How to Change Speed Setting on Club Car

How to Change Speed Setting on Club Car (DIY & Quick)

If you are wondering how to change speed setting on club car, this guide is for you.

I have a club car DS and I was able to successfully increase its speed up to 6 miles, but I am sure this method will work for all club car models like the DS, Precedent, Onward, and electric.

I would advise you to kick your boots off, take a deep breath, and read through this article written to answer all your questions about How to Change Speed Setting on Club Car.

How to Change Speed Setting on Club Car

Knowing how to change speed setting on club car is necessary because a club car usually comes in stock with the lowest speed code which is code 1 which allows you to travel at only 8mph.

And as a Club car owner, you can change the speed settings by reprogramming the Curtis Controller in minutes.

  • Allows you to adjust your Club Car's speed.
  • Compatible with all Club cars & Ezgo golf carts.
  • Always comes in handy to change other settings like upgrading torque, full cart diagnostics, troubleshooting, etc.
  • It has regeneration features to recharge the battery while going downhill.
  • Easy to use.
  • 1-year warranty.

Here’s how to Change Your Club Car Speed Settings:

  1. Get the Pangolin programmer for the Curtis Speed Controller.
  2. Hook it up to your cart as per the instruction manual.
  3. Enter the speed code (3,4,5) to which you would like to upgrade.
  4. You will have to find a local golf cart dealer to help you change your club car speed code.
  5. Enjoy the instant 5-6 mph speed upgrade for your Club car.

Please note that dealers always set the speed codes 1-3 for free. Speed 4 and 5 codes on the other hand will have to be purchased through a club car dealer and ordered for your cart’s specific controller and serial number. They charge a fee of $75-$100 for it as they too have to purchase the code from the company.

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Club Car Electric Golf Cart Speed Adjustments

For club car electric golf cart speed adjustments, you need to change the cart’s motor or upgrade the electronic speed controller and solenoid contactor relay.

how to change speed setting on club car DS

This is how you can make Club Car Electric Golf Cart Speed Adjustments:

  1. Install a Stronger Electric Motor

 I would suggest you go for a series wound DC electric speed motor. This speed motor has a smaller field coil. This coil produces a weaker magnetic field that allows the armature of your cart to spin at a higher RPM making your electric club car go faster.

  1. Upgrading the Electric Speed Controller and Solenoid Contactor Relay

You will locate it between the motor and the battery bank. 

Upgrading your speed controller and solenoid contractor to one that can handle more amperage, your electric motor will be prevented from being hooked up to a low amp which keeps you from accelerating quickly. 

  1. Install Large3 Tires

The Extra addition of 14″ tires and new batteries can add up to 5-12 mph more to your cart’s speed.

How to Change Speed Setting on Gas Club Car

how to change speed setting on club car DS

To change speed setting on Club Car Gas:

  1. Adjust the cart’s governor.
  2. Replace its engine with one that has a higher rpm output model.

The governor acts as your cart’s speed controller, so to carry out a gas club car speed controller adjustments, you simply locate the tiny metal rod that controls your cart’s governor located by the clutch of your golf cart. You can adjust the governor by turning the nut in an anticlockwise or clockwise rotation.

Turning it clockwise slows down your cart while turning it anticlockwise extends your cart’s cable increasing your cart’s speed.

Club Car Speed Codes For Precedent, DS & Onward

We can’t talk about how to change speed setting on club car without talking about the club car speed codes. Why?  Because our desired speed level is locked in these codes. So let’s get right into it.

Speed Code 1:

This is the lowest speed code. All carts come with this code as a default speed level. It allows a club car to travel at 8mph.

Speed Code 2:

This speed code is an increase from the cart’s default speed setting to 11mph.

Speed Code 3:

This increases the cart’s speed from 8-11mph to 14.7mph.

Speed Code 4:

This code increases the cart’s speed to 19.7mph by raising the rev. limit without making any other rpm restrictions. A code 4 is likely not to work on your cart if it has a faulty MCOR.

Speed Code 5:

This code removes all speed limits and allows the cart to travel at 21-25mph. It removes all RPM restrictions.

