Wilson zip golf ball review

Wilson Zip Golf Ball Review: Are the Staff Zip Balls Good?

I have played golf for over 4 years now, through this time, I have tried different golf balls and I can tell you, the Wilson Zip golf ball is one of the best, if not the best golf ball on the market today.

I was asked by my cousin to give him a detailed Wilson zip golf ball review. So, I grabbed the opportunity and decided to pen it down and share my thoughts on this golf ball.

This article is a detailed summary of my Wilson staff zip golf ball review, its features, pros, cons, and so much more. I bet you will be glad you read this.

Wilson Zip Golf Ball Review

WILSON Staff Zip Double Dozen Golf Balls, White, Large (WGWP25000)

The Wilson Zip golf ball is designed with zero core compression which makes it one of the softest yet most durable balls on the market. The Zip ball has a patented HPF core layer that generates speed for distance and higher spin rates. Its unique flat bottom gives it a straight & stable flight.

This ball has one of the best greenside control, and at its cheap price, you could as well award it the best golf ball on the market today.

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What do I like About the Wilson Zip Golf Ball?

I agreed to a Wilson zip golf ball review because of how much I like this ball, who wouldn’t. However, here is a list of what I like about this golf ball

1. It Has a Fantastic Soft Feel

The Wilson zip golf ball is designed with a zero compression core so soft that it indicates “zero” on the golf atti’s compression analysis equipment. At the rear of the zero compression core is a high-velocity unique rubber combination that uses curative to generate a very soft core with awesome stability.

2. It Flies Longer and Straighter

The patented HPF enclosing the zero compression core allows this golf ball to generate speed for distance and a straight flight. You are sure to get more accurate shots with this ball.

3. It Is Very Affordable

The Wilson zip golf ball is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest in the market. A dozen of these high-value balls are sold at just $24. I don’t have to worry about losing my ball in the river, this golf ball makes the cost easier to bear.

4. It Has a Great Greenside Control

This golf ball has an ionomer cover which gives it better greenside control.

5. It Has a More Balanced Penetrating Flight

This golf ball is designed with a unique flat bottom and simple pattern that gives it a more stable infiltrating flight 

6. It Has Low Spin-Offs with My Driver

My swing spin is at 130mph and this ball doesn’t spin off randomly when brushed with my iron wedge.

7. It Is Durable

I have not experienced any slits with this ball. Its high-quality synthetic material gives it a unique strength despite being very soft to limit random slits.

8. It’s Great for Both Cold and Hot Weather

most golf balls tend to become hard at any temperature less than 60 degrees, but at a temperature of 45 degrees, this golf ball still remains soft.

wilson staff zip review

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Wilson Staff Zip Review: Cons

It has already been established in this Wilson golf ball review, that this golf ball is one of the best. However, it does have a few cons which I listed below:

  • As a result of the two-piece construction and cover, it lacks the needed spin for short wedge shots.
  • It’s quite smaller than other golf balls

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Wilson Zip Golf Ball Review: Features

For the sake of this article on the Wilson golf ball review, I made a summary of this golf ball’s many awesome features below

  • A patented zero compression core that gives it a very soft feel
  • Lower spin with short wedge shots
  • Uniquely modeled with a flat bottom and dimple pattern featuring 302 aerodynamics.
  • A unique rubber blend in the core which produces good resilience
  • Patented HPF layer which generates speed for distance and higher iron spins.
  • Soft ionomer cover which grabs the club face to give higher spins and a soft feel.
  • Comes in a pack of 24.

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Ball Compression

In my Wilson Zip Golf Ball Review, I found that all Wilson staff zip golf balls have a compression rating of 50. Designed with a four-piece construction and a soft urethane, these balls have an impressive performance and unique spin control around the green.

They also have a refined 362 dimple pattern which produces a flatter and more controlled direction making them a great option for windy climates.

What Is the Compression of Wilson Zip Golf Balls?

The Wilson staff zip golf ball has a compression rating of 50, therefore, it is a very soft ball. It is also designed with a soft ionomer cover which complements the ball’s zero compression to produce speed and high spins after impact.

How Do the Wilson Zip Balls Feel?

The Wilson zip golf balls have a zero compression core and unique rubber blend that gives this golf ball an ultra-soft feel. It also has a super soft ionomer which complements the zero compression core to give the Wilson zip ball a very soft feel. It is the softest golf ball on the market.

Are Wilson Staff Zip Balls Good?

Wilson staff zip balls are one of the best golf balls in the market with great value and market price. The Wilson golf ball is the softest and market designed for straighter and balance penetrating flight. With so many other amazing features, you get a dozen of these balls at just $24.

Are Wilson Staff Zip Balls Good


Though the Wilson industry isn’t very popular as its counterparts, it is no hidden fact that their products have great value and the Wilson zip golf ball is one of them. This article on the Wilson zip golf ball review is aimed at helping you see why this ball is the best for you.

This golf ball has a zero compression core which gives it an extremely soft feel, a soft ionomer cover that produces this Wilson golf ball with higher spins, and patented HPF which gives it a very soft feel, long, stable, and penetrating flight. This golf ball is also very cheap and is suitable for both cold and hot weather.

Though this golf ball isn’t always featured in golf tournaments, it is the perfect choice for your everyday swing by the golf course.


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