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6 Best Lift Kit for Club Car DS & Precedent (2022)

John, my friend, has had a Club Car DS 2005 model for about two years and he has already dealt with a few problems including a couple of minor repairs to the rear end. When he purchased the vehicle, it was equipped with a stock lift kit. He recently decided to upgrade the lift kit and purchase a new one. So, he asked me, What’s the Best Lift Kit for Club Car DS?

That is why I decided to write this article explaining the details about choosing the Best Lift Kit for Club Car DS in 2022.

6 Best Lift Kit for Club Car DS

These are the best lift kit for your Club Car DS:

1. GTW 6″ Double A-Arm Lift Kit for Club Car DS

This is the best lift kit for Club Car DS from years 2003 to 2015 including the plastic dust covers. This is the most popular kit because it is affordable and easy to install. It works for both gas and electric Club Car golf cart. It is designed for camber and tow adjustments and can use to lift both the front and the rear parts. It comes with two A-arms, two mounting brackets, and four nuts.


  1. High enough to install tires up to 23 inches.
  2. Looks good with a glossy metallic finish.
  3. No need for cutting & easy to bolt-on.
  4. Can be installed in under an hour.


GTW 6″ Lift Kit retails for about $400 on Amazon with a 4.5-star rating, which is very good for the quality.


If you are looking for a simple lift kit that has an easy to follow instruction manual, then this is the best option for you.

2. 10L0L 3-Leaf Spring Kit for DS Club Car

The 10L0L 3-leaf spring lift kit manufactured by the 10L0L company on the 24th of June 2021 is one of the best options for a DS lift kit with a 4.5-star rating. It has a 3-leaf  unique design with a spring kit made of heavy-duty spring with anti-rust coating, making its thickness 15% more than other springs. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Fits gas & electric 1981-UP models of club car DS.
  • Comes with #8 rubber bushings, #2 U bolts with washer, #2 heavy-duty 3-leaf spring, and #4 stainless sleeves.
  • Package dimensions of 30.5×8×2.44 inches.


The price for the 10L0L 3-leaf spring kit for the DS club car is available on Amazon.


10L0L 3-leaf spring kit for DS  club cars Is the kit to buy when you are looking to add more weight or passengers to your cart. It’s suggested for shipping companies and a good call for airports too.

Check out the 36v Club Car Forward Reverse Switch Wiring Diagram, if you are having issues with your cart’s F/R switch.

3. Rhox Ds Heavy-Duty 6″ A-Arm Club Car Lift Kit

Rhox DS heavy-duty 6″ A-Arm club car lift kit is designed to give your cart the desired smooth scale on terrains of all types whilst adding a height of 6″ to your club car DS. A lot of my golfer buddies have rated the Rhox lift kit as the Best Lift Kit for Club Car DS.


  • Quick toe and camber adjustments.
  • A diameter steel tubing larger than that of any other lift kit.
  • A replacement for the existing front-end end on your golf cart
  • Suitable for club car DS 2003.5 up to 2009 (gas & electric)


The price for the Rhox DS heavy-duty 6″ A-Arm club car lift kit can be gotten on Amazon 


The Rhox DS heavy duty club car lift is designed for extreme terrains. If you love the hills, and mountains or live around the desert areas, buying this lift kit for your cart will be the best decision you could ever make.

4. 10 L0 L Golf Cart Rear 4-Leaf Spring Lift Kit for Club Car DS

10L0L golf cart rear 4-leaf spring lift kit for club car DS is designed for club car DS 1981-Up. It comes with spacers, U bolts and bushings. With package dimensions of 30.5×8.5×3.5 inches, this lift kit is an interesting pack for your club cart.


  • A 4-leaf design with anti-rust coating.
  • Appropriate for club car DS 1981-up models
  • Comes with four metal spacers,2 heavy duty rear leaf springs, 2U bolts, and 8 rubber bushings
  • 1 year refund guarantee


The price for the 10L0L golf cart rear 4-leaf spring lift kit for club car DS is available on Amazon.


This kit can easily be personally installed with no glitches. With its easy to install feature and affordability, it’s very  suitable for golf clubs

5. MJFX 6″ HD Club Car DS Lift Kit

This is the first formed industry steel lower A-Arm design. With its long lasting urethane bushing and oversized 5 / 8″ heim joints, you would be preparing your cart for an awesome outdoor experience with this lift kit.


  • Urethane bushings with great durability
  • Grease fittings.
  • Appropriate for club car DS 1982-2000 models (gas & electric)
  • Longer shock travel


The MJFX club car DS 6″ HD lift kit is available on Amazon


The MJFX club car DS lift kit is a kit for commercial use. Its longer shock travel and durability give any organization a cheaper management budget. It comes in handy for Golf clubs and other commercial companies.

6. Aw Rear Leaf Spring DS Club Car Lift Kit

AW rear leaf spring DS club car lift kit is designed to replace the original leaf spring of a golf car. It is often used to improve the weight capacity of club car DS and is compatible with DS club car models of 1993-UP.


  • Supports increased weight capacity. Appropriate for adding more passengers to your cart.
  • Designed with a heavy duty 60Si2Mn carbon steel board with a coating resistant to corrosion, it provides elasticity and durability.
  • Offers 880Lbs weight capacity to your club car
  • Compatible with DS club car models of 1993-UP


The AW rear heavy duty leaf spring DS club car lift kit is currently available on Amazon at an affordable price.


With the AW rear heavy duty club car lift kit, you can take on more challenges. If you are looking to do more with your cart, this is the Best Lift Kit for Club Car DS that you can own.

What Is a Club Car Lift Kit?

A club car lift kit is an accessory added to a club car golf cart to increase its height and give it more leverage to navigate through tougher terrains. It also allows you to install larger tyres in your club car.

Best Lift Kit for Club Car Precedent

The best lift kit for club car precedent is the RHOX 6″ A-Arm Club Car Precedent Lift Kit. It has all that is needed to lift the front and rear of your club car. It is easy to install with no welding required, permits tow adjustments and complete camber, and is suitable for extreme terrains. It is currently sold at $446.04 on Amazon.

Best Club Car Lift Kit by Year

Information on the best car lift kit by year is below:

1. Best 6 Inch Kit for 2003 Club Ds

The best 6 inch kit for 2003 club DS is the GTW club car DS double A-Arm kit. It allows tow adjustments and camber, and has fittings for easier maintenance.

2. What Lift Kit Is Best for 07 Club Car Ds

 The best lift kit for 07 club car DS is the 9.99 WORLD MALL golf car heavy duty rear leaf kit for club car DS. Allows your cart easy movement and improved weight capacity. Currently sold at $99.99 on Amazon.

3. Best Lift Kit for 97 Club Ds

Jake lift kit club car DS prevents your DS club car from rubbing whilst turning. It allows you to also run large wheels using low profile tyres.


In conclusion, the only way to be sure that you are buying the Best Lift Kit for Club Car DS is to do your research and read reviews of the car lift kits before buying one. After all, the lift kit will save your vehicle from unnecessary damage and will make it easier for you to get to the parts of the vehicle that are hidden under the body.

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