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World’s Fastest Golf Cart: Electric, Gas, Street Legal

We often try to adjust the speed levels of our carts, to meet our desired speed standard. We can’t get it any faster than 5-7 more mph most times. You just have to wonder ‘could it go any faster? Is 24mph really the speed limit? You probably have no idea that there are faster golf carts out there.

I’ve compiled all my research on the fastest golf cart (on the course & those who are street legal) in this article. We would be talking about the world’s fastest golf cart, fastest golf carts with over 30, 40 & 50mph. Also, discuss what golf cart is the fastest on the course, is it street legal, and so much more.

What is the Fastest Golf Cart?

The fastest golf cart in 2022 is the Plum Quick Motors ‘Bandit’ golf cart. This golf cart was enlisted on the Guinness world record as the fastest golf cart in the world with a speed of 188.76 mph. The Bandit golf cart sped over a quarter mile in only 12.24 seconds.

What is the Fastest Electric Golf Cart?

fastest electric golf cart

Lacern Performance Golf Cart is the fastest electric golf cart because it can go up to a speed of 50 mph. Lacern is a company based in California that designs custom golf carts.

Fastest Gas Golf Cart

The fastest Gas golf cart is the Cazador Eagle 200GX with a top speed of 25 mph. The Eagle 200GX runs on a Four-Stroke engine and a 13 HP motor.

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Which is the World’s Fastest Golf Cart?

The world’s fastest golf cart is the “Bandit” by Plum Quick Motors. It recorded a top speed of 188.76 mph in 12.24 seconds and broke the Guinness records for the world’s fastest golf cart.

Fastest Street Legal Golf Cart

The Polaris GEM E2 is the fastest Street Legal Golf Cart that can go up to 25 mph. It is equipped with a 6.7 HP motor and a 48V AC Induction Electric engine.

Fastest Stock Golf Cart

The fastest stock golf cart is the Polaris GEM E2 which comes with a default top speed of 25 mph.

What is the Fastest Golf Cart Speed?

The fastest golf cart speed is 188.76 mph covered in a span of just 12.24 seconds. This record was set by the Bandit golf cart.

Which is the Fastest Yamaha Golf Cart

The Fastest Yamaha golf cart is the DRIVE2. It has a top speed of 19 mph and runs on a 48v motor.

Which is the Fastest Club Car Golf Cart

The fastest club car golf cart is the Villager 2+2 LSV model. This club car model is an electric golf cart with a speed level of 23mph. The fastest club car gas model on the other hand travels at 19mph, the onward 4 club car gas model offers this speed level.

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Which is the Fastest EZGO Golf Cart

The fastest Ezgo golf cart model is the 2020 EzGo 2five with a speed level of 25mph. This golf cart uses a 48v AC drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes.

Who Makes The Fastest Golf Carts in 2022?

EZGo makes the fastest golf carts in 2022. Their stock 2five golf cart model runs at 25mph and is street legal, which is the highest that you can get on a golf cart without any modifications.


In conclusion, Plum Quick Motors ‘Bandit’ golf cart is the fastest electric golf cart out there. But if you want to buy a gas golf cart that is the fastest in the category, check out the Club car Villager 2+2 LSV model.

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