Square Strike Wedge Review

Square Strike Wedge Review and Detailed Buyer Guide

Square Strike wedge is quite a controversial topic among golfers. The infomercials keep on priding the wedge on its excellent performance.

But, does its performance match the hype?

In this Square Strike wedge review, I discuss everything about its hype, where to find it for sale, its price, and share my real world experience with it.

Square Strike Wedge Review

The Square strike wedge is an upright lie angle wedge designed like a putter. Its heavier head and a 45 degree loft make it easier to hit low running shots and provide an easier swing motion.

  • Enormous Putter like design.
  • Heavier head making it easy to swing & control.
  • Tournament Legal.
  • Well-Engineered Wedge.

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What is the Square Strike wedge?

If you are wondering what Square Strike wedge is all about, I’ll let you know about them. It is strikingly similar to the chipper clubs. The only significant difference you will find between the two is that the oe we are talking about is on steroids. The body is designed more like a putter that has an upright lie angle and a head that’s a lot heavier.

Well, the angle of it is a 45-degree loft, and it’s much more similar to the Square Strike you would be already aware, I believe. The best part of this is that you can produce low running shots with high performance, and you need not worry about weight while making your revolutionary shots.

Some golf players do feel this one like a sledgehammer, and they too love to use this to flip shots very quickly.

Square Strike Wedge Review: Why Should You Buy It?

I can understand that a short game is one of the crucial aspects of a golf game and on the other hand it can turn very much more tricky than we have ever expected. Here is where the Square Strike wedge comes into play. It is a club that aims to make the game more comfortable with its hit cleaner shots that are ideal for short games.
If you are a big fan of conventional clubs, you need to realize that the Square Strike wedge has a significant advantage over conventional clubs. That is, you will not have a feathery touch like them. Well, it is a good thing and it really will help you to have a delicate balance between the power of the chips and the pitches far better. Making a great shot can be one of the best feelings around the greens.

Another exciting feature is that it has a unique grip that’s very skinny in size and then you will find a white line going throughout the club till the middle part. The substantial reason you can find to shift to this club from traditional ones is that it has excellent hand placement on the chips as you can easily hold them and make a revolutionary shot very quickly.

Now let’s come to the most important fact to consider while buying a Square Strike wedge. You will find the clubhead shaped more like a block Square and that’s why they’ve named it Square Strike. The head looks very beautiful and that’s far more distinct from the traditional wedges. I am impressed by the lovely green shade that comes along at the back of the wedge’s head.

Where to Buy Square Strike Wedge?

You can buy the Square Strike Wedge directly from their official site or from Amazon.

What Should Look for In a Square Strike Wedge

Enormous sole: The big difference you’ll find in this Square Strike wedge is that it has a vast sole that’s best for short games. It glides very smoothly even in imperfect Strikes and lets you face the challenge with a lot more ease. You will also find the leading edge with an angled feature that stops the wedge from digging.

Lightweight: You will find this one very interesting as the weight is completely shifted to the toe which helps in promoting an excellent pendulum motion.

Handy wedges: You would have found a lot of players struggling hard with the chunks and skulls that make the game very difficult and uneasy. Well, the Square Strike wedge promotes putting a motion that encourages the golfers to focus on the greens with much more ease.

Well-engineered club: I hope you will love the club that’s engineered more like a putter that aids you in stopping the chinking ball very quickly with a “straight back and through”, similar to the pendulum motion. It swings more like a putter. You need to depend on your more massive arm and shoulder muscles to make a shot rather than less predictable wrist muscles.

Square Strike Wedge Review: Key Features

After we have looked for all the things from the above-mentioned points, it is time to study in depth the key features and how is it different from other wedges. Also, we will discuss a bit more about the design, and the performance including all the pros and cons of using the wedge.

Innovative design

Well, when you have a look at the wedge, you can come to the point that it ultimately has an unconventional design. You will find a green shade backing that comes with a Square head design that has its head turned over to the side. I can’t possibly recall any other wedges that have this kind of design. Square Strike Wedge is an innovative club, with unique features and excellent performance. Overall the design is attractive and quite a buzz among the golfers.

If you are wondering how the unique design is going to impact your Strikes, I’ll explain that to you. The Square Strike wedge is redesigned to face the center of gravity with more ease. You can hit a front to back motion with the straight hit shot very quickly.

You can also find a change in the sole and the edge that has been redesigned to edge chunks and bladed shots. With this innovative wedge, you can go for a consistent straight shot that gives you a fair win very quickly.

