bushnell prime 1300 review

Bushnell Prime 1300 Review: Testing the Laser Rangefinder

Today we will see how good the Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder is in the real world. I did some testing myself to find out if this laser rangefinder is worth the price.

In this article, I share my Bushnell Prime 1300 Review and explain the things I liked and disliked about the laser rangefinder.

Bushnell Prime 1300 Review

Bushnell Engage Hunting Laser Rangefinder_LE1300SBL, Multi, One Size
  • Has twice the brightness with a 50% larger objective lens.
  • Uses ARC technology.
  • Comes with a durable carrying case, a para cord, and a lanyard tether.

Bushnell Prime 1300 Review: Accuracy

The Bushnell Prime 1300 is a rangefinder with several features that make up the overall accuracy. The speed and scan mode are two such features that contribute to the overall accuracy.

bushnell prime 1300 rangefinder review

In addition, the Prime 1300 has ARC technology which calculates the true distance to the target on both uphill and downhill shots. Furthermore, the rangefinder is very fast in delivering reliable ranging information.

In my Bushnell Prime 1300 Review, I found out that the Prime 1300 is a rangefinder that can measure the distance between foreground and background objects while ignoring foreground objects. This makes it ideal for hunting applications where you may be trying to measure distances between various obstacles.

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Bushnell Prime 1300 Review: Ease of Use

The Bushnell Prime 1300 is a rangefinder that is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It has a continuous scan mode, brush mode, and speed modes to make it easier to get an accurate reading. The rangefinder updates 4x per second, making it one of the fastest on the market. In addition, the ARC technology helps you obtain distances for uphill shots as well.

The Brush and Bullseye modes are special features that make getting distance readings even easier. The Brush Mode eliminates vegetation between you and your target while the Bullseye Mode gives you extra precision when ranging smaller objects. With these two modes, along with the fast scan mode, you can easily get an accurate reading on any target.

Bushnell Prime 1300 Review: Features

The Bushnell Prime 1300 is a fast and reliable rangefinder that incorporates Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology. This feature helps hunters target animals in both uphill shots and down ones.

The rangefinder also includes a brush and bullseye mode to achieve true distance, as well as a continuous scan mode that updates target distances 4x per second while the target is moving.

How Does the Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder Compare to Other Rangefinders on The Market?

The Bushnell Prime 1300 is the fastest rangefinder on the market. It can deliver reliability ranging at 4x per second, making it ideal for hunting situations with animals that can change their trajectory quickly. In addition, the angle range compensation and brush mode make up a large part of the accuracy of this model.

The Bushnell Prime 1300 also has a continuous scan mode that allows for fast updates of target distances. This mode is vital in hunting situations where you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings and the movements of your prey.

What Are the Pros and Cons of The Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder?

The Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder is a powerful device with many features that can be advantageous in certain hunting situations. For example, its quick-ranging and ARC technology make it faster and more accurate than other models on the market today. Additionally, the continuous scan mode ensures you always have an updated distance reading, which can be crucial in competitive hunts.

However, there are some disadvantages to consider as well. The rangefinder is not waterproof so you need to take care not to get it wet while out in the field. It’s also important to note that the Bushnell Prime 1300 does not work accurately over long distances (more than 1000 yards), so if you’re planning on hunting big game, you may want to consider a different model.

How Durable Is the Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder?

The Bushnell Prime 1300 is a very durable rangefinder and can withstand the outdoor environment. This device is also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet while you’re out in the rain or if you happen to drop it in a puddle. It’s important to have a tough and reliable rangefinder when you’re hunting because speed is crucial for making accurate shots.

Not only does this Bushnell model boast impressive durability features, but it’s also fast. The Prime 1300 updates 4x per second, so you’ll always get quick and accurate readings. Additionally, the angle range compensation (ARC) technology ensures that your shots are on target no matter what angle you’re shooting from–uphill or downhill.

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What Is the Battery Life of The Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder?

The Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder has excellent battery life. The lithium-ion battery can last up to 3,000 readings, which is plenty for most hunting expeditions. Additionally, the rangefinder will give you an audible beep and a vibration when it’s turned on so that you’ll always know when it’s ready to use. This is a helpful feature because it means you don’t have to constantly check the power level–you can just focus on your hunt.

What Is the Warranty on The Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder?

The Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder has a one-year warranty.

This means that if the rangefinder is defective or stops working for any reason within the first year of purchase, you can return it to the company and receive a new one.

This is standard for most electronics these days, and it’s nice that Bushnell offers this coverage on their products.

How Much Does the Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder Cost?

The Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder is a great device that can help you improve your accuracy while golfing. It’s important to know how much this rangefinder costs before making a purchase.

The rangefinder retails for around $299 in most online retail stores. However, there are often sales and discounts available, so it’s worth checking around before buying.

This device is a rangefinder with ARC technology, which means it gives accurate readings on both uphill and downhill shots. The angle range compensation (ARC) is what sets this device apart from other similar models on the market–making it an essential tool for any golfer looking to improve their game.

The Bushnell Prime 1300 also has two special modes: Brush and Bullseye. The brush mode helps when you’re trying to get an accurate reading in close quarters, while the bullseye mode allows for greater accuracy at longer distances.

Where Can I Buy the Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder?

The Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder is available on Amazon.

You can purchase it at a variety of other retailers, but buying from Amazon will ensure you have the product as soon as possible and that you are eligible for free returns if needed.

This rangefinder is an excellent tool for hunters, making your hunting trip more successful. Make sure to get your hands on one today!


I hope this Bushnell Prime 1300 review cleared all your doubts regarding this laser rangefinder.

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