Cleveland CG One wedge review

Cleveland CG One Wedge Review

The Cleveland CG One Wedge is an old masterpiece, but if you haven’t had the chance to try it, you may not be knowing how good it is or who is it exactly for. Let me tell you, if you are not a fan of spending money to buy expensive irons, this wedge is a treat for you.

Recently I bought one because I got it for cheap and decided to write a detailed Cleveland CG One Wedge review.

I tried it many times clearing every doubt about this wedge before writing this article. I am sharing with you a Cleveland CG One Wedge Review mentioning its pros, cons, who should use it, and so much more.

Cleveland CG One Wedge Review

CG One Wedge

The Cleveland CG One Wedge is designed with a tour-proven shape design to deliver improved control and an excellent feel for optimal confidence on the green. It's also designed with Rotex face technology which generates exceptional short game control and spin.

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Features of the CG One Wedge

The following are some features for the Cleveland CG One Wedge Review

  • The Cleveland CG One Wedge is Designed with a tour-proven shape and sole design that is very versatile to boost the golfer’s confidence and performance around the green.
  • The Cleveland CG wedge has a dark satin finishing that helps reduce bright spots and minimize glare from the sun. This dark satin finishing also provides the Cleveland CG One Wedge with a modern look at the address.
  • This wedge is also designed with a newly modified Rotex face design which combines three innovations to create maximum spin, consistency, and control.
  • Tour zip grooves with deeper, narrower U-Shape that has a sharp edge radius to help improve contact across varieties of conditions.
  • Designed with a patented carbon metal matrix, the Cleveland CG One Wedge provides a softer and responsive feel, one that most blades fashioned with traditional steel lack.
  • it has a large muscle that moves the CG (center of gravity) back in the club head resulting in a more controller and penetrating ball flight.
  • It has a low center of gravity and deep face which makes it easier to hit.
  • It also features a larger sweet spot which enhances forgiveness.

Cleveland CG One Wedge Review: Pros & Cons

  • It has exceptional forgiveness.
  • Increased ball flight.
  • It is very easy to hit.
  • It has an excellent feel.
  • It provides enhanced consistency.
  • It generates better control.
  • Improved penetrating ball flight.
  • More distance.
  • Great feedback.
  • It generates optimal spin.
  • It is very affordable.
  • None

Who should use the Cleveland CG One Wedge?

Cleveland CG One review

The Cleveland CG One Wedge is suitable for both mid and high Handicappers. This wedge is one of the most game-improving wedges in the market today. Unlike most wedges, the Cleveland CG Wedge is forgiving, ensures high ball flight, aids the golfer to have better ball control, and enhance consistency.

Why Should You Use the CG One Wedge?

The Cleveland CG One Wedge offers optimal spin and short game control and also has an exceptional look at address. This wedge offers excellent forgiveness and feels and generally gives you more confidence and improved performance around the green.

This Cleveland CG One Wedge review concludes that you should use this wedge because it helps improve your game.

Cleveland CG One Wedge Vs Rtx 4

Cleveland CG One Wedge Vs Rtx 4

The table below shows the difference between the Cleveland CG One Wedge vs RTX 4:

Cleveland CG One Wedge Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge
Handicap level Mid & High Handicappers Low & High Handicappers
Left-Handed Loft (degrees) 48°,50°,52°,54°,56°,58°,60° 50°,52°,54°,56°,58°,60°
Right-Handed Loft (degrees) 48°,50°,52°,54°,56°,58°,60° 46°,48°,50°,52°,54°,56°,58°,60°,62°,64°
Finishing Dark satin finishing Chrome, Black, Nickel, Rustylraw Finishings
Grip Lamkin Regular Grip Gold Pride Tour Velvet Grip
Price $99.99 $139.99

1. Handicap Level

The Cleveland CG One Wedge offers forgiveness and ball flight needed for a mid handicapper to improve his game. The Cleveland RTX 4 on the other hand is more inclined to provide accuracy, consistency, and distance for the pros.

2. Left and Right Handed Loft

The Cleveland CG One has a lesser loft variety than the Cleveland RTX 4, especially on the right-handed loft. You could say this makes the RTX 4 more versatile, however, it doesn’t change the fact that the Cleveland CG One Wedge has the necessary lofts needed for a good game.

3. Finishing

The Cleveland CG One Wedge comes with a dark satin finishing which gives it a modern look at address and minimizes the glare from the sun. The RTX 4 comes with chrome, black, nickel, and rusty raw finishings. Well the drawback of the RTX in this light would be that it is prone to rust.

4. Price

The Cleveland CG One Wedge is cheaper than the RTX. Its low price, however, doesn’t rob it of its amazing value for money.

Is Cleveland CG One Wedge Forgiving?

The Cleveland CG One Wedges are one of the most forgiving wedges in the market today. They have a larger sweet spot with a Rotex face technology which makes it very forgiving unlike most wedges on the market.


The Cleveland CG One Wedge is one of the most forgiving wedges you can get today. Designed with a Rotex face technology, a tour-proven shape, patented carbon steel matrix, low center of gravity, and deep face, this wedge is a game improver.

The Cleveland CG One Wedge comes in lofts ranging from 48° to 60° which makes it a versatile wedge. However, while writing this Cleveland CG One Wedge review, I found out that if you are looking to buy a single Cleveland CG One Wedge, then I would advise you to go for the Cleveland CG One 58° loft wedge. This is because though considered as a lob wedge, the CG One 58° loft wedge can be used for short chip shorts on a downhill and can also be used as a sand wedge. The 58° loft Cleveland CG One wedge offers consistency on full shots from the fairway.

I hope this Cleveland CG One Wedge review article was helpful to you. On a general note, however, it is important you Space out your wedges properly for more accuracy and increased performance. With this, I will advise you to get the complete set of the Cleveland CG One Wedges (pitching, gap, sand, lob wedges). They are all available.

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