Square Strike Technology

I don’t have words to compare Square Strike wedge with other clubs that you can find in the market. You will find a great revolution that has taken place in this club. The company has taken a lot of pain to research and create an innovative club that works excellently. The blend of all the best features of the clubs has taken a new form.

On the whole, the wedge works the same as a putter. You can’t find a significant difference between the pendulum and this one. The technology of the club focuses on giving you a front to back motion with the straight hit. On the other hand, it eliminates chunked shots to a great extent. When you provide a perfect, precise shot, you’ll find the golf ball pops out of the grass and also lands softly on the greens.

Square Strike Wedge Price

  • No more, you need to worry about the chunked chips in the green. The Square Strike wedge is perfectly light weighted and can give you consistent excellent Strikes every time. The wedge will help you a lot to make perfect shots you’ve never dreamt of.
  • You need not think about the rational club path in the green anymore. This wedge will give you a smooth form and a back club path that enables you to hit a golf ball straight with one efficient Strike.
  • High MOI & top center of gravity (COG) plays a vital role in giving you a lot of momentum for your play. It means you can achieve more legendary hits with a languid swing. It is all possible because of the change in weight.
  • Though the club has an unconventional outlook, it achieves more astonishing results than ever before. You must try this one at least once to get to know more about its stunning performance.

How Is the Square Strike Wedge a Lot More Different from The Conventional Ones?

Of course, I can understand that most of you analyze the wedge based on its outlook that’s far more different from the standard clubs. Though it has a very peculiar outlook and a different feel, Square Strike wedge can take your game to the next level. You can never find a better club to play short-game shots like this. To explore the exact performance, you need to give it a try at least once. I bet you’ll be shocked by its high performance and ease. I hope this square strike wedge review was able to help you make out the difference.

Square Strike Wedge For Sale

There is quite a lot of buzz on the Square Strike wedge for sale. The infomercials are coming up with a lot of updates. But a review from a golf player always makes a difference. The wedge gives you confidence in making an overall swing to make perfect shots. Scroll down for a detailed review.

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Square Strike Wedge Reviews for Performance

I did have my share of doubts when you looked at this beatnik club. But it is a performance kind on the golf course. Well, you can have any shots up to 60 yards or less with this perfect wedge. But you need some expertise to handle this wedge comfortably to hit a long shot because this wedge is designed more like a putter.

I am damn sure that this wedge is a big competition for the other models that you can find in the market. Even if you are an amateur player, you can hit decent ones with this wedge. Surprisingly, the wedge manages to get the golf ball to fly up in the air. But still, you can find some golfers complaining about the wedge that it’s quite complicated to hit longer shots. It happens because of the more massive sole you’ll find in the Square Strike wedge.

Square Strike for sale is in full swing right now, don’t wait too long to grab yours. If you are wondering where to buy Square Strike wedges, you can consider the prominent e-commerce sites selling them with great deals.

Square Strike wedge price is also affordable.

Pros and Cons

Apart from the price and all the negative reviews, you can still consider buying this wedge for its excellent performance. It smoothly glides over the golf ball with a soothing sound. However, I have given you considerable details about the wedge that would help you to decide whether to buy this club or not. But one thing I want to confirm is that this club is an engineering marvel that comes with a lot of comfort than any other conventional club.

If you a fan of lightweight clubs, you’ll find this one quite heavier than the common ones. Somehow, it is the successor of the putter when it comes to the distribution of weight. One aspect that you can never ignore is its weight of it. I hope you have to take some considerable time for getting used to it.


  • You can have complete control around the green, especially for short game
  • Let’s you maintain high consistency throughout the game
  • Get rid of all the chunked shots, Square Strike wedge gives a smooth Strike each time
  • You can hit straighter and make precise shots


  • The club feet is a little heavier as compared to the traditional ones, the weight of the Square Strike wedge matches with the putter type
  • You need some time to get along with this club
  • The couple shots are a bit hard to define whether it is a miss-hit or not
  • Making a sand shot is a bit complicated with this club, the club is designed to be used more around the green.


I do want to give a final note on the Square Strike wedge review that it is quite affordable, and the best part is that it comes with a 60-day money-back challenge. The square strike wedge does have high performance when compared to the other clubs that you’ll find in the market. Square strike wedge reviews prove that can dramatically raise your score and be a perfect companion for your play. The redesigned wedge allows you to have stunning shots that fly straight towards the target. I hope that I have answered all your queries regarding the square strike wedge can be found on Amazon and the link given in this post.
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