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Coleman 400 UTV Reviews 2023: Outfitter 400 Side by Side

Most popular UTVs come at high prices which some individuals may not be able to afford. However, there are cheaper UTVs that offer just as much as these higher versions do.

Today, I will be talking about one of such powerful yet low-cost UTVs which is the Coleman 400 UTV.

This article on Coleman 400 UTV Reviews is written with all the necessary information about this vehicle including its features, pros, and cons, among others.

Coleman 400 UTV Reviews

Coleman 400 UTV Reviews

The Coleman 400 UTV comes with very simple but powerful makeup. It is designed with a 382cc 4-stroke water-cooling single-cylinder engine which generates a speed limit of 40mph with a torque of 23.9ib/ft and has a ground clearance of 11.8 inches.

While writing this Coleman 400 UTV Reviews, I found out that  it also offers 2WD/4WD on demand along with a differential lock shaft to allow you easily switch between drive systems to suit your environment all at a very affordable price.

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Coleman 400 UTV Reviews: Features

Next on this Coleman 400 UTV Reviews is a list of some features of this vehicle.

  • Maximum Speed of 40 mph (64 km/h).
  • A 382cc water cooling 4 stroke SOHC single cylinder engine.
  • A cargo bed capacity of 330 Ib.
  • Ground clearance of 11.8 inches.
  • A maximum load capacity of 882 Ib.
  • Wheelbase of 72 inches.
  • Fuel Capacity of 6.86 gallons.
  • Maximum torque of 23.9Ib/ft.
  • Electric starting.
  • Suspension double wishbone.
  • On demand 2WD and 4WD system with differential lock shaft.
  • Octane rating of 91+.
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes.
  • CDI ignition.
  • Dry weight of 1197 lbs.
  • CVT transmission with forward and reverse.
  • A center accessory console.
  • 3500Ib winch.

Things I Like & Dislike About the Coleman 400 Side by Side

coleman 400 coleman side by side reviews: pros and cons

This section of the Coleman 400 UTV Reviews offers information on the pros and cons of this utility vehicle:


  • It is very affordable.
  • It comes with a differential lock shaft system.
  • Offers 3500ib winch.
  • Good ground clearance.
  • It is easy to start.
  • The suspension wishbone on every corner offers comfort during rides.


  • You may experience brake issues with this vehicle.
  • It doesn’t offer as much towing capacity as other vehicles in its spec.
  • The speed limit and torque are not very impressive.

Coleman 400 UTV Parts & Accessories

Below in this Coleman 400 UTV review is a list of different parts and accessories available for this vehicle.

  • Adjustable Coleman UTV switchable snow plows kit.
  • 60 inches standard snow plows kit.
  • Evolution electric wiper system for a hard coated windscreen.
  • Falcon ridge manual wiper kit.
  • Hifonics Thor 6 speaker sound speakers.
  • Viper max 3500ib winch.
  • Coleman UTV oil change kit.

Coleman Outfitter 400 Side By Side Problems

Next in this Coleman 400 UTC Reviews is a list of possible problems you can experience with this vehicle.

  • Locked brakes system.
  • Affricate noise from the front and rear brake system.
  • Difficulty in switching to the 4Wd drive mode.
  • Speedometer not working.
  • Wheels jumping during use.
  • Front and rear wheels shaking during use.
  • Loss of power performance.
  • Difficulty in starting the engine.

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Coleman 400 UTV Price

The Coleman 400 UTC price ranges from $9,499.99 which makes it one of the cheapest UTVs in its spec.

Who Makes the Coleman 400 UTV?

The Coleman 400 UTVs are manufactured by a Chinese company called Hisun. This UTV is manufactured and assembled in china. This Chinese-based company ranks 6th on the list of ‘the largest UTV producers in North America today.

Coleman 400 UTV Dealers

To get Coleman UTV dealers close to you, [email protected]. Click on the dashboard by your left-hand side and select retailers. Choose select retailers from the page you are directed to. Choose your desired retailer and click on select location to find where they are located.

Coleman 400 UTV Top Speed

The top speed of the Coleman 400 UTV is 40mph with 23.9 Hp. This may not meet the standard of most utv in the market today, however, it offers just the needed speed to get the job done.

List of All Coleman UTV Models

Below is a list of all the Coleman UTV models:

  • Coleman UT 400 outfitter.
  • Coleman UT500 outfitter.
  • Coleman UT 700 4 outfitter.
  • Coleman UT 700 outfitter.
  • Coleman UT 800 outfitter.
  • Coleman UT 550X outfitter.
  • Coleman UT 250 outfitter.
  • Coleman UT 750X outfitter.

The Coleman 400 side-by-side vehicle is not street legal. This vehicle, like most UTV in the market today, is designed for off-road purposes. However, you can make your Coleman 400 UtV street legal based on the laws of your state and by adding the required accessories.

What Engine Does the Coleman 400 Side by Side Have?

The Coleman 400 side by side uses a 382cc water cooling 4 stroke SOHC single cylinder which generates a maximum speed of 64km/h (40 mph) with a torque of 23.9 lb/ft, approximately 5000rpm.

Is the Coleman 400 UTV 4 Wheel Drive?

Yes. The Coleman 400 side-by-side is a 4 wheel drive vehicle. This side-by-side comes with a 2/4 wheel drive system along with a differential lock shaft drive, allowing you to easily switch to the suitable drive system for the terrain you are traveling on.

Ground Clearance

The ground clearance of the Coleman 400 side-by-side vehicle is 11.8 inches with a wheelbase of 72 inches to enable you to travel through both plain and hilly terrains.


The Coleman 400 UTV is one of the best vehicles suitable for individuals who are looking to get the job done without having to use anything too extraordinary.  The Coleman 400 UTV is very simple and easy to use. It doesn’t offer as much as other higher UTVs in terms of speed, towing, and bed capacity, but it sure offers just enough to get things done. This UTV uses a 393cc water-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder engine to generate a maximum speed of 40mph to get you through your activities. Its ground clearance of about 11 inches is more than what other UTVs in its spec offer. At its price, I can say the Coleman 400 offers great value for money.

I hope you found this article on Coleman 400 UTV Reviews helpful.

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