SGC Lift Kit Reviews

SGC Lift Kit Reviews for Club Car, EZGO & Yamaha Golf Cart

If you’re planning to upgrade your golf cart’s suspension system then it makes sense to check SGC’s product line out first.

SGC Lift Kits have been very well received and trusted by consumers because of their durability.

In this article on SGC Lift kit Reviews, I will present the features, pros and cons, how to install it and what to look for when choosing the perfect lift kit for your golf cart.

SGC Lift Kit Reviews

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SGC lift kits show consistent performance, lasting for years with minimal issues like slight corrosion on a heim joint. Their range caters to EZGO and Club Car models, boasting compatibility with both electric and gas carts.

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SGC Lift Kit Features

SGC Lift Kit Features

In this aspect of the SGC Lift Kit Reviews, you will see the features that make this lift kit perfect for your golf cart. The features include:

  1. It is built with Coil-Over shocks design which gives a heavy duty, individual suspension and ensures long-lasting driving.
  2. It has a heavy duty 6 inches A-Arm design and a stock front axle for replacement.
  3. Its bolt on design needs no additional parts or modification.
  4. It has parts for both front and rear lift kits.
  5. It can fit up to 23 inches of offset wheel tires.
  6. It comes with quality tested alloy class 8.8 high strength hardware ((Proof load 85000psi/Yield Strength Min 92000psi/Tensile Strength 120000psi).
  7. Black powder coating finish.
  8. Step by step installation instructions.
  9. It also comes with a 4-year factory warranty provided by Steeleng Golf Cart Corp for free replacement if there is any quality issue.

Pros & Cons of SGC Lift Kit for Club Car, EZGO & Yamaha Golf Cart

While writing this SGC Lift Kit Review article, I found  these are its pros and cons:

  • It is very easy to install.
  • It is very well made, built with very heavy steel.
  • It is very affordable to purchase.
  • It sometimes changes the angle of axle joints and drives lines, making them wear out faster.
  • If not properly fixed, it can cause vibrations.
  • It could also cause more strain on suspension and bearing components.

SGC Lift Kit Instructions

SGC Lift Kit Reviews

Follow these step-by-step instructions to install SGC Lift Kit on your golf cart:

  1. First, make sure the parking brake is on and wedge the rear wheels and raise the golf cart with a jack stand.
  2. Remove the front tires, cotter pin, castle nut, and hub, and keep them safe.
  3. Next, you should remove the cotter pin from the castle nut, remove the castle nut from the ball joint and separate the ball joint from the spindle and keep all parts safe.
  4. Remove the bolts from the rack and pinion and keep safely.
  5. Remove the bushing, lower washer, and nut from shock. Take the shock out of the way and keep the disconnected parts safely. You should also remove five bolts from the factory axle and keep the shock plates and hardware.
  6. The next step is to position the front springs above the front axle. Install mounting plate, front leaf spring, and front risers using factory hardware. Pay attention to the bolt direction and don’t tighten yet.
  7. Then, mount the rack and pinion on the mounting plate using the factory hardware and space. Don’t tighten yet.
  8. Use the supplied hardware to install the front riser and rack pinion assembly on the front axle. The steering wheel will need to be turned a bit during installation to prevent bolts from touching the tie rod. After this, you can tighten the hardware from the previous steps.
  9. The next thing to do is to install the shock extender on the drop axle but don’t tighten them yet.
  10. Install the lower end of the shock to shock extender and tighten it once you’ve completed both sides.
  11. Install the steering riser on the spindle and install the rack ball joint on the steering riser.
  12. Fix back the hub and front wheels and install the SGC plate. Make sure your brake is still on.
  13. Next, unbolt the rear leaf springs from under the rear end, keep the front and rear leaf spring bolts safe for the reinstallation of the leaf springs and use the car jack to lower the rear end of the cart.
  14. Install the Rear Riser on top of the axle.
  15. Next, place the leaf springs on top of the risers and mount the front of the leaf springs to the stock front leaf spring mount loosely using the stock hardware.
  16. Place the rear shock plates on top of the leaf springs with the shock mount holes facing the rear of the cart and towards the center.
  17. Using the stock U-bolts from the leaf springs, mount the shock plates to the rear risers with the leaf springs placed in between them and ensure all bolts are evenly tightened. Then reattach the rear shock to the rear shock plate.
  18. Finally, reinstall the hub and wheels.

SGC Club Car Lift Kit Reviews

Sold for the price of $1,052.53, the SGC Lift Kit for Club Car has a stock front axle with heavy-duty double A-Arm design, bolt-on design with no additional parts or modifications needed, an all-tested alloy class 8.8 high strength hardware (Proof load 85000 psi / Yield Strength Min 92000 psi / Tensile Strength 120000 psi) and can be fitted with any 23 inch offset wheel tires.

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How to Choose a Lift Kit for Your Golf Cart?

The following points are necessary to consider when choosing a lift kit for your golf cart:

  • It must be affordable.
  • It must be able to improve the ground clearance of your cart.
  • It must have good shocks and must be able to hold your suspension.
  • You should consider the height of your lift.
  • You should also consider the type of lift you want. You can choose between the A-arms, block lifts, and drop axles.
  • You should also consider your tire size before choosing your lift kit.

FAQs on SGC Lift Kit Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on SGC Lift Kit Reviews:

Are SGC Lift Kits Any Good?

SGC lift kits are a good choice for any golf cart as they have all the features that you will need from a lift kit.


When you want to choose the right lift kit, you should think about your desired ride height, wider stance, and other accessories like rear seats, cargo beds, wheels, and tire size. After considering all these, you can pick the best.

I hope you found this article on SGC Lift Kit  Reviews helpful.

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