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Sphero Golf Ball Review 2023 | Sphero Mini Golf (Tested)

I got the opportunity to review the new Sphero Golf Ball that launched last month and I fell in love with this gadget.

You cannot imagine how happy I was when I was asked to write a sphero golf ball review.

I have heard so much about this high-tech gadget that brings an innovative touch to leisure and allows you to control your mini-golf course, learn and be creative.

Sphero Golf Ball Review

Sphero Mini Golfball
  • The sphero golf ball is a high-tech programmable ball that can be used for playing games and learning how to code. 

  • It supports the sphero play and Edu app, and can easily be connected to your phone or iPad and controlled from there. 

  • It has a long-lasting battery life and works with a gyroscope and accelerometer, which helps to keep it coordinated. 

  • It is a gadget for both the young and not-so-young.


What Is the Sphero Golf Ball?

A sphero golf ball is a programmable robot designed like a golf ball that you can connect and control from your phone, iPad, and laptop. It allows you to play while letting you learn how to code and do other loads of fun stuff. It has colorful led lights, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and so much more.

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sphero mini golf review

Sphero Mini Golf Review: How Does it Work?

From the information I gathered while researching for this article on sphero golf ball reviews, this ball has various internal parts that help them work, such as the motor, processor, LEDs, encoders, a CPU, and Bluetooth communication system for connecting to phones, and a gyroscope that helps keep it instructed.

This ball has a small wheeled robot inside its shell which climbs the wall, pushing them forward and causing the ball to roll. This ball is also indestructible and waterproof as a result of inductive charging. It has two copper coils in its charging station for creating an alternating magnetic field and converting electricity to power the inbuilt battery respectively.

These robotic balls are driven by humans through the drive mode or by programming in blocks and Java through the sphero Edu app.

Pros and Cons

sphero mini review

A sphero golf ball review won’t be complete without its pros and cons, I have made a list below:


  • It can be easily connected and controlled with your phone, iPad, and laptops
  • It supports sphero play and Edu app
  • It allows you to play while learning and doing a truckload of other creative stuff.
  • Easy to set up
  • Long battery life
  • It makes learning fun and interesting for kids
  • It doesn’t need much storage space
  • It has a variety of drive modes.


  • It tends to disconnect from the Bluetooth while using it.
  • It quickly loses orientation 

Who Should Buy the Sphero Golf Ball?

From the research, I made on sphero golf reviews, and my experience with this gadget, adults can buy this gadget but individuals of all ages can use it. It is suitable for kids both at home and in school, class teachers for teaching the kids how to code, a working mum to keep her kids busy or have fun with them, and a grandpa who wishes to have a fun time with his grandkids.


What Can You Do with A Sphero Mini?

You can connect it to the sphero play app and have fun playing different games and create your mini-golf course. You can also connect it to the sphero Edu app and learn how to code with a sphero mini.

What Age Is Appropriate for Sphero?

According to the sphero golf ball reviews, this ball is suitable for kids. However, even adults have taken a liking to it.

How Small Is Sphero Mini?

A sphero mini is as small as a normal golf ball. It is about 4 L” x 42H” mm and weighs 46g.

How to Turn on Sphero Mini?

To turn on the sphero mini, you need to press the button near the LED light. The LED light will turn on indicating that your Sphero Golf ball is now powered on.

What Does a Sphero Ball Do?

It allows you to play a lot of fun games and learn how to code. It also allows you to discover a whole lot of creative trends.

Are Sphero Minis Waterproof?

The sphero mini, unlike the 2.0 version, is not waterproof. Don’t take your new little friend for a swim

Does Sphero Have a Camera?

The sphero ball doesn’t have a camera. However, you can connect it to the sphero cam app which allows you to shoot a video with your phone while driving it.

Can You Use Sphero Mini with Ipad?

According to the sphero golf ball review and product manufacturers review, a sphero mini is compatible with an iPad. The sphero mini is compatible with any tablet, Chromebook, and Android that supports the Android version 8.

Is Sphero App Free?

The sphero app is free. It is designed to complement the sphero robot and you get them when you get your sphero ball.

How Long Does Sphero Mini Battery Last?

The sphero mini battery lasts for 1 hour on a full charge which takes one hour too.

What Sensors Does Sphero Mini Have?

The shero mini has the same sensors as the sphero BOLT which are; an encoder, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

Does Sphero Work with Android?

The sphero works with an Android. It works with any android that supports the IO system of 8.

Can You Use Sphero with PC?

Your sphero can work with Pc. Sphero apps have been released for windows so you can use your Windows devices with the sphero.

What Type of Coding Does Sphero Mini Use?

Sphero uses Javascript. The text series of the sphero is activated through codes.


A sphero golf ball is an innovative gadget recommended for everyone to have fun and explore creativity on diverse levels. This sphero golf ball review was written to get you better acquainted with the awesome features of this ball. I hope that reading this article on sphero golf ball review was informative and interesting to you.

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