How to Make a Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster

How to Make a Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster? 7 Proven Ways

So, how to make a gas club car golf cart faster? I found the answer and I am sure you will too after reading this article.

It is obviously an impossible wish to want a golf cart to be as fast as an actual car, however, its speed can be increased to more than 26 miles per hour.

I have created this article which shows you everything you need to know about how to make a gas club car golf cart faster.

Before we move on, please ensure your cart is in good condition. If it’s not, no tuning will increase its speed. Check the steering, suspensions, and breaks to ensure they are all in good shape. If they are, then we are good to go.

How to Make a Gas Club Car Golf Cart Faster: Top 7 Ways

how to make a gas-powered club car golf cart go faster

There are numerous ways to make your golf cart faster, here are seven top ways to do that:

1. Install a Battery with A Better Capacity

This is one of the easiest ways if you are asking how to make your gas club car golf cart faster. To do this, check the voltage of your current battery. You can find this information printed on the battery case.

Next, check your golf carts manual for the safe maximum battery voltage, 48v. If your cart’s battery voltage is lower, then you need to upgrade. When choosing a new battery, ensure you check the battery’s water level.

Batteries with higher water levels will last longer and perform better than batteries with lower water levels.

Check out how to do a 36 Volt to 48 Volt Golf Cart Conversion by reading my detailed article on it.

2. Upgrade Your Gas Club Car Golf Cart Motor

This is one of the best ways to increase the torque of your cart. A simple and effective answer to how to make your gas club car golf cart faster.

A larger motor increases your torque significantly allowing you to travel faster and handle more weight. This is a very effective way of increasing your cart’s speed especially if you constantly travel through tougher terrains. However, upgrading your cart’s motor would mean more battery power, so ensure to upgrade your battery as well.

3. Get a New Speed Controller

Changing your speed controller is another way to make your golf cart faster. We know a speed controller regulates the electric output of the cart’s motor and a higher voltage equals higher RPM which means more speed.

When you change your speed controller, you can maintain the voltage to ensure your cart isn’t overloaded and increase the amp of the motor which subsequently causes the torque to increase giving you more speed at a reduced voltage. You get to save battery while getting your desired speed.

You might want to check out Symptoms of Bad Controller on Golf Cart if you are doubtful about your Club cars controller.

4. Adjust Your Club Car’s Governor

Virtually every golf cart is designed to be used on the golf course with a speed of 12-14 Mph. While this is sufficient for a good play on the golf course, it is quite slow for a normal day run. Adjusting the speed governor of your golf cart is a simple solution to the issue at hand, how to make your gas club car golf cart faster.

An externally controlled governor makes use of a tiny metal rod located close to the golf cart’s clutch to adjust the connected cable. Simply turn the nut anticlockwise. This will make the cable longer and increase your cart’s speed.

If your cart’s governor is installed internally, open the golf cart engine access panel. You can easily locate the governor by tracing the thickest cable running from the gas pedal; the governor will be located on the cable before it gets to the carburetor. Loosen the tension on the governor spring to increase your cart’s speed.

5. Increase Tire Size

This is the simplest way to make your gas club car golf cart faster. Inflating your tire a little bit more gives it a slightly larger diameter which is sure to provide you added speed. Ensure you don’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

In order to install larger tires, you might want to lift your cart a little. So, check out my recommendations on the best Lift Kit for Club Car DS & Precedent.

However, installing larger tires has a drawback. While bigger tires increase your speed, it also reduces your low end torque since it requires more power to pull larger tires than smaller ones.

6. Upgrade Your Clutch

How to make your gas club car golf cart faster becomes a little less of an issue with an upgrade to a high-performance clutch. A golf cart’s clutch engages the motor and disengages it at a certain RPM.

club car precedent clutch adjustment

Upgrading your clutch would result in your clutch engaging your cart’s motor at a higher RPM, therefore increasing your cart’s speed. This is a great way of increasing your gas Club car golf cart’s speed without changing the motor.

7. Add a Cold Air Intake to Your Gas Club Car Golf Cart

If you are curious about how to make a gas club car golf cart faster, try changing the vents. Cold air intake allows more air into your engine causing more fuel to be burned. This process brings about increased speed and performance.

Cold air intake is essential for golf carts often used at high speed on tough terrains. Doing this ensures your engine doesn’t get damaged while at an increased speed.

Bonus Tip: Adding these best club car accessories will make your golf cart faster.

How to Make a Club Car Precedent Go Faster

To increase the speed on your gas club car precedent, do the following:

  • Upgrade your cart’s speed motor type to series wound DC type
  • Replace the solenoid and other electrical components to match the new motor
  • Upgrade your battery to one with a higher voltage
  • Change your cart’s tire to larger ones
  • Ensure you don’t overload your golf cart.

How to Make a Gas Club Car DS Go Faster

Follow the simple steps below to make your gas club car DS golf cart go faster:

  • Adjust the speed governor as recommended above.
  • Install a torque converter
  • Install a better battery with a higher voltage
  • Install a high-performance clutch
  • Increase the tire size

Making your gas club car golf cart faster without an upgrade is very simple, just follow these steps:

1. Wash Your Cart Regularly

Wondering how this can make your golf cart go faster? Well, when you don’t clean your cart regularly, the dirt from all the rides, especially on muddy grounds, piles up on your cart’s chain, gears, and other areas.

Your cart’s wheels will find it more difficult to turn, reducing the speed to a large extent. If this dirt gets to an electrical area, your cart may not run smoothly or fast.

Therefore, it is very essential to wash your cart very often.

2. Inspect Your Golf Cart Battery Regularly

An effective and efficient battery is key to a fast cart. Ensuring your battery is in a good condition is a good way to make your golf cart faster.

3. Refill Your Battery Water Regularly

If your battery water level isn’t maintained, your cart is likely to overheat and run slowly. Refilling your battery water level with distilled water regularly ensures your cart is in a fast lane.

4. Ensure Nothing Is Blocking Your Gas Pedal and Linkage

Many times due to your cart being slow,

5. Changing the Tire Pressure Will Help

Measure your golf cart’s tire pressure and ensure it is at 20-22 PSI to make your cart go faster.

The highest speed for a gas club car golf cart is 19Mph while for an electric club car golf cart, it is 23Mph.

Why Is My Club Car Golf Cart so Slow?

Your club car golf cart may be slow as a result of a low battery, a faulty amp controller, forward/ reverse speed issue, and speed sensor issues.


The issue of how to make a gas club car golf cart faster is a universal one for every Club cart user. I do hope this article was helpful to you. Simply follow the steps in this article and you will readily be able to increase your club car’s speed.

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