Club Car Precedent Speed Code 5 Programmer

The club car precedent speed code 5 programmer allows you to increase your cart’s torque and reprogram your controller to match your motor after an upgrade. This programmer has three modes, the speed mode, the torque mode, and the stock mode.

Yes, you can install a speed code 5 programmer from any speed code. For a cart on code 4, the programmer increases the speed 4 to 5 times more.

However, ensure you check your cart’s series number and get a programmer that matches it.

To Program Your Club Car Precedent:

  1.  With your speed 5 programmer at hand, wire out the top and switch at the bottom, decide which programming mode you want. The switch on the right position is the speed mode, to the left is torque mode and at the center straight up or down is the stock model. The entire process of programming will take just 45 seconds.
  2. Put your cart in tow mode. 
  3. Plug in the programmer to the programming port of your cart. For your club car precedent, this is found under the dash below the key switch.
  4. Put the tow/run switch on run mode and watch the led light on your programmer. The led will flash three times, pause, flash three times, pause, and all subsequent uses will flash three more times; This indicates it is communicating with the controller.
  5. If at any time in this phase it flashes five times, pauses, and flashes five times again, it means it is not communicating with the controller and will shut down.
  6. The next sequence of the programmer will be to flash twice and pause, flash four times, pause, and flash six times, indicating the firmware version 2:4:6 installed in your programmer.
  7. The next sequence shows the program is downloaded into your cart. For speed, the led will flash twice and pause for 9 times. Then flash five times and pause, twice and pause.
  8. At this point, you can unplug the programmer, your cart is all set up.

Club Car Precedent Speed Settings

To set up the speed of  your club car precedent, you have to:

Determine the speed code of your golf cart using a Curtis handheld programmer.

Get a local club car dealer to set the code according to your needs. This is because the tool needed for setting the code is very expensive, $700. The car dealer will purchase the code for you from the club car company at about $75-$109.

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How to Make a Club Car Precedent Go Faster

There are many methods to increasing the speed of your club car precedent, you can read them up below:

1. Altering the Gear Ratio:

This method is a bit expensive. The standard gear ratio for virtually all golf carts is 12.5:1. For every 12.5 revolutions made by the input shaft, the wheels will accomplish one full rotation. 

Reducing this ratio to 6:1 helps the cart move faster by increasing its speed from 12 to 14mph.

 2. Use Bigger Tires for The Cart:

This method is not as expensive as altering the gear. 

The larger the diameter of the tire, the higher the speed. However, ensure the tires are always inflated to the right pressure.

3. Upgrading to A Higher Power Battery:

This method is the easiest. It’s important to check for the voltage of the golf cart batteries before making the change. This information will be found on the side of the batteries or on your cart’s manual.

4. Installing a Speed Magnet:

A golf cart speed sensor magnet increases the speed by up to 21mph on a 48V Precedent IQ without any reduction in torque. To get more speed, however, a slight reduction can be made to the torque to increase the speed further up to 28mph.

Club Car Onward Speed Upgrade

To upgrade the speed of your club car onward:

  • Turn off the Pedal-up mode that prevents the regenerative braking action after the pedal is released. 
  • Turn off the Excel braking to stop the cart from slowing down on its own when the pedal is being released.
  • Fix a zip tie onto the governor spring. The zip tie may either be wrapped around or clipped on the plug wire.
  • Install an RPM tachometer and make the desired adjustment to the throttle cable.
  • Fit the lift kit of the cart with a powerful controller like the Alltrax XCT400, a solenoid with a minimum 200A rating, and a minimum of 4ga cables for the power delivery system.

How to Change Speed Setting on Club Car DS

Follow these steps to change speed setting on club car DS :

  1. Identify your club car DS speed code
  2. Take your cart to a local cart dealer to help you program your cart to your desired speed. This is because the tool for programming the cart’s speed code is very expensive, $700. Your cart dealer will help you purchase your cart’s code from the club car company and charge you $75-$100. If you want codes 1-3, they will do it for free.


I believe that this issue of how to change speed setting on club car has been satisfied with this article.

The speed of a club car can be adjusted by resetting the speed mode. There are also other ways to adjust your cart’s speed and torque for this golf season. If you have gone through this article, then you are good to go.

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