 10 inches of suspension travel.


I hope you liked this Intimidator UTV reviews article because it is one of the best utility vehicles that you can get today and it comes at a good price. This vehicle is suitable for both work and play and offers amazing features like an electric starting, half doors, 2500ibs towing capacity, and more. If you are looking for a UTV to buy for less hilly areas with electricity at an affordable price, the intimidator UTV is your best bet.

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