How much does an electric golf cart weigh?

How Much Does an Electric Golf Cart Weigh? Club Car, EZGO

Like any purchase you have to make, choosing a golf cart can get pretty tough, especially when you don’t know what to expect from the cart. Besides, making a purchase gets dicey when you don’t know which golf cart has what you’re looking for.

I have put together this article on How much does an electric golf cart weigh? to make this endeavor easier for you. This article details the weight range to expect from a good electric golf cart.

How Much Does an Electric Golf Cart Weigh?

How Much Does an Electric Golf Cart Weigh

Gas powered carts weigh more than electric carts but batteries make the electric carts heavier. Hence, a typical electric golf cart weighs around 900 – 1,1000 pounds, but without the batteries, you can expect a dry weight of 700 – 800 pounds.

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How Much Extra Weight do Batteries Add?

The weight of any golf cart’s battery ranges from 10 to 300 pounds. The reason for this is that some golf carts require larger batteries and sometimes some of them require more than one battery to function.

The battery weight of your golf cart is a very important factor in the average weight of a golf cart. The golf cart comes with its own weight but the batteries make it heavier.

How Much Does an Electric Golf Cart Weigh with Batteries?

Electric golf carts weigh 900-1100 pounds in weight when batteries are added.

How Much Does an E-Z-Go Electric Golf Cart Weigh?

The E-Z-Go golf carts have an average weight of about 742 pounds. When you add the weight of the batteries, the total weight of an E-Z-Go electric golf cart is about 925 pounds. The weight increases with the number and size of the batteries.

What are Dry Weight and Curb Weight?

There are two different weights you will come across whenever you talk about golf cart weights and they are known as dry weight and curb weight. This part of the article distinguishes between these two terms.

Dry Weight

Dry weight is a term used to describe the golf cart’s weight before any batteries or other accessories are installed. It is for this reason that electric golf carts are always lighter than gas-powered models before installing the battery. As soon as batteries are installed, they become heavier.

Curb Weight

On the other hand, curb weight is a term used to describe the total weight of the golf cart after the battery and its accessories are installed. These accessories could be tires, rear seats, trailer hitches, roof racks, and many more.

The Popular E-Z-Go Model Names and Their Weights

E-Z-Go Model Weight with Batteries (lb) Dry Weight (lb)
E-Z-Go Elite Lithium RXV 655 605
E-Z-Go 48V Electric TXT 943 577
E-Z-Go MPT 1000 1305 809
E-Z-Go Industrial 800 1047 675
E-Z-Go 48V Electric RXV 905 565
EZGO Industrial 1000 1305 809
E-Z-Go 72V Electric Express S4 1460 968
E-Z-Go 72V Electric Express S6 1456 964
E-Z-Go Gas Express S6 1077 1042
E-Z-Go EX1 Gas TXT 739 723
E-Z-Go Elite Lithium Express S6 1183 1094
E-Z-Go Elite Lithium Express S4 996 932
E-Z-Go Gas Express S6 1077 870
E-Z-Go EX1 Gas RXV 692 676
E-Z-Go 72V Electric Express L6 1560 964
E-Z-Go Gas Express S4 910 870
E-Z-Go Elite Lithium Express L6 1183 1094
E-Z-Go MPT 800 1047 675
E-Z-Go EX1 Gas Valor 699 683

How Much Does an Electric Club Car Golf Cart Weigh?

How Much Does an Electric Club Car Golf Cart Weigh?

The Club Car golf cart weighs between 619 pounds to 1393 pounds. An example of an electric Club Car golf cart is The Club Car Carryall 2. It has a dry weight (without batteries) of 767 pounds but when batteries are added, the weight might increase by 50 pounds.

How Much Does an Electric Yamaha Golf Cart Weigh?

The Yamaha electric golf cart has a weight range of 665 pounds to 800 pounds.

The Yamaha Drive 2 is an electric golf cart that weighs about 665.8 lb and the Yamaha Adventure Sport 2, which is also an electric golf cart, weighs about 788.1 lb.

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How Much Does a 36v Golf Cart Weigh?

A typical 36V golf cart has a dry weight of 767 pounds, when you add batteries, the weight increases and varies depending on the number and size of the batteries added. Then the weight of the cart could increase by 50 pounds or more and the additional weight could get up to 900 pounds.

How Much Does an Electric 48v Golf Cart Weigh?

For carts with 48V batteries, the average weight is up to 1105 lbs, including the battery weight, because 48V golf carts use 8×6-volt deep cycle storage batteries and each of the batteries weighs about 62 lbs.

How Much Does an Electric 72v Golf Cart Weigh?

Golf carts that are powered by 72v batteries are usually the heaviest out of all golf carts and have a weight range of about 1400 pounds to 1500 pounds. For example, the E-Z-Go Express L6 is powered by a 72v battery and weighs about 1560 lbs.

How Much Weight Can an Electric Golf Cart Pull?

Using your golf cart to tow loads over short distances is a huge advantage, especially when moving smaller cargo as it saves you the stress of using a full-sized vehicle.
Interestingly, the average golf cart can pull about 1,000 lbs of cargo, but there are some that can pull more.

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As you have seen, golf carts come in different sizes and definitely different weight classes. The weight of the golf cart powered by a 36v battery is different from that of a 48v and a 72v golf cart. We also presented to you the most popular E-Z-Go golf carts and their weights. We also presented the difference between the dry weight and curb weight of a golf cart.

Golf carts can also be useful in towing cargo for short distances.

I hope you found this article on How much does an electric golf cart weigh? very helpful.


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