Hisun Sector 750 Problems

Hisun Sector 750 Problems 2023: (Top 10) UTV Issues & Fixes

The Hisun 750 UTV is an excellent off-road vehicle that offers great characteristics and specifications but despite offering a wide range of peculiar characteristics, it comes with a few problems. It is of great significance that you know the problems it comes with and how to fix them when they arise.

The purpose of this article is to show you these problems and how to fix them when you are faced with them.

Top 10 Hisun Sector 750 UTV Problems & Fixes

Hisun Sector 750 UTV Problems

The main problems of the Hisun Sector 750 UTV and how to fix them are as follows:

1. Insufficient Power Problems with the Hisun Sector 750 UTV

This is one of the closely related causes of engine starting problems of the Hisun Sector 750 UTV. Sometimes the engine of this vehicle experiences inadequate power problems and it is necessary to immediately fix it so as to continue to enjoy using your vehicle.

How to Fix:

  • Check the filters and injectors and make sure to clean or replace them if they are clogged.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient fuel in the fuel tank. If you don’t, replace it immediately.
  • It is also important to check and replace the spark plug and ignition coil, if they have any faults as power loss in this vehicle, can sometimes be owed to a faulty ignition system.
  • Check your crankshaft sensor for any damages and replace it.

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2. Hisun Sector 750 UTV Engine Starting Problems

As you use the Hisun Sector 750 UTV you may experience problems with the starter after a while. It will either take a while to start or won’t start at all. It could be a result of the engine not having any fuel flow or something else. Whatever the cause, it will need to be fixed immediately.

How to Fix:

  • You should check all the parts of the fuel system such as the fuel tank, filter, electric fuel pump, and injector, and give them singular attention.
  • Make sure that there is no water in the fuel system because it could be the cause.
  • Check if your battery has any form of damage as it could be a cause.
  • Replace the damaged or clogged parts that prevent the engine from starting.
  • Purchase oils of varying densities based on ambient temperatures because in cold temperatures the oil density increases, impeding the smooth operation of the engine.
  • Make sure your air filter is clean.
  • Check for wear and tear on the drive belt and replace it if any.

3. Engine And Exhaust Overheating Problems

Another problem with the Hisun Sector 750 UTV is that it overheats which is very uncomfortable as the vehicle would be warmer than usual. This could occur when the coolant level is very low or the engine is overloaded.

How to Fix:

  • Install and utilize vented engine covers to allow for easy liberation of air.
  • Clean out the debris from your radiator and grille screens as they could be the cause of the overheating.
  • Fix in dual fans which will be useful in cooling the engine. 
  • Make sure to prevent the exhaust from overheating again by wrapping it. 
  • Park your UTV under a shade to prevent heat from the sun.

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4. Sector 750 UTV Engine Stalling or Stopping

Another common problem that you will definitely encounter when using this vehicle is the engine stalling or suddenly stopping. Like every other problem, it has a solution.

How to Fix:

  • Check your fuel level and make sure it is enough.
  • Check your fuel tank and injector for any damages and fix them.
  • You should also check the battery or other electrical components and get a technician to fix them.
  • Check if the harnesses are damaged and fix them. 

5. Gear Shifter Problems

hisun utv shift problems

Hisun UTV shift problems are also very commonly reported by owners of this utility vehicle. The gear shift helps you select your direction, be it forward or backward, and helps you increase or decrease your speed while driving. When there is a problem with it, it can be hazardous.

How to Fix:

  • Check for any damages on the internal bearings and replace them.
  • Ensure that the cooling system of your vehicle is working optimally.
  • Check the fiber plates, clutch springs, and drive for any damages.
  • Replace every accessory that was damaged.

6. Problems with the Clutch System

The clutch system works hand in hand with the gear shift system. It may develop a fault due to the excessive accumulation of dirt in the UTV due to long drives or a faulty clutch belt.

How to Fix:

  • Replace your damaged clutch belt with a new one.
  • Clean your clutch properly. 
  • If after doing the above, your clutch still has problems, call a technician for experienced help.

7. Hisun Sector 750 Coolant Leakage Issues

When your coolant becomes faulty for any reason, your vehicle will begin to overheat. It is necessary to identify this problem on time and fix it to prevent further permanent damage. 

How to Fix:

  • Ensure prevention of coolant leaks by always monitoring it.
  • When the coolant gets contaminated, it can lose some of its efficiency so it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation as you regularly replace the coolant.
  • Always make sure that the coolant level is between the maximum and minimum levels in the reservoir tank.
  • If the radiator clamps are blue in color, they need to be replaced immediately.

8. Problems with the Sector 750 UTV Battery

When you use your vehicle frequently, the battery will drain and require charging. That is not enough, though, because without proper maintenance it will develop faults and pose difficulty for the vehicle to start.

How to Fix:

  • With a voltmeter, check that the battery is actually working and then charge it.
  • If the vehicle still doesn’t start after the battery is charged, then the charging system of the UTV might be faulty and requires replacement.
  • If the battery doesn’t charge,  then it is faulty and needs instant replacement.
  • Check and see if the carbon terminal is solidified and clean it up if it is.

9. Problems with the Transmission of the Hisun Sector 750 UTV

Issues with the transmission occur when gears are changed. A transmission problem if not attended to can affect the starter and the ignition function and might stop working totally.

How to Fix:

  • You must use the only oil suitable for your transmission which is motor oil.
  • Avoid using any kind of sticky oil.
  • Check for faults with the CVT belt and replace it.
  • Park your UTV in a warm place because the transmission issue sometimes occurs in cold weather.
  • Make sure to use oil that isn’t sticky.

10. Tire Issues with the Hisun Sector 750 UTV

The Hisun Sector 750 UTV is an off-road vehicle which means that it must come with bigger and tougher tires because of the nature of the terrain it drives through. However, you can experience some issues with the tires especially when there is excess or less pressure.

How to Fix:

  • Regularly check your tires and replace them immediately when they get punctured.
  • Identify and maintain the specified pressure of your tires to prevent punctures.
  • Make sure you use big, strong tires in your UTV which ensures that your tire rim doesn’t break.


Every vehicle comes with its problems as you have seen and it is important to note that you can avoid those problems with proper, regular maintenance.

I hope this article on the problems of the Hisun Sector 750 UTV and the solutions was helpful.

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