Royal EV Golf Cart reviews

Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews (Electric): Specs, Problems

When I last drove my buddy’s golf cart, a sleek and modern Royal EV model, I instantly recognized it as something special.

Its smooth ride and impressive features compelled me to delve deeper into what makes this electric golf cart stand out.

In this article, I’ll share my Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews, along with their specs and problems.

Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews

The Royal EV Golf Cart stands out with its robust 5KW motor and versatile 12-inch ground clearance, delivering a comfortable ride across various terrains. Its comprehensive safety features, including four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and retractable seat belts, enhance its appeal.

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Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews

Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews: Video Overview

Check out this video overview of the Royal EV golf carts:

Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews: Features

These are the top 13 Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews:

  1. 5KW AC KDS motor
  2. Motor horsepower of 6.8.
  3. Curtis 1232 400 AMP controller.
  4. Maximum speed of 20 to 25 mph.
  5. Standard weight of 824lbs without batteries.
  6. Standard seating capacity of 4.
  7. Ground clearance of 12 inches.
  8. Wheelbase of 67 inches.
  9. Aluminum and composite chassis.
  10. Four wheel hydraulic disk brakes.
  11. Self adjusting rack and pinion steering.
  12. 2 points retractable seat belts.
  13. Safety features like brake lights, headlights, blinkers, and more.

Pros & Cons of Royal EV Golf Cart

These are the pros and cons of the Royal Electric golf cart:

  • Amazing speed level.
  • Great ground clearance for comfy rides through various terrains.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • Durable and strong body frame.
  • Good weight capacity.
  • Retractable seat belts.
  • Not an budget price range.
  • You may experience motor-related issues with this cart.
  • You may notice some issues with the direction switch over time.

Royal EV Golf Cart Problems

These are the 5 most common Royal EV Golf Cart Problems:

  1. Speed control issues.
  2. Motor or ignition problems
  3. Solenoid issues.
  4. Battery issues.
  5. Faulty direction switch.

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Safety Features

The royal EV golf cat comes with 2 points retractable seat belts, a horn, a backup camera, tail lights, blinkers, and headlights for added safety. It also offers four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes to avoid accidents.


The Royal EV golf cart comes with a 2+2 seating capacity and a weight capacity of 824 lbs to ensure a swift ride.

Royal Electric Cart Warranty

The Royal EV golf cart comes with a 3 years warranty.

Performance of the Royal Electric Golf Cart

The royal EV  golf cart comes with a strong 5KW KDS AC motor which offers a horsepower of 6.4 and a maximum speed of 25 mph. It also offers a ground clearance of 12 inches and a wheelbase of 64 inches to allow for the use of larger tires and smoother rides through rough terrains.


The royal EV golf cart is designed with an aluminum frame and high gloss molded in the color body which helps ensure its durability.

What are the Dimensions of the Royal EV?

The royal EV golf cart comes with an overall length of 98 inches, a weight of 50 inches, and a height of 78 inches with a standard weight of 824 lbs without batteries.

Royal EV Golf Cart Accessories

These are the top 12 Royal EV golf cart accessories:

  1. YUWEI G0769 golf cart brake drum.
  2. Homemount portable speaker for golf cart.
  3. JuLand magnetic organizer box.
  4. 10L0L folding side and rear mirrors.
  5. 10L0L universal golf ball washer
  6. LEDGlow 4pc standard color underglow kit.
  7. NOKINS Ss wheel cover hub caps.
  8. Mr heater golf cart heater.
  9. Rear grab bar cup holders.
  10. Sport steering wheels.
  11. Roykaw phone holder.
  12. Madjax overhead stereo console.

Royal EV Golf Cart Top Speed

The top speed of the Royal EV golf cart is 31 mph.

Royal EV Golf Cart vs Star EV

While writing this Royal EV Golf Cart reviews article, I realized that comparing it to the Star EV golf cart is necessary. So, here is the comparison table of the Royal EV Golf Cart vs Star EV:

FeaturesRoyal EV Golf CartStar EV Golf Cart
Ground Clearance12 inches14.6cm
Maximum Speed20 to 25mph19.5mph
Horsepower6.8 hp5.4HP
Seat Capacity2+2 seats4 seats
Wheelbase67 inches66 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity882lbs800 lbs

Royal EV Golf Cart Price

The Royal EV golf cart price starts at $10,790. Compared to the amazing features offered by this golf cart, I would say it’s well worth the price.

Where Can You Find a Royal EV Golf Cart Dealer?

The Royal EV golf cart is available for sale across the nation. To locate a dealer close to you, simply visit their website at you will locate a dealer option on their page which will help direct you.

How Much Horsepower Does the Royal Ev Golf Cart Have?

The Royal EV golf cart has a horsepower of 6.8.

No. while the Royal EV golf cart is designed with a lot of features that qualify it as a street legal golf cart such as retractable seat belts and headlights, you will need to get a street legal permit and make any other required addition according to your state laws to make this cart street legal.

Ground Clearance

The Royal EV golf cart has a ground clearance of 12 inches which allows it to move smoothly through various terrains.

Royal Electric Cart’s Contact Info

You can contact Royal EV at their official email at [email protected] or give them a call at their number 770.769.5807.

FAQs on Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews

These are the most frequently asked questions on Royal EV Golf Cart Reviews:

Who Manufactures Royal Golf Carts?

Royal Golf Carts are manufactured by a Chinese company RARIRO (GUANGZHOU) VEHICLE CO., LTD.

What Engine Does the Royal Ev Golf Cart Use?

The Royal EV golf cart uses a 72v AC 5 KW KDS motor which offers a horsepower of 6.8.


The Royal EV golf cart is designed to offer its user the speed and comfort needed to get through various terrains. Though this golf cart isn’t the cheapest available in the market today, it has amazing features that makes it worth every penny. This article on Royal EV golf cart Reviews offers well detailed information on this golf cart. I hope you find this article helpful.

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